Water retention in the stomach: what to do?

Retention is an unpleasant phenomenon that everyone can be confronted with. Who has never known this feeling of excessive swelling in the feet, calves and thighs when the temperature becomes hot?

Who has never seen his hands and arms swell in the same way with a hormonal peak, heat stroke or rapid weight gain ? keto drox It is sometimes painful, always embarrassing and when it touches the stomach, it seems almost impossible to take control of the situation.

Fortunately, there are several natural solutions to relieve you!

When the belly is swollen, evaluate your diet
Indeed, the causes of water retention in the belly are sometimes quite simple . As soon as you observe a change on your skin: the impromptu arrival of this orange peel that you would like to erase for good for example, is the obvious sign of water retention.

Start by exponentially increasing your vegetable intake and ban industrial products and salt from your menus. The situation can be settled on its own within a week.

To further boost your action, a dandelion infusion or herbal tea with cinnamon and / or fresh mint should be useful!

Homeopathy, ideal after childbirth
A pregnancy radically changes your body and also exhausts it . It is not uncommon to see a young mother suffering from water retention on her stomach and hips. Of course, a drastic diet or aggressive products are not recommended during this period of your life.

So take care of yourself gently with homeopathy . Bet on a simple treatment such as Thuya Occidentalis 5 CH. For a convincing result, know that you will have to take it for several months.

And if you give a chance to a grandmother’s remedy?
The advantage of this trick lies in the fact that it attacks retention in the lower abdomen and legs. It is a global action that you will get and it is a major asset because the water retention is a problem that likes to extend to the whole body.

But what is this grandmother’s secret you are talking about? What should I use? Your questions come to an end: opt for fresh and chopped ginger ! Quite simply.

How do you know if it works on you? Test it when you prepare your next meal and you will quickly manage to combat this unpleasant swelling .

Sport, do not forget it!
A belly that swells, nobody wants it . From the first symptoms, one feels fat, one digests less well, one is tired. Water retention is a real problem that can be solved through bodybuilding . For that, you will keto drox not find better than doing cardio.

Your belly become soft will grow quickly and finish with your curves and your cellulite. Which exercise to choose?

Elliptical bike
Finally, by slightly changing your diet and moving more, it is not so difficult to eliminate water retention in the abdominal strap. When do you start?

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