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And if someone has been unfaithful to you, you will be much more likely to suspect people of doing it again in the future, according to a new scientific study

The saying “Unfaithful one day, unfaithful always” is most likely true according to a new study by the Archives of Sexual Behavior .

Among unmarried couples , researchers found that people who reported deceiving in a relationship were three times more likely to admit to having cheated in a subsequent relationship. (shocking, we know.)

More surprisingly, people who said they knew that a former partner was unfaithful were twice as likely to say that theirĀ Trialix future partners had also cheated . (Of course, this statistic could go both ways: perhaps these people tended to date the unfaithful type – which, according to this study, probably exists).

People who thought they had been cheated before were four times more likely to suspect infidelity in their new relationships.

What to remember from all this: First, it can be difficult to get rid of suspicions of infidelity. And while this may sound like a useful survival instinct, it can also erode the essential trust you will have to share with a partner in future relationships. Second, if another guy has cheated on your girlfriend before and you think you can do it again, stop – it is smarter than you think.

And if you’ve been deceived, think about trusting your suspicions, but do not go so far as to play Sherlock Holmes and do not dismiss a possible relationship simply because she stopped to pet her the dog of a guy in the street. It’s not suspicious. She probably just likes dogs … and you should too.

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