Prickly pear oil to fight against stretch marks?

Every day, you come across a blog post, a special issue in a magazine, a new cosmetic product but you never find the remedy that suits you to erase your stretch marks? Maybe the long-awaited solution is here, with the prickly pear oil …

How can prickly pear oil help me fight against stretch marks?
Because of its composition, this oil contains a therma trim high dose of vitamins E but also sterols and essential fatty acids. This combination has many benefits. Thanks to all this, prickly pear oil deeply moisturizes the skin and, more rarely, repairs the damaged cells. Its virtues are therefore essential to significantly reduce the scars left by heavy weight gain or pregnancy.

These brands better known as stretch marks lose ground and you regain confidence in yourself as your skin regains its elasticity and softness of yesteryear.

How to best use the exceptional properties of this oil?
Start by choosing a product of very high quality, namely, pure organic and certified oil. Where to find it? Most often, it will be in organic store or on the internet. For its application, refer to the instructions supplied with your oil.

You will need to apply it locally through gentle, regular massages. One drop is enough, directly on the stretch marks. The application is renewed morning and evening. The effect is not immediate but over the weeks, you will see a certain evolution.

Know that stretch marks never fade completely but you can greatly improve the situation. In addition, it is a firming cream so your skin will be visibly healthier.

Good to know :
The opinions diverge for the pregnant woman, so it is advisable to wait to give birth before using the oil. During pregnancy, there are many other preventive creams.

Where does it come from and how is it made?
The prickly pear grows on a wild cactus widespread in the Mediterranean basin. Its oil, 100% natural recipe, has its origin in Morocco Weight loss Side Effects where its use dates back centuries. Today, prickly pear oil is designed according to a very precise method of production: a cold pressure of the seeds (or pips) harvested. Its smell is quite specific, sweet and pleasant.

By following the indications on your oil, you have in your hands the perfect natural anti stretch mark care!

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