How to Make an Excited Woman: 6 Infallible Tips

It is a fact that good looks, nice talk and chivalry are characteristics that help in the conquest of a woman, but they are not enough to make you excited and want to go to bed with you.

In fact, unlike us, women need much t5x extreme more time and encouragement – not always sex – to get their libido sharpened. Hardly you will find a woman who can throw in bed and in five minutes you are having sex and especially with her liking.

To make a woman excited you must have self-control and patience and know how to take the preliminaries to the limits of pleasure. Want to know how? Know in this post 6 tips to stimulate a woman and make her very excited. Check out.

1. Use the power of words
Unlike men who are totally visual, the stronghold of women is the imagination. And they do not need much to embark on these fanciful journeys, just be stimulated by hearing with hot and malicious phrases by the ear.

A good sexiness is also exciting for men, but it is much more for women, who go crazy for horny. Tell her how attractive she is, praise her body, tell her how good your kiss is, tell her everything you want to do with her in bed. But attention, be careful what you are going to say because you will have to keep what you have been told so that you do not get frustrated.

Words are a great way to make a woman excited, so be sure to explore that tool. It is worth mentioning that every woman is different, so watch out for the choice of words. Shy women may get excited with little, while others may need a little more sucking.

2. Be a good observer
Women are much more subjective than men and there is no pleasure formula that meets the needs of all women, since each woman is different from the other.

Therefore, developing the ability to observe is essential to know what pleases each. Observe her behavior and bodily signs as long as you are together. See how she reacts to certain stimuli and find the path of pleasure.

A good observer will be able to make a woman more excited.

3. Make her well relaxed
Women are naturally more tense than men, which makes them unable to relax and get excited quickly in bed, especially because the tension interferes with the lubrication capacity of the vagina.

In addition, a tense woman will never reach orgasm, so do everything to make her feel relaxed and comfortable with you.

A good relaxation technique is to have a massage before the preliminaries. Explore her entire body with her mouth, tongue and hands, interspersed with intense kisses. A strong footprint will make her turn off everything and focus on you alone.

Another tip is to create an engaging climate that gives the feeling that they are being conquered and desired. Candles, low lighting, incense, ambient music … Women love it. Not to mention that a more welcoming climate leaves the approach more intimate and daring.

4. Do not rush to make a woman excited
Haste is the enemy of perfection, and this saying fits in well when it comes to female excitement.

Do not be in a hurry to start the preliminaries or penetration. Enjoy every step of the conquest, the kisses, the kisses, until you reach the preliminaries. Talking about them, spend at least 20 to 30 minutes exploring the woman’s body. For you, it may seem like a long time, but for her, it will pass very quickly.

At the moment of penetration, be gentle and start calmly. Let the excitement soar to make those daring positions or movements faster and more intense.

5. Capriche on oral sex
Oral sex is an infallible tactic to make a woman excited.

Just as you love a good blowjob, they also love being sucked, so much so that your partner’s chance to orgasm in oral sex is greater than penetration.

Not to mention that it is one of the simplest – and pleasurable – ways to stimulate the clitoris, a joker of female pleasure.

When doing oral in her, be delicate, keep the tongue always soft and moist and interlace circular movements and come and go Review Testosterone Booster Benefits at different intensities. Go watching her reactions and engage in the motions that give the most results. Do not forget that you can also stimulate the G-spot and perineum in oral sex.

6. Use different sexual positions
Suggesting new positions for the woman is also a way to impress her and make the excitement rise.

Leaving her in charge, in positions with her above as the ride, for example, can also be very stimulating, making her feel powerful and content to give you pleasure.

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