How to lose 50 kg in 3 months?

Whether you’re a man or a woman, losing 50 pounds is a big challenge. At this stage, the BMI is clearly above the standards and it is important to regain a form weight quickly.

However, the medical community agrees that for a stable long-term result, losing too quickly is not wise. Not wise, maybe, but it’s possible.

How is such an objective possible?

Slimming is only a matter of Envy Naturals Keto calorie intake . It is enough to lower quickly and drastically this intake in order to consume fewer calories than one spends on a day. This is the starting point.

By creating this deficit daily, the body then draws on the fats it has stored to find the energy it needs to function. For the most extreme cases, surgery remains a must.

How to do without surgery?

Surgical operations are prescribed only in cases of morbid obesity and when any other method of thinning has failed. It is therefore possible to lose as much weight without the help of surgery. For this, we must associate several factors.

Starting with a good diet that is based on variety and balance rather than deprivation. The Weight Watchers program can be a good foundation . To this, it will be necessary to add regular and intense physical exercises . It is not a simple maintenance sport that will suffice.

What should I change in my diet?

With a few very simple instructions, you will be able to change your diet without much frustration. The goal is to eat healthy and find a balanced relationship with food. Naturally, you will learn in the long run to recognize what is good for your body and what you absolutely must boycott.

Avoid in general any industrial product, sugar and fat. Adopt multiple recipes consisting of vegetables, fruits, cereals, legumes and some starchy foods. Not to mention a little white meat and fish if you are not vegetarian (vegan)

Which sport to choose?

You need to bet on a sport burn fat par excellence , such as running, bodybuilding, cycling, fitness , swimming, zumba or water aerobics.

However, we all react differently so do not lose hope if your thinning is not as fast as you wish. You have the time and what you will not do in three months, you can do it in six months.

Can I lose 50 pounds in 3 months without risk to my health

This is where the problem lies. Envy Naturals Keto REVIEWS Losing a lot of weight too quickly is not without consequences on your body. You expose yourself to:

  • Melting muscle mass
  • Important nutritional deficiencies
  • Weakness, dizziness, discomfort, nausea
  • Stretch Marks

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