How to lose 16 kg in 2 months?

Losing weight seems always too ambitious, yet it will be possible to lose 16 pounds in two months following a few specific dietary rules and playing sports . You will need perseverance, courage and patience to achieve this, a healthy, intelligent and balanced diet and exercises to practice every day.

How to lose 16 kg in 2 months


Make a healthy diet to lose weight permanently

The point is not to lose weight too quickly , whether you are a man or a woman . The principle of losing weight must be done in time and smartly not to pick up lost pounds plus a few.

Start each day with a glass of hot water and lemon juice on an empty stomach to detoxify your body. Whether you have gained weight after pregnancy or because of menopause or other reasons, this is a big challenge.

To achieve this, you must absolutely limit sugar, fat and salt. Focus on lean protein at all costs : chicken, fish, eggs and Keto Genesys combine with each meal with fresh vegetables and a little bit of starch , preferring whole grain cereals . The goal is to create a calorie deficit but to do it healthy to lose weight without danger.

Sport, sport, sport

Moving is more than important. If the sport alone will not make you lose weight, combined with a healthy diet, it will allow you to easily refine your body. How much sport time does it take to reach the goal ? The ideal is to do at least 30 minutes every day .

Start by walking before you try to run . Take advantage of cardio activities like boxing , swimming, cycling or skipping rope . You can practice at the gym or at home . If you lose quickly while running , also find targeted weight training exercises at the belly , arms , thighs or hips to build, refine and dry your body.

To lose weight, we must reclaim a healthy and balanced lifestyle where sports and diet complement each other to offer you all their benefits. You will also need a lot of patience and perseverance but when the results start to show, you will be more motivated.

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