How to lose 11kg in 3 months?

Losing 11kg in 3 months, a challenge achievable with the right methods and especially the will to evolve. Food, habits, physical activities … You are told everything to achieve your goal.

How to lose 11kg in 3 months

Better eat to lose 11kg in 3 months!

To lose weight quickly a little more than 3 kg per month , it is necessary to hunt for calories . And an effective diet depends on the choice of good foods, rather than massively depriving oneself. If it is of course necessary to ban products rich in trans fat and slow sugars ( fast foods , pizzas , alcohols , sodas , fruit juice …) and favor vegetables, fruits and other fish, it would be counterproductive to do without bread, dairy and meat; you will need lipids and protein to play sports.

Consume them simply in limited quantities, with a focus on lean, well-cooked meats such as chicken, turkey or beef .

Take good habits

The challenge of losing 11kg in three months also (especially) through a healthy lifestyle. Avoid nibbling, the enemy of your belly and creator of stored fat , unless it is a matter of eating a fruit just before or after physical Ez3 Keto activity. Do not skip meals hoping to lose weight: you risk having the opposite effect, ingesting more food at the next meal. In contrast, a split feeding program ( 5 snacks per day ) allows the body to become accustomed to treating dietary intakes more often and burning calories more easily.

Finally, avoid dinner in the evening after 19:00, and try to sleep earlier and longer. You snooze, you lose!

The sport to lose weight and to muscle

No secret to losing weight fast : you must practice sports ! To quickly reach your flat stomach goal , the best physical activities go through fitness and pilate to develop all the muscles , and cardio to burn fat . Simple weight training exercises like the squat musculate very quickly, while looking for and reduce fat deposits . Losing a little 3 kg per month with these types of physical activity is really feasible!

To quickly lose 11kg in 3 months, the recipe requires a healthy lifestyle and regular physical activity. A program that is not insurmountable, provided you want it and get started quickly!

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