Early pregnancy and intensive sport: dangerous?

You did not think that by learning this extraordinary news, a mountain of questions would be allied with. Especially since, as a sportsman, the first question that comes to your mind is: is there a danger to physical activity in early pregnancy?

Are there consequences if we make it? Know that practicing sport when you are pregnant is recommended, but be careful, nutrix slim keto following certain rules and conditions.

Can we do intensive pregnant sport?
If you practiced intensive exercises in the gym or at home, it was because you had good reasons. Now that your situation has changed, you are afraid of hurting your baby or even of miscarriage, so you wonder, whether or not “I can do intensive sport pregnant?” “.

Physical activity is strongly recommended, but be careful … not ALL practices. In addition, you must be in good health and not have any medical problems.

Among the highly discouraged practices, intensive exercises. But why ? You must have noticed that by practicing high intensity exercises, your heart rate rises sharply with strong shortness of breath, does not it? And so, in your condition, this is not allowed because your maternal heart rate increases from 10 to 15 beats per minute and even more, if you expect twins.

In addition, the practice of intensive training requires to be fast during the exercises, which can promote accidents and the risk of strong shaking . This can have consequences on pregnancy (constant pains in the stomach, placental abruption, uterine contractions …)

Some rules to follow during a physical activity:

reduce the length of the usual session;
drink a lot (before, during and after)
the number of pulsations per minute should not exceed 155 beats / minute for regulars and 140 for novices.
Make sure you do not run out of steam (you must be able to communicate during the session).
Do not start new practice series and / or break a record.
Stop the physical activity and rest, as soon as the body claims it.
How to preserve one’s line?
Because during these nine months of waiting, you need to feel good in your body, so it is important to limit the intake of calories and cellulite . For that, it is obvious that in parallel of a weekly physical activity, you will have to take care of your food.

This is not to say that slimming diet programs are allowed! So avoid snacking, eat more, but also foods high in sugar and fat.

Thus you are certain of an optimal result on the physical aspect of your body, the reduction of risks of diseases (for you and your child) and complications during childbirth.

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