Diabetes and swollen legs: what to do?

People with diabetes often suffer from swollen legs, but women are much more affected than men. Indeed, even without diabetes, swollen legs are a reality for many of them , because of hormonal disorders that they undergo during their life.

So this is a major problem but rest assured, it is finally not impossible to bring a great relief when the first symptoms occur.

Identify aggravating situations
And yes, diabetes is not the only cause of this problem. Many factors can make your situation worse. If you can identify them, you can act and relieve your legs . First, beware of the heat! Summer of course, but not only: an over-heated interior, too warm and / or too tight clothing, too much blanket on your bed … Any source of excessive heat can quickly cause you significant discomfort or worse.

A sedentary lifestyle is your second enemy . Your body needs exercise and you must provide it to ensure your legs have good blood circulation.

On the third step of the podium standsĀ bio x keto overweight. Your veins already have enough to do. You must relieve them by moving a few pounds and adapting your diet .

Diabetic counseling
You must start with a healthy lifestyle that is free from tobacco and alcohol. At the same time, also ask yourself about your level of stress that can impact your health much more than you think.

If you think you are having trouble coping with your day-to-day stress , you can try yoga or meditation for example, go out more often in nature, take care of the quality of your sleep or let yourself be tempted by a spa treatment ! The latter, far from being a luxury, can help you feel better by treating your heavy legs.

Little tips everyday
Pay attention to the hormonal dosage of your pill . It can come to act directly on your problem of inflated legs. On the other hand, if you do not know it yet, you should test the Bagnoles-De-L’Orne water. This water is particularly renowned for its beneficial effects in the face of a problem of swelling of the lower limbs.

Thanks to its content of trace elements and dissolved gases, it attacks oedemas, heals ulcers, helps reduce swelling, relieves pressure in the veins, calms night cramps … It is undoubtedly one of the most the most effective natural remedies !

Even if it is a recurring problem for diabetics, the swelling of the legs is not a fatality that must be borne, it is quite possible to relieve you from the appearance of the first signs and bring you everyday a better quality of life.

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