Cottage cheese: 2 kinds of protein for 2 effects

For athletes and especially for those practicing bodybuilding, dairy products including cheese is a popular food especially for its protein content.

Why does cottage cheese deserve a place of choice in the food program of those on a quest for mass gain?

The white cheese: the food ally for fitness enthusiasts
One of the first virtues of white slimquick keto cheese that seduces people who enjoy long hours in the gym is its lack of fat including both any lipid and calorie.

Composed primarily of cow’s milk, cottage cheese is a medium nutrient rich and 100 grams contain only 45 kcal and 85 grams of water.

No trace of starch or dietary fiber inside the cottage cheese unlike some minerals very beneficial to the body such as retinol, zinc, iron or sodium found in abundance in this food.

Similarly, its high content of vitamin C, B1 and E, the main property of which is to promote blood drainage is one of the reasons why the white cheese is regularly consumed by this category of athletes.

Cottage cheese: 2 kinds of protein for 2 effects
A popular food for athletes looking for protein, cottage cheese has two types: whey and casein. If the former has a rapid absorption capacity, the second, on the other hand, takes much longer to be assimilated by the body.

For those who wish to obtain a dry musculature, the white cheese should be consumed preferably before the beginning of a session.

It is also strongly recommended to take one after training and in the evening, just before going to sleep so that the body can have plenty of time to assimilate the necessary proteins for the next day during the period rest.

The white cheese: Benefits at all levels
In addition to its pleasant taste and its ability to easily integrate into more of a fruit recipe in particular, cottage cheese is a real virtuous cocktail for the entire body.

The phosphorus and calcium contained in this food play a major role in strengthening teeth as well as bones. More importantly, the latter intervene directly in the process of tissue regeneration which, especially in muscu, tend to be damaged during the effort.

Similarly, if vitamin B12 in this food is a growth factor in children, it is equally rich for men and women to maintain the nervous system at a good level.

This vitamin is particularly involved in the production of red blood cells, a major asset to preserve the balance of carbohydrate metabolism and lipids. The major action of vitamin B12 that is found in cottage cheese is essential in this discipline, however, remains its ability to accelerate protein synthesis.

The cottage cheese is undoubtedly slimquick keto one of the key elements of the diet of a lover of muscu. Poor in calories but high in protein, this food is well known to followers of the discipline.

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