3 exercises to lose thighs at work

Losing weight is not an easy thing, you need healthy eating and sports. For food you just need to make homemade meals with little fat and full of vegetables and protein. On the other hand, sport is another thing. Keto Slim Rx Already it takes the motivation to do it and this is not the case for everyone and then you have to take the time to do it.

This last part can be difficult when you work, you have to manage the schedule between work, family, outings, etc. So, to remedy that, kill two birds with one stone.

Work out while playing sports. To help you already at first, here are 3 super simple and super quick exercises to do at work to have thighs thin and well muscled.

3 exercises to lose thighs at work

Exercise 1: The coming and going

This exercise will allow you to build your thighs and buttocks, because that’s also important! when you have a few minutes of free time at work or even during your lunch break, put yourself on a chair, preferably a chair without wheels to avoid accidents, and sit with your back straight and your legs 90 degrees.

Then you simply move your bust forward by pressing your heels and then returning to the starting position. Throughout the exercise, be sure to keep your back straight. Repeat the movement thirty times.

Exercise 2: raise your legs

This exercise is more discreet and can be done even under the desk while you receive someone. Put yourself on a chair again preferably without a wheel, with your back straight and your legs 90 degrees. Put your forearms on your desk and take off your legs from the chair while contracting your abs. Keto Slim Rx Keep your feet on the ground for more efficiency. Hold for 10 seconds and gently rest your legs . This exercise will sculpt your legs and help you have a flat stomach.

Exercise 3: we raise our feet

In the same spirit as the previous exercise, sit at your desk with your back straight and raise your feet 5 centimeters above the ground, hold the position 10 seconds and then repeat as many times as you feel fit.

These three daily exercises will help you have thinner and firmer thighs. All you have to do is add a healthy and balanced diet without snacking for a quick result. Also use simple tricks like taking the stairs instead of the elevator or market for short distances instead of taking the car or the subway you will see that will pay off.

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