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Heavy legs, painful and varicose veins: what to do?

Apart from the bad aesthetic appearance, that can reveal the varicose veins on the thighs and the legs , these can be sources of a daily ill-being. However, there are some natural treatments for relieving venous disease and better living with it.

Natural treatment to relieve varicose veins
Improve your daily lifestyle, for more comfort!

Eating foods rich in fiber , will improve the blood quality, and therefore treat venous insufficiency (poor blood quality), which you are a victim. The venous insufficiency is, which will cause a state of stasis slim build keto (lack of good blood circulation), which will be alerted by the feeling of heaviness in the legs . The stasis is going to be the cause of a dilation of the veins, which will end up taking the appearance of varicose veins.

Eating foods rich in flavonoids (garlic, olive oil, dark chocolate, tea …) and vitamins C (blackcurrant, parsley, peppers, kiwi …) and E (avocado, almonds, hazelnuts …), will reduce the intensity of dilation of the veins.

Reducing salt intake will prevent water retention problems, which will cause severe leg pain.

And finally, drink plenty of water (at least 2 liters). Namely: hydration contributes to the drainage of tissues.
Physical activity
Walking at least 1 hour daily , will improve blood circulation and work the leg muscles, which will contribute to the propulsion of blood in the veins to the heart.

Raising the legs , will reduce tension in the veins and therefore no longer see them swollen

Doing rocking movements with the feet, will reduce the sensation of tingling and numbness in the legs.

Essential oils to relieve the legs
Massages are also very good natural therapeutic treatments that will soothe heavy legs and leg pain due to varicose veins.

Remember to use essential oils with “veinotonic” properties, which improve the circulation of blood , while fighting against varicose veins, such as Cypress and Calophylle oil.

Heavy legs and pregnancy
It is very common for pregnant women to experience heavy legs with tingling, tingling and numbness during pregnancy.

This is mainly due to increased blood volume, weight gain , hormonal changes and compression of the veins through the uterus, which will be factors in poor circulation.

If you are prone to heavy legs , slim build keto SCAM SIDE EFFECTS REVIEWS consider raising your legs several times a day, but also, to sleep with your feet raised with a cushion, so you will avoid finding yourself with swollen legs.

Do not hesitate to talk to your doctor, who will probably prescribe compression stockings for better comfort . And finally, never take medication without medical advice.

Water retention and swollen ankles: what to do?

Water retention and swollen ankles depend on multiple factors that are likely to be treated by simple dietary solutions. You are told everything about ways to combat water retention.

Where do swollen ankles and water retention come from?
The human body is made up of two-thirds of water, present in and between cells, as well as in the blood vessels. When this water naturnica keto is no longer contained by the body, it infiltrates the tissues, and usually ends up running down the body, at the level of the legs and ankles (but sometimes also in the face and belly).

The symptoms of water retention are well known: swelling of the affected limbs (“edema”) , difficulty moving, sore legs .

The causes are very variable: diet too rich in salt, heat, poor circulation of blood , right heart failure , or for women consequences of pregnancy and menopause.

What measures to take against water retention?
It all depends on the origin of the problem, very different depending on the subject. In general, more sports activities improve blood circulation – and help you lose weight and improve your heart’s strength. Hydration and eating water-rich fruits and vegetables in case of heat also helps to overcome another cause of fluid retention, especially in pregnant women .

Reducing salt intake by avoiding the misuse of cold cuts is another solution , which is also beneficial for the heart.

Finally, sleeping with raised legs helps to counter gravity and prevent leg pain.

What diuretics against swollen ankles?
Diuretics act on the kidneys and promote the secretion of urine , and thus the elimination of water. However, it is better to prefer natural drainers, light and safe, available in pharmacies. In addition, many vegetables and fruits are natural drainers , some of which are well known: artichoke, asparagus, endive , grapefruit or pineapple.

All these drainers are effective against water retention, but care must be taken for edema that appears suddenly and for no apparent HEALTH SCAM SIDE EFFECTS REVIEWS reason. It may be in this case a phlebitis (blood clot blocking the circulation) with potentially very serious consequences. Better to consult immediately.

If the origins of water retention and swollen ankles are multiple, a healthy lifestyle and the use of natural diuretics can often effectively combat the effects.

How to make the yogurt diet for 3 days?

Many overweight people love yogurt. Do they know that this delicious product is very effective for losing weight? The yoghurt diet is a recent weight loss program that is already renowned for offering quick and visible ultras results .

Just follow it for 3 days to see you. If you are wondering what type of yogurts you can eat, how often, and if there are any potential risks , read our tips and advice .

Menu for 3 days of yoghurt diet
Day 1
Breakfast : a tea or coffee without sugar, a 0% natural yogurt with pieces of apple and a kiwi. Lunch : grated carrots and half diced cucumber seasoned with a drizzle of lemon juice, two plain yogurts 0% with some exogenous ketones red berries. Snack : cut a banana into small slices and mix with a plain soy yogurt. In the evening : A vegetable broth degreased and a natural yogurt 0% with mango.

Day 2
Breakfast : tea or coffee without sugar, natural yoghurt 0% with 1 square of dark chocolate minimum 70% reduced in chips. Lunch : A tomato salad with a small handful of raisins seasoned with a drizzle of lemon juice and basil, 2 natural yogurts at 0% with grilled squash and flax seeds, a pear. Snack : a 0% natural yogurt and a small pot of compote . In the evening : A cabbage soup without oil or salt, two yogurts brew 0% with two prunes.

Day 3
Breakfast : tea or coffee without sugar, plain yoghurt 0%, two buttered light biscuits . Lunch : an egg, a tomato salad with 3 fresh walnuts and a drizzle of lemon juice, two natural yogurts 0% with small pieces of strawberries . Snack : an apple and a natural yogurt 0% with some sesame seeds. Dinner : Vegetable soup and two natural yogurts 0% with a kiwi.

Why the diet yoghurt makes you lose weight?
Several studies have shown that people who consume a lot of dairy products are thinner than those who do not consume them at all. Some nutritionists believe that this weight regulation is one of the many benefits of calcium , a chemical element, which dairy products are rich.

Yogurts at 0% offer other benefits: they are consistent, they contain many essential nutrients, they are low caloric and their glycemic index (GI) is very low.

What type of yogurt to lose weight?
Yogurts at 0% can therefore be chosen as a food base for a 3-day low calorie diet . You can practically eat yogurts at will , or at least up to 8 yogurts a day. You can choose natural yogurt, flavored or fruit, the important thing is that they are 0%. You can buy them on the market or opt for a homemade yoghurt thanks to your yogurt maker.

Dietitians have differing opinions on this diet. Some point out the danger of over-restrictive diet, while others believe that this pure leather interiors yogurt diet can be followed for 7 days without risk to health, especially if the person who follows it has good reserves of cellulite. Beyond this period, the subject may feel excessive tiredness and experience annoyances with his liver.

The detox diet to lose 5 kg

The accumulation of toxins and fats is a phenomenon that is difficult to escape . Because of all kinds of excesses, stress, menopause, pollution of the environment and physical inactivity, your body has more and more trouble to preserve and remain healthy.

To help you rid your body of toxins and lose weight naturally, discover here the 3-day detox diet to make you lose your pounds too quickly.

A detox diet to lose 5 kg in 3 days
It is possible to follow an express detox diet and burn fat to help you remove toxins , preserve your health and melt your body fat.

The effectiveness of such a diet comes from the protein content (fish, chicken and eggs). These proteins maintain muscle mass and ketofit canada provide a feeling of satiety that lasts. In addition, the high fiber (vegetable) content of this diet helps treat your digestive problems and improve your digestion , allowing your body to eliminate toxins and fats effectively.

In addition, with snacks of nuts rich in nutrients and satiating, it is not possible to have a drop in energy, usually present in slimming diets and many people compensate by nibbling.

To maximize your weight loss , drink plenty of water, at least 1.5 liters every day, to help flush your toxins and waste with perspiration and urine.

Menus detox diet to lose 5 kg in 3 days
Day 1

• 1 cup oatmeal with seeds and berries

For your snack : a small amount of raw almonds (a handful)

• 1 lean meat (chicken breast) grilled with boiled vegetables (parsnips, carrots, beetroot , pumpkin, toasted almonds without salt and green beans )

Having dinner
• Baked fish with 1 cup cooked green beans

Day 2
• 1 cup oatmeal with seeds and berries

For your snack : 1 cup of hazelnuts

• Grilled zucchini with lemon sauce, thyme, red pepper, vinegar, and some grated carrots seasoned with chopped parsley , olive oil and lemon

Having dinner
• Green beans cooked with broccoli in the oven

Day 3
• 1 omelette of 3 eggs with radish , walnuts and cabbage kale

For your snack : a small amount of nuts (a handful)

• Roasted chicken seasoned with lemon, rosemary and thyme

Having dinner
• Mushroom soup , carrots, bay leaves, onions, celery, thyme and garlic

Some tips to speed up your weight loss
For your detox diet to be more effective, you must supplement your diet by practicing an endurance sport. A half-hour walk will effectively help you eliminate your unwanted pounds without taking them back.

The goal is not to exhaust you, but to burn your calories quickly . So do the walking to help you lose 5 kilograms and enjoy the benefits of this activity (activate the circulation, reduce the appearance of varicose veins, tone the muscles of your legs, etc.).

However, be careful not to continue keto fit your detox diet beyond 3 days under penalty of exhaustion and deficiencies.

As you can see, losing 5 kg in 3 days of detox menus can be a nice and easy way to lose weight easily and sustainably. But it is advisable to have the advice of your doctor before starting your diet .

Eat balanced and exercise to lose weight?

It can not be said enough, the benefits of a healthy diet and regular physical activity are many : you limit the risk of cardiovascular disease, you tone your body and can lose a few pounds.

But what to eat to achieve slimness? How to organize to do more sport in the week?

Diet: the key to weight loss
If you want to lose weight, there are not rapid results garcinia 36 solutions: the best way to achieve this is to eat healthy and balanced. To do this, eliminate all prepared dishes from your meals, far too rich in added sugar or fat. Prefer to cook yourself with seasonal vegetables , lean meat or white fish .

Also avoid industrial cakes and cookies. In case of cravings between meals, munch in an apple or prepare a bowl of strawberries , depending on the season.

The breakfast must be the most important meal of the day: it allows to refuel energy. Bet on a homemade muesli (those bought on the market are too sweet), a hand-pressed fruit juice (for the same reasons), a handful of almonds and a plain yoghurt. In the evening, always eat lightly in order to sleep and avoid storing fat overnight.

Do more sports to lose weight faster
Regular physical activity burns calories . If you eat a balanced diet while limiting your calorie intake, the sport will make you lose weight.

Running is the physical activity that allows you to lose weight quicker: indeed, with equal training time with other sports, you burn more calories while running . Swimming, much gentler for the joints, is also very effective for losing weight. You will muscular and deeper, so as to have a refined and more toned.

To lose your extra pounds, it’s important to be consistent and persistent. Train 2-3 times a week, 30 to 45 minutes per session.

To lose weight faster, do not hesitate to do more sports every day. Thus, some simple exercises to do at home allow you to carve a dream body. For tonic glutes, perform 3 sets of 20 squats every other day or bet on a series of front slots.

For a flat stomach, perform cladding exercises like the one on the board. Hold for 30 seconds at least, contracted abs and tight glutes.

No need to be a great athlete to lose weight: some regular exercise and healthy eating can work wonders on your figure!

The bike to work his abs?

thrma splut Apart from diets, cycling has always been another way to effectively refine the silhouette, especially with regard to abdominals.

In addition, the exercise bike is an option for those who do not have the possibility to go by road bike , which thanks to it, all your muscles work intensively.

The bike to work the abs
Although this is nonsense, the bike is well and truly good for people choosing to work his abs . In addition, you could improve your exercises and effectively follow your slimming program, these tips will probably be useful. A priori, it is important that you adjust your seat well to extend your legs.

In the second step, you should pedal the bike from time to time so that you contract your glutes and abs . The dancer is very effective at strengthening her abdominals.

Moreover, it is essential that you make this second step a dozen times. In the third step, you should stand up straight and start releasing the handlebars gradually to improve the result.

Some tips needed to build a bike
If you want to achieve effective results, it is really important to do additional physical exercises in order to strengthen your bike ride outside . In addition, the environment also plays a very important role in cycling.

In order to complete the work, you should adopt a balanced diet while drinking as much water as possible.

The advantages of cycling
The practice of cycling strengthens all the muscles of the body and especially endurance. Cycling like any other sport has many health benefits if you only talk about its benefits to the heart. Thanks to him you have the opportunity to work your breathing. According to doctors’ opinions, the elliptical trainer is especially recommended for pregnant women wishing to continue physical activities.

In fact, this activity helps to harden the legs and arms while toning the muscles. By deciding to go to the office by bike, you could become a real sportsman. Moreover, it has a great ability to burn all the fat in your body.

In total, the bike, is simply good for all parts of the body, legs, arms and in terms of cardio once you pedal . Renowned for being a pureleatherinteriors faithful friend of sportsmen, cycling is also a very safe way to work your abdominals effectively.

In addition, 30 minutes per day of physical activity by bike can be sufficient, or 70% of the maximum heart rate . That said, you have the opportunity to get rid of your extra pounds.

Get started on the stock market in 5 steps

# 1 Invest the money you do not need

The fatal mistake is to invest the money you need. Imagine that you have a sum of money to finance your retirement or to buy your home.

What would be your state of mind when you put this money on the stock market with the risk of losing everything. You will have such pressure that you will be unable to reason properly and keep your cool.

At the slightest complication, you will not even wait for your invalidation threshold to sell your positions. Thus, you will accumulate small losses which, put end to end, will end up seriously starting your capital of departure .

Never forget that investing in the stock market can be very risky because you could lose all of your starting capital . There are even financial instruments like futures contracts that can make you lose even more than the starting bet. You will understand then that it is totally inadvisable to go into debt to invest in the stock markets.

# 2 Clarify your expectations and goals

clarify his investor profileBefore you start trading , you have to ask yourself about your expectations and objectives. Is it to make capital grow for your retirement, to pass it on to your children or simply as an alternative to saving no more money?

Personally, my goal is to invest a small seed money that I do not use in an immediate project. This capital is reserved for my stock market investments and will not be used for other purposes. I place this money on the stock market to make it grow according to my own trading strategy based on the technical analysis of stocks and trackers.

You will also need to determine the period of time you will invest. Is it a medium-term investment over a few years or a long-term investment over 10 years?

It is important to answer these questions because the answer is decisive in the selection of the financial product and the investment method . Indeed, if you only have capital for one or two years, it is not appropriate to invest in government bonds that are often preferred for long-term investments. You will not adopt either an investment method based on fundamental analysis because it only bears fruit on long terms (3, 5 or even 10 years).

# 3 To get started on the stock market, define your investor profile

Once you have clarified your expectations and objectives, move on to the next step and define your investor profile. There are two big schools to invest and start trading well.

The fundamental analysis is based on the interpretation of accounting ratios and financial (to compare companies among them) to identify investment opportunities (eg the price / earnings ratio).

You invest for the medium to long term in the hope of gaining capital gains and dividends . Fundamental analysis is particularly recommended if you are investing for the long term.

Indeed, the fundamental analysis is to bet on the performance of a company , the marketing of a product or a service or the restructuring by a competent management .

In other words, the results can take several years to appear and have a positive impact on the company’s stock price.

The technical analysis is to identify opportunities starting from the graphical analysis of the current and the interpretation of technical indicators . This is the investment method that I chose because it offers the advantage of investing also in the short-term, the medium-term and even in the longer term.

Technical analysis is a very personal investment method because you can build your own strategy . It is suitable for both aggressive traders and less risky investors.

know your investor profileIf I had to define my own investor profile? It is obvious that I am a short-term investor. I usually keep my positions for several weeks but rarely more than two months. I use exclusively technical analysis, chartism (study of stock charts) and Japanese candlesticks (graphical indicator). The latter are also very useful because they allow me to analyze the psychology of the market on highs or lows. They are often fearsome for identifying buying or selling signals.

The technical analysis allows me to identify trends market and confirm my position. In addition, the chartism gives me indications on the psychology of the stock markets. Thus, I can anticipate over several weeks the realization of a chartist figure and take a position accordingly.

# 4 Write a trading plan

You now know your investor profile, it only remains to plan your investments ! Prepare a trading plan that will clearly reflect your objectives, your investor profile and your investment method.

Define which financial product you are going to treat and hold a watchlist . It takes the values ​​that you think have significant potential. It is based on this list that you will trade when the stock markets are open.

My trading plan can be summed up in a little notebook that I always have at my disposal. I detailed my trading strategy, the technical indicators that I use and the conditions necessary to proceed with the purchase:

3-moving average bullish configuration : The 5-day moving average is above the 20-day moving average, which is also higher than the 50-day moving average.
The RSI indicator that measures real profits online buying or selling pressure must be bullish. Graphically, this indicator bounded between 0 and 70 must be greater than 40.
The stochastic oscillator should be bullish (the signal line% K is greater than the slow curve% D) and should be above 30.

Courses in the high range of Bollinger Bands

Too often, I forgot to write down the reasons for placing an order on the stock markets. This made any exercise of hindsight and improvement impossible. I understood that it is imperative to learn from his mistakes and I am now improving my trading strategy for several years by analyzing each of my orders a posteriori.

Finally, at the close of markets, I maintain my watchlist . This includes all the values ​​that seem promising from a technical analysis point of view. I monitor them closely, annotate the course graphics and indicate the conditions that would push me to buy. It becomes very easy to refresh this list daily and remember when to invest in value.

# 5 Manage the risk of your stock market portfolio

A stock market must be diversified, ie you have to vary your investments in different sectors of activity and possibly in different economic zones. However, we must not fall into the other way through which would be to multiply the positions in the portfolio. In general, a stock market portfolio contains between 8 and 12 stocks .

In addition, set your maximum risk of loss over your entire portfolio (for example 2%) and replicate this risk on each position to maintain control over your potential losses. The money management allows you to properly arbitrate your wallet.

My stock market portfolio consists of a maximum of 7 to 8 stocks . I do not want to dilute the performances of positions that I consider promising.

In addition, I want to focus totally on these few positions and analyze day after day their performance and the validity of my approach. As far as my risk aversion is concerned, I assume that a risk / benefit ratio should be at least greater than 2 .

First I calculate my target price and my invalidation threshold and finally, I control the risk / benefit ratio. This is the only way to know if the game is worth the effort.

These few principles will help you get started on the stock market and avoid the most common pitfalls. Here are some tips that I think are effective, but it’s up to you to define your own approach and your trading strategy. Starting on the stock market takes time but one or two hours a day will already be enough to seriously constitute a stock market portfolio.

Do not forget to share blogs or forums with the traders community to benefit from their experience. Also share your successes or failures with other trading enthusiasts.

Thanks to Maxime for this article which I hope will have enlightened you a little more on stock market techniques, especially on technical analysis. I particularly enjoyed sharing his graphical analysis techniques and the indicators used.

If you want to continue on this topic you can read the article Learn the stock market on the blog . You do not feel ready yet to get into this field but you are looking to make money on the internet, go to the article to make money online .

I tested the cashback

Today I’m going to talk about a concept that comes from the United States, the cashback.

A cashback site offers its members the benefit of a reduction in the form of monetary credit repayments when they buy on partner merchant sites.

In summary you are given a percentage of your purchase.

There are many cashback sites:

Igraal, ebuyclub, cashstore or poulpeo with a detailed opinion here

Obviously, the more the cashback site is known and the more there will be referenced brands.

That’s why it seemed obvious to me to register on number 1: Igraal

They have more than 1600 referenced e-commerce sites so there is a good chance that you find your favorite site:

Amazon, Zalendo, oscaro, fnac, cultura ….

Igraal, how does it work?

How to proceed ?
1-Register for free on the cashback website.

2- Search the merchant site and the coveted product ecom cash code by going to the application of


or by installing the extension that integrates with your browser. It will detect partner e-commerce sites.

The extension of Igraal

Buy the product on the merchant site.

You receive a commission credited on the cashback site (Igraal)
When your earnings arrive at a certain amount (20euros in general), you are transferred to your bank account.

What are the pitfalls to avoid ?

In a previous article, I told you about the syndrome of promotions:

Of course the cashback sites push you to consumption by sending you emails for new promotions, new offers.

Be careful , some sites only pay commissions on certain items.

Example amazon does not pay cashback on books but on less well sold products.

For Expedia, commissions are low on airline tickets, more important on car rental and hotel rooms.

So always check if the advertised commissions are for the product you are looking for.

This kind of site should not be an excuse to consume more.

Buy what you really need.

These sites can be interesting if you are used to buying on the net.

Example situation : A handyman who often buys parts on Oscaro to repair himself his car: It already saves on labor and with cashback it will have an extra saving.

For now I had no problem with igraal , it worked well.

For any registration to receive 3 euros credited to your Igraal account

If you were planning to make a purchase on the internet and the merchant site is present on your cashback app, then why not?

It all depends on your consumer profile but it seems to me that under certain conditions this can be a real plus for the budget.