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The essential oil of chamomile for a better digestion?

The use of essential oils for curative care is not new today . It goes back to the era when plants were the only remedies for curing diseases. According to the types of plants on which they are extracted, the virtues of the essential oil are not always the same.

For essential oils of chamomile, they relieve various diseases, but its main virtue is its effectiveness in facilitating ingestions.

The properties of essential oil of chamomile on digestion
In terms of health, the noble or Roman chamomile essential oil is renowned for its powerful antispasmodic properties . smooth curves forskolin ingredients Its richness in ester oil explains its great capacity to relieve muscular and nervous spasms.

The presence of monoterpene esters in its component also allows it to be an anti-inflammatory remedy able to strengthen the blood flow . According to the researchers, the essential oil of chamomile is also known for its antiseptic character thanks to the presence of a-pinene in its component.

But also, it is confirmed as anti-parasitic and anti-itch. Therefore, it helps to calm itching and allergy-sensitive skin.

The benefits of the essential oil of chamomile bio
The infusion of the oil of this matricaria plant has a specific purpose, to subtract these virtues to relieve various diseases. The list of virtues of the essential oil of chamomile is endless.

Health side, it can quickly soothe muscle and joint pain such as arthritis, sprain, rheumatism, and others . It also relieves nervous asthma given its antispasmodic properties. For people who have difficulty swallowing, this remedy is also recommended because it helps the stomach to perform well in the body.

It should be noted that endocrine disorders are also relieved by chamomile oil. On the well-being side, the shock, the emotional trauma, the insomnia, the anxieties, the affective disorders and so many others are soothed by the oil resulting from this matricaire plant.

The use of essential oil of chamomile according to the opinion of doctors
This essential oil can be used in many ways. For the treatment of pain, external use remains the most effective. It is a question of applying a few drops of the oil on the painful zones while accompanying to this gesture some massages . It is also often used in the bath.

This application is strongly recommended to relieve muscle pain. As for the treatment of anxiety attacks, claustrophobia and others, mummydiet the internal or oral route remains the best option. With that, you have to drop a pure drop under the tongue. To benefit from its psycho-emotional effects, the method of diffusion is the most adapted.

The lawyer: what benefits for bodybuilding?

The lawyer: what benefits for bodybuilding

Of course, there are clear lines about what to eat and what to avoid during a diet.

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For the rest, the border is sometimes tenuous. Fortunately, some foods manage to combine all these aspects without difficulties. The lawyer is one of them!

Why eat avocado if I’m doing weight training?
The avocado boosts the body of the athlete and allows him to assimilate much better all the nutrients that are provided. Its lipid content provides good fat to the body that uses it to run at full speed and thus gives the muscle all the opportunity to grow even more.

Moreover, during a dry program, it is advisable to consume at least 1 avocado per day , in its natural form or in juice (green smoothie).

Should I eat it before or after bodybuilding?
As we have just seen, the avocado Green Twist CBD acts in depth and allows your musculature to work better, so it is advisable to consume it before training. However, thanks to its antioxidants, it is also very useful in the recovery phase.

What are the benefits of the lawyer for my diet?
First of all, did you know that avocado is a fruit? Like the tomato, it is always stored with vegetables because they lack the sweet little taste that is similar to fruits in general and yet …

The lawyer is above all very good. Few people do not appreciate its unique flavor and texture. It blends well into many salad recipes or changes shape when it becomes guacamole . The benefits to consume are many. He is renowned for acting effectively in cancer prevention.

It also prevents degeneration of the eyes. Its antioxidant action is highly sought after, especially in cosmetics but what remains its main asset for the athlete is its content of proteins , lipids and essential amino acids.

I need a low calorie avocado recipe
In this case, prepare a simple salad made of avocado and tuna for example. Sprinkle with a very light drizzle of olive oil and you’re done. Here’s how to proceed.More Information…

How to lose 6 kg in 5 weeks?

How to lose 6 kg in 5 weeks

Setting a target weight loss of 6 kg in 5 weeks may seem impossible . But by making some changes in your diet, with a good sport program and changes in your lifestyle , you can take up the challenge of losing six kilograms quickly.

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Let’s see how to lose those 6 kilos in five weeks.

Follow a diet
To lose weight, you need to reduce the calories consumed in one day. You must reduce between 450 to 750 calories each day. This will allow you to remove about 1 kilo a week. Your weight loss could be 1.5 kg in 1 week by combining this diet with physical activities.

Include lean protein in your meals. Protein is very important to support your weight loss, especially if you want to lose weight quickly . In order to take advantage of the protein benefits in your unwanted pounds loss, try to include 85 to 115 grams of protein at least in each snack and meal.

By consuming protein all day, it can help prolong the satiety effect during the day . Limit yourself to lean protein (skim milk, poultry , beans, seafood , eggs, tofu and pork).

Eat enough fruits and vegetables too. Stock up on fruits and vegetables at all your meals or snacks . They are relatively low in calories but high in fiber. These foods make every meal hearty without putting a lot of calories on it. Considering smoothies made with these foods during these five weeks can be an effective solution for burning fat and losing weight.

It is therefore important to have menus of these foods and good smoothies to speed up your weight loss.

Take whole grains instead of refined grains and control hunger with water. Drink enough water, it’s important for your health. Water can also promote your weight loss. Drink at least 8 to 13 glasses of healthy drinks or water every day . Also try decaffeinated coffee and flavored water or unsweetened tea to help melt the fat.

Losing weight through physical activity
The best way to reduce your weight is to combine your slimming diet with exercise . You need to have more physical activity than usual to lose weight easily.

Cardiovascular exercises are great for helping you burn your calories. Do 150 minutes of intense and moderate exercise every week. Doing these two types of physical exercises speeds up your metabolism and burns calories at the end of a workout.

You must also practice weight training 1 or 2 days each week . Bodybuilding does not allow your body to burn enough calories, but it speeds up the metabolism in the long run.

Moving as much as you can during the day can increase the number of calories you remove in a day . We must seize every opportunity that allows you to move. Take the stairs instead of the elevator, park your vehicle a bit far.

By doing all these efforts for five weeks and remaining motivated , you can quickly reach your goal and lose 6 kg sustainably

Make some changes in your lifestyle to lose weight quickly
It is essential to make changes in your lifestyle to facilitate your weight loss.

Even for these five weeks, you need to have adequate sleep to not affect weight loss. A good sleep during these few weeks will help you reach your goal . Sleep 7 to 9 pm each night.

Before going to sleep, you must turn off the devices that can make noise and disturb your sleep.

Like sleep, moderate or chronic stress can slow down the loss of your extra pounds by increasing your cortisol levels or increasing your feeling of hunger.

Try some relaxing exercises that can relieve your stress (listening to music, walking, meditating, etc.).

Thus, it is possible to lose 6 kilos in five weeks without depriving oneself . Just review the contents of your plate, move and change some habits to lose 6 kg easily after the fifth week of your slimming program.

Digestion and sleep: what links?

To lose weight, to stay in line, to recover health: you had every reason to change your diet . But suddenly your belly wakes you up. Bad for sleep, a difficult digestion can make the bed of a chronic fatigue. Explanations and solutions to peacefully find the arms of Morpheus.

Digestion and sleep: what links

Fatigue and digestion, in close connection
A real plant, your body increases its temperature to digest well. On the contrary, sleep requires a low body temperature … You already know better why your digestive problems prevent you from sleeping!

But be careful: all your sleep problems are not necessarily explained by what you eat. In case of sleep apnea, multiphase sleep, or if your exhaustion resists everything, consult.

Moreover, do not be tempted by fasting to sleep better: by depriving you of dinner, you increase on the contrary your risk of stomach cramps or cravings, so insomnia …

Eat better to reduce fatigue
To fight effectively against bad digestion and improve your nights, here are the dietary measures that are necessary:

– Lighten up your evening meal . If it’s too difficult, simply increase the caloric intake at the snack: you will be less hungry at night.

– Eat sooner, to avoid digestions that drag on.

– Identify and eliminate from your dinner all foods that you digest poorly: milk, cruciferous, fried or even some cheeses are frequently the culprits.

– Eat cooked! If vegetables are the champions of weight loss , they often accentuate digestive problems. A little steam cooking, what do you think?

Herbal tea or Calmosine? Little things to better digest
Do you want to put all the chances on your side before going to bed? Here are some additional ways to avoid slow digestion and to help you fall asleep:

– The effects of a grandmother’s tea on falling asleep are ambiguous: if a chamomile facilitates digestion and calms anxiety, it can also give you … an irresistible urge to pee. So do not abuse infusions at night.

– Try instead Calmosine: taking this dietary supplement organic , herbal sleep- friendly , requires very little water.

– Also get used to relaxing before sleep: meditation and relaxation techniques are very effective to empty and reduce stress.

– Finally, if you have liver problems, solve them: an overloaded liver can create sleep disorders. It’s time to start a detox cure!

Intimately linked, sleep and digestion require a healthy lifestyle to be well aligned . Diet, stress management, liver support: it’s up to you to find the means to achieve balance. More Information…

How to lose weight in 10 days?

How to lose weight in 10 days

You think that your weight greatly exceeds that which is proportional to your height, you say to yourself “I absolutely have to lose weight and get rid of a good amount of fat every day”.

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Know then that it is quite possible to lose 6 kg in 10 days , through maintaining relevant changes in everyday behavior.

Follow a strict diet
The diet is a natural solution Vida Tone Keto that allows you to lose weight easily in less than 15 days. To do this, you must at all costs quickly remove the carbohydrates from your diet.

This helps to reduce the amount of sugar in your body and easily reach your weight loss goal. Then, you must absolutely avoid the malbouffes , that is to say the foods that make you grow (pizza, sweet drinks, pastries, etc.) of your diet.

Indeed, these foods do not effectively drain some of your organs like the liver , thus preventing them from performing their duties well.

Physical activity and sport, to lose 6 kg quickly
How long does it take to lose 6 kg through sport or a specific physical activity? The answer, you need at least 10 days without depriving yourself of certain foods that you prefer. In this case, it is imperative to practice sports activities that allow better detox and better weight loss.

That said, for example, you can focus on cardiovascular exercises that will help you burn a lot of fat . Cross jack, crawl, sway of a leg … the list of physical activities to lose weight is long.

In addition, if you do not have enough time for these activities, you can simply be content to walk on a daily basis . A simple, easy and effective solution, walking can help you lose weight fast.

Lose 6 kg in one week thanks to the diet
The sonoma diet not only promotes weight loss, but also the heart health of your body. It is also an effective solution that can better protect you from certain diseases such as diabetes. For more than a week, you are advised to consume 10 foods of different categories, namely grapes , blueberries, strawberries, spinach, broccoli, whole grains, peppers, tomatoes, almonds and olive oil. The key to diet is to eat a good portion of these foods each day by adding them to low-protein foods such as lean meat , fish, etc.

In short, losing weight in less than two weeks is quite possible . In this case, it is recommended to follow the ideal diet or dietary regime or to practice sports and physical activities that promote thinness during these ten days.Read More…

Which massages to lose weight on the hips?

What massages to lose hips

Hip massage has many benefits, since this method of thinning also eliminates the orange peel. It is also important to opt for a technique that has already proven its effectiveness as palpate-rolling.

Other anti-cellulite treatments are also recommended to eliminate the love handles and fats at the hips.

The ideal technique to refine the hips
This part of the body is one of the least popular areas for women, because of the fat that is stored there. It is therefore important to follow an effective slimming program to lose weight.

The effects of anti-cellulite treatments have already demonstrated their beneficial effects on the silhouette. Contrary to popular belief, some methods can be done at home before taking a shower or falling asleep. Just bring an oil or a slimming cream and apply it on the part to be treated.

The first method is to place hands on the hips while applying sustained pressure. Then you have to drag them up and down to firm the skin and eliminate toxins.

As for the palpate-rolling, it allows to treat the adipose tissues being under the skin. This technique involves taking a fold of skin between the thumb, middle finger and index finger. It must be rolled in the fingers from top to bottom Teal farms keto while moving the hands on all hips.

The benefits of massage to lose weight hips
It allows you to have thinner hips, provided you apply the movements every day between 15 and 20 minutes. The results of this method begin to be seen after one or two weeks.

It is also possible to perform these treatments on the stomach or thighs for a more toning silhouette. In addition to losing fat, they also offer many other benefits. The body is rid of toxins that affect its proper functioning.

The palpate-rolling and slid pressure also promote better blood circulation.

Tips to ensure thinning hips
To ensure that the hips are fine, it is also necessary to adopt a balanced diet. This results in the consumption of fruits and vegetables to detoxify the body. It is equally important to eat foods rich in protein such as lean meat or fish. In parallel, practicing physical activity such as gymnastics or cardio also contributes to weight loss.

Thin hips allow for a beautiful silhouette, hence the importance of following a suitable treatment in addition to a diet and the practice of a sport.More Information…

Which sports are muscling the knees?

Which sports musclen the kneesDuring a sport practice, the knees are areas of the body particularly stressed. Indeed, except for people with health complications, such as osteoarthritis or internal injuries, muscle this part of the anatomy can be an excellent solution.

In addition, the physical activity chosen will have many other benefits for the body and our body. Overview of the best sports for bodybuilding in this area in particular.

Running and endurance
These sports practices are known to be very physical. They allow to quickly remove fat and refine the silhouette. You will see the difference after a few sessions only. If you can not run outdoors, it remains the option of the gym . Niwali Keto Diet

This is a great way to practice whenever you want. The knees will be muscular since your whole body supports your weight . These last undergo tensions which make it possible to muscle them .

Other activities like volleyball and basketball are interesting because they push you to move often and jump.

Bodybuilding exercises
Bodybuilding is probably the best option if you want to strengthen this particular region . With several targeted exercises and weights to add mass, you’ll see the difference. The effect is surprising .

Give preference to weight training exercises that add weight, such as squats. If necessary, use a sports coach who will be best placed to guide you and explain the process and program to achieve according to your morphology and your needs.

Finally, the momentum and the thrusts – as if to mount a step – also tire the knee joint. Athletic jumping disciplines , such as triple jump or high jump, but also step and climbing, can cause or accentuate knee pain. More Information…

What sports to lose hips and belly?

What sports to lose hips and belly

Losing weight requires effort in terms of both diet and exercise. So, in addition to eliminating all too fat and sweet foods from your meals, bet on sports that burn a lot of calories.

If fat has been accumulating for some time around your lap belt , here is a list of sports to practice in the gym or at home to slim down.

Bodybuilding for a wasp waist
With its profusion of exercise, bodybuilding is the physical activity queen of fat loss in the hips and belly . Indeed, a simple workout, 2 to 4 times a week, can burn calories and refine the size. You will, by strengthening your muscle mass , increase your energy expenditure, even at rest: enough to slim down quickly.

But doing exercises can also biogenics keto lengthen the muscles and therefore make them thinner. But what exercises are recommended if you want to lose weight in the stomach and hips?

Exercise 1 : The Plank Place yourself on your elbows and toes, on the ground, as if you were going to make pumps. Contract your abs and your glutes . Hold 30 sec minimum. Repeat this exercise 3 times.

Exercise 2: The boat Sit on the floor with your legs bent. Tilt the pelvis backwards, so that the pubis is facing the ceiling. Extend your arms forward and raise your legs while looking at the tips of your feet. Try to keep your balance for at least 30 sec. Repeat this exercise 3 times.

Walking or running to tap into the reserves
The benefits of walking are many: it is particularly beneficial for your cardiovascular health but, practice at a steady pace, it also allows to record a significant weight loss. Indeed, 45 minutes of brisk walking a day, you can hope to lose weight hips and belly, without even realizing it.

The running is the sport that allows you to lose weight faster because according to the same duration of effort , it is the one that burns the most calories.

Yoga and Pilates to tone gently but deeply
These sports activities rely on breathing and slow movements . Nevertheless, your deep muscles will be solicited and you will be able to see the effects on your silhouette.

To achieve your goal of losing weight faster , you can combine many of these physical activities, never forgetting to eat healthy and balanced next Read More…

Kinder Country, a healthy snack?

The Kinder Country is one of the stars of Kinder products . If it contains cereals, it is not a healthy snack .

How to lose weight with the tips and exercises of Marine Leleu

Kinder Country is not a balanced snack
Although its caloric intake is  Slim Therma Tone limited for this type of bar (132 kcal), the Kinder Country remains a delicacy rich in carbohydrates and sugars , so that it is not a healthy snack that we can consume every day, especially if you pay attention to its weight.

Since it contains palm oil, the question of the impact on health can be asked.

In terms of nutritional value , a bar provides 7.9g of fat, 12.9g of carbohydrates and 2g of protein, which makes it a snack rather “pleasure” reasonable. There are giant and mini country kinders. The best is to stick to a reasonable portion.

Composition and compatibility with diets
Kinder Country is made of milk chocolate , sugar, skim milk powder, concentrated butter, palm oil , barley, rice, wheat, spelled, emulsifiers.

It is therefore too rich to be compatible with dieting, Dukan or low carb (except the cheat day). It will not be suitable for vegans or gluten intolerants, because of its rich dairy and cereal composition . As part of Weight Watchers, a Kinder Country counts for 4 points.

During pregnancy or breastfeeding, it is useful to seek the advice of your doctor to adapt your diet.

Homemade Kinder Country Recipe
In terms of nutrition, it is better to prepare an equivalent of Kinder Country itself, which will delight young and old.

– 200g of chocolate (with milk) – 80g of white chocolate – 50ml of liquid lightened cream – Cereals with puffed rice (without added sugar), 2 to 3 handles

– Melt the white chocolate in a bain-marie and mix with the cream – Add the puffed rice – Mix – Let rest and cool – In a bain-marie always, this time melt 100g of milk chocolate – Prepare mussels by basting them of this melted chocolate – Put it in the fridge so that the chocolate takes – Pour the mixture of white chocolate and cereals into the molds – Put it back in the fridge – Melt the rest of the milk chocolate – Remove the mussels and pour this chocolate on top Cool for several hours and unmold

This recipe can be done simply, without resorting to a blender or a Thermomix. Read More…

Wheat pancakes: fewer calories?

Wheat pancakes: fewer caloriesSalty pancakes or sugar have a bad reputation, however wrongly. Indeed, the pancakes are starchy foods that will help you to hold on and not to nibble . The trap is to add a filling too rich. Zoom on Breton pancakes with wheat!

How many calories in wheat crepes?
It takes about 80 kcal per 100 grams of pancakes. Generally composed of flour, eggs and milk, they are a balanced food . To lower the caloric intake, it is enough to replace some ingredients by other more healthy as the black wheat, the complete flour .

You can even make a Evolution lean keto dough without milk and without egg to avoid any guilt during your slimming program.

Easy recipe for light savory wheat crepes
This light paste can also be made thermomix. Moist and delicious, the crêpe with wheat is accompanied by a wide choice of toppings but beware of excess! Exit the cheese and bacon and place vegetables .

Ingredients for about 6 people:
– 500 g of wheat flour
– 4 eggs
– 1 liter of milk
– 10 cl of water
– salt
– olive oil for cooking

– Sift the flour into a salad bowl
– Add the eggs beaten in an omelette
– Sprinkle with a pinch of salt
– Mix and dilute with the milk while whisking so as not to have lumps
– Leave the dough to rest for about 2 hours at room temperature
– Before cooking the pancakes, add the water and whisk again
– Bake pancakes on a lightly oiled pancake with a paper towel
– Pour a ladle of dough, spread out and turn over the pancake when it is take off from the pan.

For a healthy joke , opt for vegetables such as zucchini , leeks and mushrooms. Instead of a cream that is too rich in fat , choose 0% cottage cheese or basil tomato sauce.

The benefits of wheat cakes
Buckwheat pancakes have many advantages:

– They’re more satiating than traditional wheat pancakes
– They’re gluten
– free – They’re less caloric than a traditional pancake
– They’re rich in nutrients
– They have good protein
– They have a lower glycemic index
– They’re accommodate all your desires

Wheat crepes blend perfectly with your diet as long as you control what you put inside. Read More…