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How can the gym make us lose weight?

It is not necessarily essential to start bodybuilding to lose weight. Indeed, some exercises easy to reproduce at home can refine this part of the body. The gym allows not only to lose weight thighs, buttocks and belly but also arms. Here’s how to go about it.

Firming your arms with simple but effective movements
Targeted fitness exercises at the level of the arms allow to refine quickly and efficiently. One of the best-known and most dreaded exercises is to maintain a position with arms outstretched for as long as possible.

So, put your back straight, abdominal belt sheathed, glutes tight. Extend your arms horizontally to either side of your body to align your hands, elbows, and shoulders. Try to hold the position at least 20 seconds. Inhale and exhale deeply while being careful not to give up. Release finally.

Take the same posture and add a variant: make twenty small circles forward for 20 seconds. Finally, do the same thing by circling backwards.

As the days go by, you can increase the duration and make larger circles to make the exercise more difficult and therefore more effective.

Exercises specially designed to strengthen the biceps and triceps
Following a specific program can have tru garcinia 360 visible results. By doing 20 sets of each exercise and repeating this program 3 times, you will lose weight quickly every day.

With regard to the biceps:
The first exercise requires the integration of dumbbells or bottles of water. Take one or one in each hand. Standing, legs bent a little and back straight, bend alternately one then the other arm, so as to raise the dumbbell to your shoulder. (X20)

The second exercise makes both arms work at the same time. This time, hold your arms toward the front of the body. Fold them up and back up your elbows until they are your arms to be level with the ground. Lower your arms and perform the movement 20 times.

With regard to triceps:
Using a chair, perform dips. To do this, while the chair is behind you, hold on with your hands, spread the width of your shoulders. Your legs tight and tight, your buttocks are empty and only your heels touch the ground. Flex your arms to lower your buttocks and when the upper part of your arms is almost parallel to the ground, go back up to extend your arms. Repeat the movement 10 to 15 times and think of breathing deeply as you come up on your arms.

By training daily from home, you can strengthen your arms without having to pay a registration in the gym!

Borage oil to fight against stretch marks?

Rapid weight gain, pregnancy: it does not take much for the appearance of stretch marks. Most often located on the stomach, thighs or breasts, these unsightly welts give us a hard time.

Is vegetable oil borage effective in preventing or even eliminating them? Yes … but provided you do not wait for a perfect result.

Stretch marks and borage oil: prevention is better than cure
Very supple, borage oil improves skin elasticity. Well nourished, the skin resists better to the strong tension causing the stretch marks.

But on streaks already installed, the effects tru garcinia 360 of borage oil will be limited: if this natural remedy can stimulate the skin to rebuild, the tears will probably be too deep to completely fade.

So yes to borage oil to prevent and mitigate unsightly welts, but you will also accept the small remaining defects …

Homemade recipe: synergy anti stretch marks with borage oil
You are pregnant ? Apply pure borage oil, morning and evening, on areas that may develop stretch marks. You can also mix it, in equal parts, with macadamia vegetable oil, to facilitate its penetration into the skin.

After pregnancy, and if you are not breastfeeding, you can make the following mixture to reduce the stretch marks, red or white:

– 5 ml of borage oil bio- 5 ml of organic macadamia oil- 1 ml of rosemary essential oil to verbenone (be careful, it is contraindicated during pregnancy and lactation!)

– Mix all the ingredients before pouring them into a glass bottle.

– Use this preparation twice a day, in circular massage, until the desired result is achieved.

All the beauty virtues of borage oil
Borage oil is good for many skin types. Soothing, it relieves sensitive skin and restores their comfort. It is also perfect for treating and protecting atopic skin.

Regenerating, borage oil also brings radiance and youth to mature skin, and smoothes wrinkles, while its nourishing properties make it an ally for dry skin.

In capillary application, it repairs brittle or devitalized lengths. It also activates hair growth, and strengthens fragile nails.

Borage oil can also be taken internally, especially in the form of capsules. It then acts on circulatory, joint or menstrual disorders. It may interact with some medicines: ask your doctor for advice.

Nourishing and regenerating, borage oil prevents and reduces stretch marks. If it does not do a miracle, it certainly limits the damage!

Is walnut flour fat?

More than one person is afraid to add nutmeal to their diet because it is apparently fat. But is this fear justified? A priori, consuming fat makes you fat, unless it is a good fat. Wondering if the fat in nut flour is good or not? Here are some answers that will help you to see more clearly.

Walnut flour is high in calories
In general, in 100 grams of organic nut flour, 12 g of fat, including 2.2 g of fatty acid, are found. The latter is among the healthy fat, favorable for the proper functioning of the metabolism. The carbohydrate content rapid trim keto is 6% and the protein is 5%. Walnut flour is also gluten free and is found to be rich in fiber. Regarding calories, if we take the example of walnut flour, for 100 grams, it can contain up to 400 kcal. Its consumption therefore remains to moderate.

Note that these nutritional values ​​may vary depending on the manufacturing. Moreover, for a good conservation of the nut flour, the best is to place it in a dry and cool place.

How can walnut flour be a good slimming ally?
Of course, walnut flour is fat but these are good fats, which means they are adapted to your slimming program.

Indeed, walnut flour is rich in plant lipids, promoting the storage of vitamins while maintaining muscle mass. Contrary to what you might think, walnut flour is recommended during dieting. If you have doubts about the properties of walnut flour and its benefits on health, the ideal is to consult a specialist.

What if you want to use walnut flour in a homemade recipe?
If you particularly like cooking and cooking good nutmeal dishes, you can opt for cashew flour. For 100 grams of this flour, you will have 44 grams of fat. This sounds rather high, but remember, these fats are good for your health. Especially since this flour includes a wide variety of minerals, ideal for your slimming diet. How to use cashew flour? Simply mix it with another flour and bake bread or even a good dessert.

In short, the nut meal is fat but quite adequate for a slimming diet. It is a source of protein and rich in fiber, vital elements to accentuate weight loss and melt fat mass.

Hot chocolate can do well for memory

Anyone who is passionate about hot chocolate can celebrate the results of a survey conducted by scholars at Harvard Medical School in Boston who showed that the perfect winter delicacy can do well for memory.

Participants in this study were 60 people with a mean age of 73 years who had or had no bloodstream problems. They had to drink two cups of hot chocolate a day for a month.
At the end of the study, eighteen members of the group who had complications in the blood stream showed an improvement of 8.3% of the flow in various parts of the brain. The time to complete the memory test also decreased, from 167 seconds to 116 seconds.

Blood circulation improves when vito brain the brain becomes more active, that is, when it engages in activities such as reading, reasoning and attention.

This research may bring some responses to Alzheimer’s disease, which manifests in areas of the brain responsible for memory and occurs primarily in the age group where the study was applied.

The proper functioning of the brain also depends on a series of healthy attitudes, such as exercising regularly, maintaining a balanced diet and always providing new challenges.

Brain gymnastics is just that, bringing news to the brain and getting it out of the comfort zone. There are several ways to exercise the brain, for example by using board games and doing group dynamics.
Brain fitness has been increasingly sought after by people seeking quality of life, wanting to improve their performance in school and at work.

With the practice of cerebral gymnastics, the student acquires the ability to solve problems with greater degrees of difficulty, besides gaining agility and self-esteem. Brain gymnastics can be practiced at any age, just want to learn new things and persistence to overcome challenges.

Remove sedentarism from your brain

Your body shows signs of sedentary lifestyle when you do not exercise it properly and with the proper frequency. As with your brain, but how do you know if your brain is well trained? Do you easily remember phone numbers, can you focus and be attentive to one thing at a time, or agility of reasoning for problem solving? These are some things we can do without difficulty when our brain is in shape.

Excels and you at Disney
A series of researches on this subject determine the effectiveness of practicing some exercises to take the brain intell x pro out of laziness and to add, in addition to improvements in aspects related to agility of thought and logical reasoning, much more quality of life.

Attention deficit, confusion in analyzing problems, understanding statements and presenting results, are some sedentary brain symptoms. But what could we do to improve our ability to think?

Supera is a cognitive stimulation method based on brain exercise theory, which uses widely proven pedagogical tools of effectiveness. The main one is the practice of calculations through the abacus, which was adequate to our education system and contextualized to our culture.

In addition to the abacus, which is a millenarian calculation tool widely used in Japan and other Eastern countries, the tools used in the schools that apply the method are the Opening Horizons, educational games, group dynamics and neuroses. Walking on your back, wearing your watch on the arm opposite to your usual habit, and putting your clothes in the dark can influence your brain health and are great options for neurotics, where the focus is to get the brain out of the comfort zone.

The techniques used reflect the increase in creativity, concentration, focus, logical reasoning, ability to solve problems, perseverance, discipline and motor coordination.

They are very positive reflexes in the behavioral aspect, since they develop the self-esteem and the self-confidence. Skills they provide: learning more in less time; superior performance in sports, work and studies; better performance in exams, entrance exams and competitions; quality of life.

Training volume: the secret to gain muscle mass

Go to the gym and meet a lot of people concerned about the number of sets and repetitions you do in each exercise. The debates are endless when people discuss which is the ideal number to gain muscle mass through hypertrophy. The truth is that the volume of training has the answer to this question, but many do not even know what it is.

For that reason, in this Post we will prima male enhancement solve all the doubts about this method to gain muscle. Believe it or not, this is the answer to what many people always ask themselves. No matter the number of repetitions or series, only the amount of weight you lift in a day through them matters.

What is the training volume?
Volume of training to gain muscle mass
It is very easy to determine what training volume is for us. Represents the total load lifted in one day. This burden will be the force that we currently have, as well as representing our resistance. If the training volume increases regardless of the number of repetitions and sets they do, our body will increase muscle mass.

The body does not understand the number of repetitions and series as a defined pattern to gain muscle, it is simply guided by the lifted load in order to adapt and exceed this limit. Most people to gain strength make series and repetitions of 1 to 3 with a maximum weight at 90-100% of their strength, which is totally unnecessary, since our 1RM increases each time our training volume does.

How to calculate the training volume?
Volume of training to gain muscle mass
There is a simple way to calculate our volume, adding the weight raised in each of the exercises. Example:

Press bench 3 sets of 10 repetitions (1 with 80 kg, 1 with 83 kg, 2 with 85 kg)
Press inclined with dumbbells 3 series 10 repetitions (1 with 60 kg, 2 with 62 kg, 1 with 65 kg)
Opening 3 sets of 10 repetitions (25 kg, 30 kg, 30 kg)
To know the volume it is enough to add the lifted weight, repetition by repetition and series by series. What means that it rose in Press banking a total volume of: 2480 kg in total. The idea in the next training will be to overcome this volume.

Advice to increase training volume

Never repeat less than 5.
Never do repetitions beyond 15.
Keep the intensity or strength between 70-80%
Do not dwell by resting more than 1 minute.
Taking into account these tips and the above with respect to repetitions and sets, you will not have to worry about how many to do, but because you keep yourself in constant growth and thus gain muscle mass quickly.

What is behind the fear of commitment?

Main causes of fear of commitment that can block you in love even when you are in love.
Behind the fear of commitment can

hide many different realities, almost as many as different people, since each human being has its own history. However, instead of observing the fear of commitment as a childish attitude that leads the sufferer to a constant struggle between the desire to love and freedom, it is convenient to observe this feeling in its positive part, that is, from the information that offers about oneself.

And in a society in which it seems that the only possible model of happiness is that of being in a relationship, the fear of commitment can show, in reality, the inner desire of a person to project himself into his ionicx testo life without a commitment understood within the framework of the conventionalism. That is, perhaps a person observes the idea of ​​engaging in a relationship as a lifestyle that does not fit other objectives that he wants to fulfill and to which he wants to dedicate himself completely. However, it may have some kind of internal contradiction to have the feeling of going against the socially established.

Obviously, behind the fear of commitment there is also that kind of lesson, that is, a lesson learned that remains in the heart after a sentimental defeat. When a person has suffered a lot and felt abandoned, they may experience for a long time the bitterness of not trusting others again. However, if the reason for the fear of compromise is this, it is relatively easy to identify this inner struggle through listening to one’s own inner sensations.

The fear of compromise may also be present, not so much because of what it means to be with a person, but with someone who poses a situation that you had not planned. For example, when you fall in love with someone from another country and you value the possibility of traveling to their place of origin to be together. In these situations of drastic change, it is very frequent that doubts arise and in a logical way, since a turn in the personal life, must be meditated at all levels. That is, this type of decision poses a change also in the labor.

The fear of commitment can also be linked to the unexpected arrival of a person

and that infatuation produces illusion but also fear because perhaps the protagonist was comfortable in his solitude and the vertigo of changing his life makes him rethink many things. That is, in this type of situation, the fear of commitment is reflected in the concern to open the heart and the possible risk of being hurt.

There are many different reasons why a person may be afraid of commitment, but no one as well as you can know what happens to you, what hurts you and how you can find an answer in that emotional knot. Try to treat yourself with love to get to know you better. Do not blame yourself for this feeling that is human and very natural.


Fast cars. Fast Internet access. Fast food. People are even looking for fast-digesting protein powders to feed their fast-twitch muscles. Is there no room for something slow?

At night, when you hope to have at least eight hours of rest and rejuvenation, is the perfect time for casein. This often neglected, slow-digesting, skim milk-based powder continues to provide protein to your system all night long.

A high-protein diet can be a htx me bodybuilder’s best friend, helping you build muscle, lose weight, improve muscle repair, reduce hunger and increase energy expenditure.

You will never neglect casein
If you want to pack your muscles, you could automatically think of pounding a chicken breast and a whey protein. But now you have a secret weapon.

A study published in Annals of Nutrition and Metabolism investigated the relative impact of whey protein on fat loss and strength versus casein in a 12-week study [1] Untrained subjects were divided into three groups: a diet only, a high protein diet with a resistance training program and whey protein and a high protein diet with resistance training and casein.

The results were surprising. The casein group lost more body fat than the other two groups. In addition, they gained twice as much lean muscle as the whey group.

Both protein groups increase the total strength of the chest, shoulders and legs. But the casein group increased the overall strength by 59 percent, compared with only 29 percent for the whey group! Researchers attribute the superior results of casein to the ability of the protein to enhance muscle protein synthesis. Keep in mind that these subjects were not trained and were following a closely monitored program. Results using a similar training program and the casein product may vary.

Do carrot peas grow?

A carrot pea dish does not gain weight if the proportion of peas is less than that of carrots. The peas being relatively caloric, it is necessary to be vigilant on the quantity consumed.

Carrots peas: calories and diet
When we class peas as “vegetables”, we speak of the generic term but we do not go into detail. We should rather talk about “seeds”. Indeed, vegetables are very low calorie: about 30 kcal per 100 g, while peas have bio x keto a higher nutritional value, 71 calories per 100 gr (cooked).

On the other hand, they are rich in carbohydrate: 8.3 g and in protein: 5.2 g against 4.4 g and 1.7 g respectively for vegetables. These are the values ​​that classify peas as starchy.

From Weight Watchers to Dukan, eat the peas carrots
Weight loss oriented nutrition professionals, have different opinions on the flat peas carrots. Peas are banned in Dukan, which prohibits starchy foods and recommends tofu and oat bran as a source of vegetable protein.

Conversely, Weight Watchers allows the consumption of carrots: 1 point for 140 g and 2 points for 265 g (6 to 7 tablespoons of raw peas weigh 100 to 150 g when cooked) . The carrot peas dish is suitable for gluten-free diets if they are cooked fresh but you have to check the information for industrialized products (canned food, cooked dishes, etc.).

Slimming recipe
Ingredients (4 people):
• 1 kg peas carrots (frozen) • 2 onions • 2 tablespoons of oil • 2 tablespoons of Provence herbs • 1 large box of crushed tomatoes • 1 golden cube (Maggi)

Preparation (pressure cooker):
• Peel and cut the onions in slices • Brown the onions in the oil • Add the carrot peas and fry for 2 min • Add the crushed tomatoes, the golden cube, the herbes de Provence and 2 glasses of water, salt and pepper • Close the casserole • Let cook 15-20min (whispering of the valve)

The virtues of this dish for the body
In addition to providing fiber that improves digestion, the pea is rich in protein, minerals (potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron and calcium) and vitamins, which protect the heart, the immune system and improve vision (lutein and vitamin A).

Its multiple nutrients recommend it especially to vegetarians to avoid certain deficiencies. The low glycemic index of low weight and the low carbohydrate content (about 5%) of carrots make the carrot peas dish popular with people with diabetes. During the first trimester of pregnancy, pea folic acid is a valuable friend to support cell multiplication, developing the nervous system and the spinal cord of the future baby. It is relayed in the second quarter by the carrot and its beta carotene which protects its cellular development.

You can consume the carrot peas dish safely in a slimming diet where the menus are varied and balanced. However, do not overcook this dish which, in this case, could make you take a little weight.

What bread to choose in a gluten-free diet?

When you are gluten-intolerant or you are looking at how to replace bread for a celiac person, it is important to know the alternatives and their contribution to nutrition.

Choose a gluten-free bread according to its degree of intolerance
There are many reasons to go on a gluten-free diet. From celiacs to those who simply wish to limit it strongly in their daily consumption (in the case of certain autoimmune diseases for example), the palette is wide.

Completely avoiding gluten will often mega lean forskolin go through a “flower bread”, found in different versions including buckwheat, chestnut or quinoa.

There are also breads made from corn flour or rice, or a mixture of gluten-free flours.

If you are simply looking to reduce gluten, a kamut or spelled bread is also an option. They contain some, but less than a traditional full bread, to name only him. In case of very strong intolerance, these are to be avoided completely, because the consequences would be immediate.

A gluten-free bread: what result for the body?
For some people who are not celiac but have developed a form of intolerance, choosing gluten-free bread will tend to improve the general well-being, and its particular digestive aspect. For other staff, the effect will be strongly psychological, which will bring a potentially interesting result on the well-being of the person.

What to replace traditional bread?
There are very few interesting substitutes because gluten is present in many cereals (including those that make up rye bread and wholemeal bread …).

In addition, this protein aids the baking process, making the “right” alternative to bread difficult to find. However, asking “what bread” can replace gluten bread is tantamount to looking for alternatives to flour and seeds that, in addition to bread, will help bake pastries and desserts for gluten-intolerant people. The disadvantages are many in this type of diet, but knowing the products helps to overcome the challenge of the substitute that tastes.

Another obstacle is the strong expansion of yeast, which unlike leaven, does not sufficiently prepare the body for digestion of gluten.

By choosing gluten-free flours, the improvement will be quickly felt in the digestion and general well-being of the person.