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Does chestnut flour make you fat?

No ! When consumed in moderation, chestnut flour does not make you fat; on the contrary, this organic food has interesting properties particularly useful in the context of a diet. You will know everything about the virtues of chestnut flour!

What are the virtues and nutritional value of chestnut flour for a diet?
Suffering from a bad reputation, keto go dragons den the chestnut is however limited to 180 kcal for 100 grams of raw chestnuts (but 250 kcal for roasted chestnuts). Used in moderation, chestnut flour is an effective alternative to wheat flour, and does not contain gluten.

Chestnut flour offers several benefits as part of a healthy and controlled nutrition. It is rich in carbohydrates (slow sugar), slowly assimilated by the body, thus causing a quick sensation of appetite suppressant.

This effect is accentuated by its high fiber content, allowing both to fill the stomach and optimize transit. These are all key elements for an effective diet!

A recipe to get your own chestnut flour
– 400 grams of chestnuts

– Incise the chestnuts and place on a baking tray
– Bake thermostat 7
– Once cooked remove the bark
– Skip the chestnuts thermomix speed 12 for 3 minutes
– Sift – it’s ready!

Chestnut flour adapted to the vegan diet
This food offers the particularity of complying with the requirements of all diets, including the vegan diet. Rich in protein (3 grams), it contains no less than eight essential amino acids including lysine, one of the most important amino acid to which all vegans must pay close attention.

Chestnut flour also contains a large amount of starch, an ideal nutrient for anyone allergic to gluten in wheat flour.

Other benefits of chestnut flour on health
Rich in vitamins B1, B2, B6, iron and magnesium, chestnut flour helps strengthen the immune system during the long winter months, where it is available. It does not contain any trace of dietary cholesterol.

Natural product used as a base of Corsican food for ten centuries, chestnut flour is a source of organic nutrients, whose nutritional composition is remarkably suitable for any diet. Enjoy your meal !

Chinese soup to lose weight?

As we know, Asian cuisine is often used as an example for its nutritional benefits and its low calorie content (about 70 kcal per 100 grams), especially in carbohydrates and fat. Chinese soup is no exception; it allows to vary the menus while being part of a detox diet.

Even the most popular ones, like the Dukan Diet, incorporate Chinese soup into healthy and light preparations for progressive and effective weight loss.

Include Chinese soup in its diet for healthy meals and tastes
Although it may be a little repulsive because of its complexity of preparation, Chinese soup is one of the tastiest Asian dishes. keto go Its composition is also personal: rich in protein for pregnant women, without meat for vegetarians and vegan, or gluten-free for intolerant, you can concoct tasty meals for a quick satiation and less cravings between two meals.

Soy sprouts, black mushrooms and Chinese noodles are the basic ingredients. These provide many nutrients necessary to maintain good health and will allow to remain energetic during his diet.

Low in calories for soy and mushrooms, the same goes for noodles that lose almost all of their energy when cooking, from 335 kcal to 70 kcal per 100 grams of product.

Privilege the homemade to the industrialist
There are many dehydrated Chinese soups in commerce. However, it is best to avoid them and focus on the homemade because industrial products are too rich in salt, sugar and saturated fat.

In addition, their taste is very poor compared to a dish cooked Cookeo, Thermomix or even the pan. Preparing your own soups will help you control the taste and composition to satisfy your palate and nutritional needs.

While industrial soups are going to make you fat, soups prepared at home will actually help you lose weight.

Recipe idea for slimming special organic soup
To prepare a simple and light miso soup, you will need:

100 g of fermented soybean paste (or miso)
250 g tofu
6 leaves of nori (dry seaweed)
13 cl of dashi (Japanese broth)
Some dried black mushrooms.
Boil 1 liter of water, add the dashi and the soy paste and cook for 10 minutes.

Cut the tofu into cubes and the nori into strips, then add them to the still boiling pan.

Divide the contents of the pan into small bowls, then add a few slivers of dried black mushrooms. Your dietary meal is ready!

Top 10 detox foods

Detox evokes the elimination of toxins and toxic substances in your blood and body such as alcohol, caffeine, dyes, etc. Detoxify or detoxify the body is to promote the functioning of the liver and kidneys and / or alkalize the blood to maintain its slightly basic pH (7.4). The easiest way to carry out a detox is through naturopathy via diet.

Detox or detox cure is intended for any man or woman aiming at a better functioning digestive, a disappearance of the sensations of heaviness as well as an elimination of his problems of digestion. As a bonus, you will lose weight.

To compose your detox treatments, here are 10 foods that you will choose organic.

The onion has an alkalizing effect by its mineral salts. He also fights kidney and liver diseases. A homemade onion soup keto lean force is an effective recipe for detoxifying your body. Its essential oil is also effective on bronchitis or asthma.

2. The apple
It facilitates the elimination of toxins by stool through pectin and has an alkalizing effect on the blood. It is also an effective antioxidant. It can be eaten in fruit, juice or apple cider vinegar.

3. The artichoke
This food acts simultaneously on the liver organ by increasing the production of bile and on the kidneys by causing the secretion of urine. A substance called cynarin is responsible for it.

4. Black radish
It contains a sulfur essence that gives it properties acting on the liver organ. It is usually cooked raw in salad.

5. The lemon
This fruit has a detoxifying action due to the terpenes it contains. It also acts on kidney problems. A cure of lemon juice can even eliminate kidney stones. In drink or tea, combined with parsley and ginger, it will guarantee a flat stomach.

6. The grape
It activates liver function by activating the production of bile and has a real alkalizing and diuretic action through its various phytochemical elements.

7. Cherries
These fruits contain flavonoids that guarantee its diuretic benefits. A cherry cure for three or four days is recommended to lose weight.

8. The eggplant
It stimulates the filtration capacity of the kidneys and increases the production of urine. In drink, associated with the orange, it prevents to grow. For your recipes, you can use a Thermomix robot.

9. Aloe vera
The pulp of this plant stimulates the functioning of the liver and kidneys as well as the whole metabolism. It will be consumed in the form of juice. If you want to lose weight, a massage with aloe vera on the areas to refine works well.

10. The banana
It promotes the alkalinization of blood and thus the elimination of excess acids. It also has a beneficial action on the intestine. During a diet, it can be consumed as a single food for a few days.

Course of blood circulation in good health?

Is it healthy for you?
In case you do not joke about increasing the actual volume, look and feel yourself supremely well and with the possibility that you are looking for real results, at that moment, health is made for you! The manufacturers of healthy products see how difficult it is to train every day so that you can achieve the physical composition in which you are focusing. That’s why Healthy has dxn code strike the specific intention to help your weight-lifting efforts.
Health is especially aimed at fans and muscle leaders who wish to further increase their weight lifting performance. With Healthy, you will also be sure of these results:
Healthy expands battery limit and perseverance
Healthy improvements, thinner body mass
Good health helps to quickly create muscle tissue
Healthy improves quick recovery
Course of blood circulation in good health
Healthy amplifies the overall performance of your well-being
Health gives you quick results!
Try not to miss a great opportunity to look good. In addition to enjoying good health, it is also recommended that you stay with your Mentor’s welfare and well-being design. In this line, you can also increase what the supplement and its activities can transmit to your body. See great improvements in the middle of your exercises. Try healthy today!

Healthy is a muscle building supplement that makes some cases really huge. These cases incorporate the ability to “increase your exercise”, which will allow you to increase the “extraordinary muscle”.
At the moment, all this seems exceptionally encouraging, but recently we have heard comparisons of ordinary cases.
This survey will analyze this supplement in more detail, regardless of whether your cases are accurate and, in addition, if any of those who are covered or shun often accuses you of trial offers in that way. .
If it is not so bad to read to find the reality before rushing to join.
The guaranteed benefits of health
Healthy clients are expected to experience the following benefits:
Increase the perseverance of the exercise
Performance increase
Improves the thin muscle
To verify how accurate the cases are, we should take a closer look at the fasteners that were used.
The repairs found in Healthy
When you take a look at bodybuilding supplements like this, you must reliably invest some energy in finding a brand, as this will tell you exactly what it contains.
Unfortunately, you can not see a name on the Health site, so unless you organize the supplement, it will not recognize what it contains so far.
It is frustrating because it could contain fixations that are not eligible for you, which means you lost time and money when applying.
The data that can be accessed in all cases are a little amino acid L-arginine hydrochloride, L-arginine alpha-ketoglutarate and L-citrulline.
While these may offer some benefit, without knowing the measures, there is no possibility of knowing how well they could succeed.

Garcinia cambogia to lose belly

Many opinions agree that Garcinia Cambogia helps to lose weight and would be effective for losing belly.

The virtues of Garcinia Cambogia for a flat stomach
The interest of this fruit lies in the fact that it allows to lose weight faster. Its properties thwart three factors that make fatter stop the transformation of sugar into fat sends the brain a message of satiety fast, which blocks the feeling of hunger leads to lower cholesterol.

How to use Garcinia Cambogia to lose weight?
The active substance in garcinia is called hydroxycitric acid, or AHC. To see effects, it is advisable to introduce a daily dose of 500 mg to 1500 mg in its nutrition, ideally in three doses. AHC is contained only in the bark keto plus diet of the fruit of garcinia, bark which will be reduced to powder before being consumed. It is therefore not possible to eat it as an infusion: no herbal tea or garcinia tea! .

Garcinia exists in different forms: capsules, tablets and ampoules. It is also found indirectly in ready-made slimming products: dietary supplement powder, meal replacement bars or snack .. etc … In all cases, it is important to check the content of these products in AHC, and to strictly comply with the instructions.

Where to find Garcinia Cambogia
It is impossible to obtain Garcinia in French pharmacies, for lack of authorization of placing on the market. It remains possible to stock up on online stores, via the Internet. If you can not rely on reassuring standards such as “organic” or “fair”, be sure to scrutinize the composition of the products on the labels.

The other benefits of Garcinia
Not only is Garcinia a slimming substance, but it also helps to stabilize the weight obtained at the end of the diet. The active substance, the AHC, also participates in the improvement of the central nervous system and speeds up the metabolism.

Precautions of use
It is not recommended to consume during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Likewise, you really need to avoid cumulating Garcinia
and anti-cholesterol medication, because of the risk of overdose. Finally, even if it seems obvious, do not take Garcinia in case of diabetes because it acts directly on the level of sugar in the blood.

How to lose 8 kg with Weight Watchers?

To lose weight fast, you may have thought about trying the Weight Watchers adventure. If you want to lose about 8 pounds, here is what you need to know about this slimming program.

Lose eight pounds with this slimming program
By making the suggested changes in your diet, you can usually lose an average of one kilogram a week. Logically, to get rid of eight pounds, it takes about two months.

Weight loss of more than a kilo per week keto blast is not recommended because it is known from experience that thinning is followed by a weight recovery, sometimes more important. Indeed, feeling private, the body will tend to store food to prevent a possible future lack.

Earn points while playing sports
The program is not just about spending points, called SmartPoints, it also helps you gain by practicing physical activity. We can therefore afford some extras by the effort of a jog or a swimming session.

This is another good point for this program, which can motivate some to play sports.

The inconvenients
In a world governed by numbers, scores and goals, you can easily be discouraged by new goals based on … points! In order to succeed, we must also closely monitor everything we eat, at the risk that food and diet become an obsession.

You have to have some discipline and love the calculations, which are however quite simple to achieve. Finally, it is a paid program.

The principle
It is a method of nutrition that, by slightly reducing the number of daily calories that is really needed, to lose weight gradually and without depriving the body.

This is indeed one of the strong points of this method: the diet, while remaining balanced and meeting the nutritional needs, makes it possible to avoid the deficiencies. Recently, the company has even introduced physical activity into the program of its slimming plans.

It focuses on a nutritional rebalancing that can have long-term beneficial effects since it will relearn and maintain good daily eating habits.

How it works ?
Weight Watchers assesses each member based on age, weight, height, and sex, and determines how much food they need to lose weight, according to what the company calls a safe rate of one. maximum of one kilo per week.

The member is assigned a number of daily points, and spends these points on food. Some foods – fruits and vegetables in particular – are at zero point. Foods full of sugar and fat tend to have the highest value of points.

While an apple is worth zero, a share of apple pie amounts to 12 points. Members are encouraged to precisely control everything they eat, which can be done offline, on the web or via an app.

Losing eight pounds with Weight Watchers is within the reach of many people and just about every budget. It requires a little motivation and rigor but helps to stay healthy while losing weight.

8 anti-cellulite tips to test quickly!

In the face of cellulite, restrictive diets frequently make white cabbage. It is wondering if there are really effective ways to fight the orange peel … Well yes. With these eight tips, you may reach the end of your sentences!
Two draining drinks against orange peel

It is paradoxical but well known: the retention of water is flushed with water. Against cellulite, the first useful gesture is to rvxadryl drink, at least a liter and a half a day. But for faster results, leave your water bottle aside. A true fat burner, green tea is a much more potent drink against cellulite than pure water.

In the evening, to avoid insomnia, replace it with a herbal tea of ​​grandmother, anti-cellulite herbs such as nettle or the meadow-queen. Herbalist shops contain treasures: do not hesitate to ask for advice and recipes.
Revive the circulation: two tips against cellulite

Cellulite is usually associated with poor blood and lymphatic circulation. To take the orange peel on your body, you must restart your circulation. The best way? Regular physical exercise The most effective sports?

Endurance sports:

fast walk,

At the rate of 30 minutes per session, several times a week. And to complete the effects of exercise at home, put every day on a second tip: the Scottish shower. Frightening at first, but very beneficial, this practice consists of alternating hot and cold in the shower.

Start very gradually, to get used to the day to this “whiplash” morning. It is promised: you will soon be able to do without it!
Quickly erase cellulite: two massages that work

Very effective against the retention of water, the lymphatic drainage is the care to adopt to erase the orange peel. Practiced by a certified professional, it is also very suitable to fight against oedemas, for example during pregnancy.

The disadvantage of professional massages: their price … You can not offer them? Opt for a homemade technique! The massages performed with an anti-cellulite suction cup are very useful against cellulite. The key is to arm yourself with perseverance …
Two essential oils anti-orange peel

The market is full of slimming creams with enticing promises … Often very expensive, these formulas can be advantageously replaced by homemade. Get a bottle of argan vegetable oil, grapefruit essential oil and Atlas cedar essential oil.

Then dilute each he in a little vegetable oil, 5 drops for 15 ml. And alternate the two mixtures, every day, morning and evening, on the areas affected by cellulite. Warning: essential oils are not suitable for pregnant and lactating women …

Against the orange peel, multiply the gestures! This is the best way to finally see your cellulite melt.

Lemon cucumber slimming drink

A good diet does not only include the right foods, but also good drinks. To lose weight more effectively, do not just drink water: bet instead on a detox mix! Small slimming recipe with lemon and cucumber.

Lemon, cucumber: why do they lose weight?
If your slimming drink combines lemon and cucumber, it is primarily because they are both particularly low in calories: only 30 kcal per 100 grams for lemon, and just 10 for cucumber, this vegetable being very rich in water.

But lemon and cucumber also have detox properties. Diuretics, they stimulate the metabolism. And in addition, they limit bloating: with them, long live flat belly! Finally, the low glycemic index of these two foods prevents you from insulin peaks, a factor of craving and weight gain.

Recipe: lemon-cucumber homemade smoothie
Forget fruit juices, prefer green smoothies! Rapid Tone Less sweet thanks to the contribution of vegetables, they are also richer in fiber and therefore more satiating.

Ingredients (for an individual smoothie)

– 250 grams of cucumber
– 1 lemon
– some mint leaves, preferably fresh
– 2 or 3 ice cubes


– Wash and peel the cucumber, cut into large pieces and place them in the bowl of your blender.

– Squeeze the lemon, and add the juice to the bowl.

– Wash the mint leaves and add them to the bowl as well as the ice cubes.

– Mix the whole until you get a smooth and velvety texture.

– Consume your slimming drink without waiting, so as not to lose the benefits of certain fragile vitamins.

Lemon and cucumber: all their virtues
Lemon and cucumber are excellent foods to keep you healthy. By consuming them regularly, you increase and diversify your ration of fruits and vegetables, and therefore your contributions in antioxidants.

Fighting against free radicals, which continually attack your cells, antioxidants help you to reduce many risks to your health: cardiovascular diseases, diseases associated with aging, or even cancers.

Source of vitamin C, particularly involved in the maintenance of your tissues, and K, necessary for blood clotting, the cucumber-lemon duo also brings you iron and copper.

Very refreshing, our lemon-cucumber detox mix takes care of your line and your shape. Cheers !

Drink water fasting to lose weight?

Drinking a certain amount of water on an empty stomach can be an excellent tool for losing weight. It helps you control your appetite, optimize your metabolism and eliminate the extra pounds created by water retention.

It is therefore clear that ingestion of a quantity ketofit dragons den of water in the morning can influence your habits. And fasting water in the morning is the best way to use water to lose weight healthy and naturally!

Fasting water in the morning to control hunger and lose weight over the long term
The signal your body sends to your brain when you are thirsty is the same as the one it sends to you when you are hungry. In other words, when you feel hungry, it may not be hunger but just thirst. That’s why you have to drink water in the morning so you do not feel hungry when you’re just thirsty.

The lack of water leads your brain to confuse thirst and hunger, and pushes you to take the first food you have on hand. Taking fasting water increases metabolism and fights that feeling of hunger that is actually thirsty. So consuming water allows you to be less hungry all day and naturally lose more kg, an excellent slimming ally!

Take two cups of water on an empty stomach every morning to wake up your organs and improve their functions. Wait 45 minutes before eating another drink or eating. Prefer warm water, because your body hardly assimilates an icy water.

Indeed, your body prefers to receive a water close to its temperature. It can better treat it and make the most of it. For more slimming effects, you can add half a teaspoon of lemon in your glass of water.

A few glasses of water on an empty stomach for assured slimming effects
Drinking fasting water fills your belly and partly lowers your urge to eat. This leads you to eat little and so do not take kilograms. A few fasting glasses of water when you wake up speed up your metabolism, which means you increase the energy needed to run your body. In other words, you are increasing the number of calories burned. Which makes you lose weight.

The fasting water in the morning also has the role of hydrating you and ensuring the proper functioning of organs such as the liver, responsible for eliminating toxins, which contribute to the storage of fat in the body. So, water helps clean your blood of waste.

By drinking water on an empty stomach, this restricts the retention phenomenon. If you do not consume enough water, your body initiates this automatic storage of water for the sake of economy, which increases the weight and promotes the retention of water.

Drink fasting water for what health benefits?
At night, your body does an internal cleansing to remove toxins, drinking fasting water in the morning promotes the evacuation of these substances sorted by the body. An essential action in the prevention of diseases. Water consumed in the morning when you wake up also helps preserve your skin and moisturize, improve your digestion and stimulate your digestive system.

What are the foods that make your face fat?

You are tired of this figure plump and want to know the rules to follow to find a pretty face? Discover without further delay what are the foods that make this part of the body fat, and therefore to avoid.

These foods to avoid not to swell the face
In terms of weight gain, it is known that the accumulation of fat in specific areas of the body, the anterior part of the head keto fit here in this case, is most often explained by excessive consumption of meals rich in quick sugars, too salty or fat.

Salt and sugar encourage the retention of water, the first implicated in the swelling of the areas of the figure. Cheeks, chin, neck and even ears are puffed up by eating cold meats, confectionery and cakes, pasta and white bread, foods rich in salt …

You will understand, you just have to reduce or even ban your food habits said types of food. Since the risk of water retention is reduced, drink plenty of water or special detox infusions to eliminate fat and toxins.

Promoting weight gain and inflating the figure, alcohol is also to be avoided if you want to slim down the figure.

What foods to no longer grow face
But then what are the foods that help thin the figure? The objective is to avoid any retention of liquids, excessive deposition of toxins or the formation of fat deposits, so priority will be given to healthy foods known for their depurative, diuretic, draining and moisturizing actions.

As a fruit or vegetable, we will prefer for example lettuce, watermelon and cucumber for their great moisturizing power. Also refreshing, grapefruit is a good fruit to lose weight because it is also an excellent draining, like papaya, pineapple. Side vegetables, we find artichoke, celery or endive.

Finally, even with the diet, one will take care nevertheless to integrate enough protein in its food – by means of complete cereals or almonds, so that the reabsorption of water by the blood vessels is done correctly.

Do not just pay attention to foods that make you fat in the face
To clear double chin and refine the cheeks, it is not enough to forbid certain foods, it is still necessary to adopt a few rules to obtain good results. In order not to encourage the body to substitute the sugar of cellular tissues with water, it is recommended to split the meals.

Stabilizing blood sugar is also a good keto fit reviews tip appetite suppressant. Always check the salt content of the food you buy: canned salmon or tuna, chips, etc.

Finally, if facial gymnastics is more than recommended, do not skip regular physical activity to lose weight in a comprehensive way.