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How to use papaya seeds to lose weight

How to use papaya seeds to lose weight

It has always been said that papaya is renuvaline the fruit of good health. It has a sweet, pleasant taste and beautiful color. Deep within its wonderful pulp is a component known as papain, capable of providing enormous therapeutic benefits to the body. And that’s not all – you can even lose weight with papaya. Do you want to know how?

Papaya is a tropical fruit known throughout the world. Therefore, it is easily found, to benefit from it. It is a wonderful diuretic and antioxidant, has a large amount of vegetable fiber, and very few calories. It also provides a good amount of vitamins A, C and B, calcium, iron and phosphorus. And if that was not enough, papaya also helps in weight loss and the fight against cellulite. So read on, as we are going to explain how to lose weight with papaya in this article.

Papaya burns fat

Sometimes it is difficult to decide what diet to follow to lose weight. It is important to choose those that not only help you lose weight, but also help you to be healthy. If you have any questions, you can always consult your doctor or a nutritionist. The diet of the papaya is restrictive. This means that for two days you will eat a very careful diet, ending in the third days. Papaya does two things: it detoxifies the body and burns fat.

We must point out that papaya is also ideal for people suffering from digestive problems such as diarrhea, gas, constipation, gastritis … as well as skin problems such as acne, due to its healing properties. It is definitely a wonderful fruit, and according to the Centers for Disease Control, papain allows the body to benefit from these properties.

You will follow this diet for two days a week. Ideally you should follow it for two or three months. Not only will you lose weight, but also detoxify your body and take care of your digestive system. It is worth trying for 48 hours, follow the following instructions.


Always look for fresh papaya that is not too ripe. Start the diet at breakfast. Ideally, you should drink a glass of soy or oatmeal water during those two days, with two teaspoons of wheat germ or some other grain. This will give you enough fiber. Next, eat a papaya salad. Choose a medium-sized papaya, peel and cut into squares. This is a healthy and nutritious way to start the day.


For lunch, make a whole grain salad. You could cook it with vegetable broth and then accompany it with chopped tomatoes, a few leaves of spinach, some olives, a clove of garlic and the juice of half a lemon. After your brown rice, drink papaya juice.
On your second day of the diet, make the baked eggplant for lunch, and a small spinach salad with olive oil dressing and some pieces of beet. Afterwards, drink papaya juice.


For an appetizer, make a juice with half a papaya and two slices of pineapple. Clean your fruit thoroughly and mix them in the blender.


For dinner, prepare a cup of vegetable broth. You could use onion, celery and lemon juice. For dessert, of course, eat a diced papaya.
On your second day, prepare some artichokes. Cook them well with a little salt and vinegar. It can be accompanied with a slice of whole wheat bread toast with a little olive oil. To finish your dinner, serve a diced papaya.

These are the 7 mistakes that cause your nails to be so weak

These are the 10 mistakes that cause your nails to be so weak

Most women love our nails. We love to take everfirm anti-aging serum care of them and we decorate them as one of the most fundamental parts of our body. And as we all know, hands are our letter of introduction to the world, and well-maintained nails speak very well of us. However, in the process of beautifying our nails we make multiple mistakes that can cause our nails to deteriorate and lose strength, brightness and vitality. That’s why today we want to tell you about these 10 common mistakes that are destroying your nails, so you can look for healthier alternatives that help you beautify, while simultaneously taking care of your hands.

10 Common mistakes that are destroying your nails

1. Biting the nails

Biting your nails is a terrible habit, which not only destroys your nails, but also transmits bacteria to your mouth making you more prone to diseases. It can also generate wounds on your hands that can host various infections. A good option to stop biting your nails is to paint them, after seeing a beautiful job you may not feel like destroying it with your teeth.

2. Remove the enamel with your fingers

On many occasions we use our fingers and teeth to remove the nail polish from our nails. This is a mistake that you must stop today. When you remove the enamel in this way, you are not only removing the layer of color, but the top layer of the nail, causing it to decalcify and become weak and brittle. Therefore, the ideal is to remove the color with enamel remover.

3. Cut the cuticles

Nobody wants to spoil their manicure by protruding cuticles. However cutting them is not the solution because it can bring problems in the future. The best option is to get a special cuticle oil, this will soften them and you can relocate them using an orange stick. So not only is avoiding injuries, but also taking care that your nails do not deteriorate.

4. A bad diet

It does not help to fix your nails externally, if you have a bad diet that weakens them at the root. The nails are nourished by our blood flow, and it is through what we eat that they receive essential nutrients. Include in your diet, green leafy foods, and all those rich in calcium and other minerals.

5. Use of gels and acrylics

We can not deny that the use of gels and acrylics creates fabulous effects on the nails. However, this weakens them greatly, because the procedure involves excessive polishing that ends up weakening the nails, removing important layers and leaving them weak and brittle.

6. Do not use base layers

We have all noticed that after removing our nails we have a tone similar to that of the enamel removed. This is because you are not using a base coat, before applying the enamel. These bases serve to protect the nails of the enamels, and it is also highly recommended to know what is the actual color of our nails, as well we can detect possible diseases.

7. Drowning the nails

With this we do not mean that you do not touch water again, the question is not to go to extremes. However, when we constantly expose our nails to water, they weaken. In addition the enamel lasts very little, because on contact with water it is inflated and falls. Therefore, the recommendation is to use gloves for all household tasks that involve contact with water.

Benefits of dance that will help you improve your health

Benefits of dance that will help you improve your health

Dance is one of the healthiest ways to tryvexan male enhancement keep your body in shape and functioning at its maximum capacity, since there is nothing better to maintain our mental and physical health than to maintain a movement therapy. It is for this reason that in this article we will talk about the benefits of dance.

It should also be noted that these are not only focused on improving the health of your body, but also allow you to feel calm and greatly improve your flexibility, it is for this reason that the dance will allow you to maintain a mentality and body fully under the rhythm of music.

What are the benefits of dance?

Among the advantages of practicing dance we can mention that:

Improve your mood

Promotes the well-being of the body

You can practice it no matter your age

Improve our creativity

It stimulates better breathing

Improves the functioning of the cardiovascular system

Decreases the symptoms of menopause
Advantages of dance for the health of the body

It reduces stress

By practicing dance, your body will begin to release hormones, as well as brain neurotransmitters responsible for decreasing stress and promoting greater energy production. It is for this reason that you will feel with a clearer mind and wanting to continue performing your activities once your therapeutic dance session is over.

Antidepressant effect

One of the benefits of dance that stands out among its advantages, is its antidepressant effect because it releases a greater number of endorphins whose function is to improve mood and reduce pain. This also becomes very beneficial for our body to be able to

have a better immune response since depression can reduce this capacity in the long term. Regardless of the type of dance, this therapy is a perfect way to relax and make your whole body happy.

Better balance

Having a very balanced body, turns out to be one of the most important benefits of dance and this is because the constant movements made during the dance, can improve the balance of your body, which is why you can reduce the falls suffered , in addition to improving body posture and strengthening all the muscles responsible for balance, thus preventing the appearance of very common injuries in people who are exposed to a constant imbalance.

Loses calories

Within the effects of dancing can be mentioned its ability to improve the circulation of the body, this in turn helps to mobilize fat to specific areas of your body, in addition to stimulates the loss of excess calories that is obtained during each meal.

Maximum flexibility

It can also be mentioned that one of the benefits of dance is that you can improve the flexibility of your body especially if you perform this activity several times a week. It can also promote healthier and stronger muscles. This benefit becomes very useful for people who perform exercises because it prevents their muscles from losing mobility, in addition to being a great cardio workout.

Advantages of surfing in summer

Advantages of surfing in summer

Main reasons to discover the passion for stamimax surfing during the summer and live this feeling of freedom that this sport brings.
Advantages of Surfing in Summer

If you live in a beach destination or you are going to spend your summer in a coastal destination, you may have the possibility of attending classes in a surf school to experience the pleasure of a sport that has also won some celebrities. Miguel Ángel Silvestre is one of them. Surfing is a philosophy of life. It is the search for freedom through an experience of sensations in this dance on the waves.

Advantages of surfing

Surfing is an experience of well-being. What are the advantages of this sport?

Improves concentration

One of the risks of the technological era is the tendency towards scattered attention so typical of the current context where constant interruptions also limit intellectual attention. However, surfing is a sport that not only allows you to work your body but also, your mind. That is, this exercise allows you to train intellectual concentration.

Goodbye to stress

The practice of this sport is an experience of sensations that brings a pleasant sensation of well-being. For example, the sensation of the air caressing your skin. Therefore, through surfing you can live an experience of catharsis to release emotional tensions accumulated as a result of work effort and concerns.


From the corporal point of view, surfing is a sport that sets your whole body in motion in the search for balance through the coordination of movements. At this point, there is a direct relationship between intellectual concentration and physical coordination.

Improve the relationship with yourself

It is a sport that allows you to maintain a positive relationship with yourself, encourage introspection and discover yourself in all your potential. That is, your self-esteem increases when you get new challenges. On the other hand, improving your relationship with yourself also increases your relationship with others. That is to say, from this sport you can also meet new friends.

Recommended film: Soul Surfer

The cinema can also give you a dose of inspiration to fall in love with surfing. Although it is a discipline that produces a lower risk of injury from the aquatic context, it is worth remembering that surfing also has its risks. The film SOUL SURFER tells a beautiful story. The story of Bethany Hamilton, the protagonist lived a childhood of love for surfing during her childhood in Hawaii. However, he suffered the attack by a shark when he was 14 years old.

Despite the difficulties, he resumes his passion for surfing and competition. This story can be of inspiration because it conveys the value of overcoming and resilience beyond difficulties.

The cast of the film is integrated by AnnaSophia Robb, Dennis Quaid, Ross Thomas, Lorraine Nicholson, Helen Hunt, Carrie Underwood, Kevin Sorbo and Sonya Balmores. Summer is an opportunity to discover new experiences. Enjoy surfing!

4 benefits of personal training

4 benefits of personal training

With summer right around the corner I testosup xtreme start thinking about shorts, short shirts, dresses and swimsuits.

These thoughts are often enough for someone to step back into the gym.

But how many times have you set new fitness goals for yourself just to lose interest in a couple of weeks?

We all need some help sometimes. As a trainer, I sometimes struggle with the same flow of motivation and feelings of unfulfilled efforts just like an average person going to the gym.

And it is for this reason that I capitalize on the tremendous benefits of working with a personal trainer.

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Personal trainers are not only for stars and athletes. Each person can benefit from working with a coach.

Personal training is truly an investment in one’s own health and well-being.

Let’s take a look at the reasons why all people, including myself, achieve more by working with a personal trainer.

Responsibility and motivation

Coaches are experts in making you responsible. You have a paid and agreed appointment.

Your coach will be there waiting for you with a smile on your face every time you appear. They help you not only to develop your own personalized goals, but also to develop a realistic and achievable plan to meet those goals.

Coaches have the ability to believe in you even when you are feeling at your lowest point and do not believe in yourself.

Develop a routine

Sure, it’s easy to go to the gym and jump to the elliptical machine, but then what?

Coaches are educated in the most effective ways to help you achieve your fitness goals.

They will work with you to develop a routine that makes sense and is realistic for you.

If you have not exercised in months and are just returning to the gym, a coach will not expect you to start a fitness regimen that consists of 60 minute routines 5 days a week.

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A coach will help you discover what makes sense to you to maximize your time in the gym but do not overwhelm you.

They will work with you to develop an exercise routine that will take you on the road to achieve your personal goals.

New perspectives and ideas on health, nutrition and fitness

There is an overwhelming amount of

information on physical conditioning, nutrition and health available.

It is impossible for an average person to have time to navigate through all this information to discover what is most valid, accurate and up to date.

It is the coach’s job to remain at the forefront of health trends and continue your education in order to provide you with the safest and most accurate information in the industry.

Is that new diet really effective? Will I really get a beach body when doing that popular workout? Is it true that I read in the magazine?

These are just some of the questions coaches deal with on a daily basis.

Coaches are able to use their education, knowledge and experience to provide you with tips and tricks to help you develop a healthier lifestyle.

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We are constantly sharing recipes and ways to contend against obstacles in your nutrition such as sweets in the office, or how to handle the menu when you go out to dinner with your friends.

Often coaches are the first to say, Hey, you’ve been complaining about this for a while. Maybe you should see a doctor, a massage therapist, nutritionist, etc.

They see you every day and they are able to recognize if something is different or just not right and they are happy to highlight it and refer you to the appropriate expert.

They care about your health and your well-being, and take care of you nutritionally and physically, along with your health in general.

Solid, consistent and non-judgmental support

Not everyone has the best interest in their mind. However, your coach only cares about you and your success.

Your trainer will be there. Every hour you spend with your coach is an hour to focus on you and only you.

It will provide you with consistent feedback to help you be better and achieve your goals.


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More importantly, the coach is able to do this without making you feel bad or judged.

The coaches do not judge you. They help you see all your successes, big and small, even when you can not see them for yourself.

Through this support, coaches will make you responsible and motivate you, without

How to increase muscle mass: the 6 secrets

How to increase muscle mass: the 6 secrets


If you want to know how to increase primal factor muscle mass quickly, achieving the right size class demands a careful strategy, so gaining muscle mass is not as simple as it seems. Follow the instructions below to start your journey to increase muscle mass in a simple way!

There are 1000000 individuals out there selling their personal exercises online, which makes a good offer if you have a beautiful body, Photoshop, and an Instagram account. You may think that you have to pay some cash to get the scoop on the keys to building muscle mass, and that would be true if you have contacted an online instructor. But not here.

The best plans keep certain fundamental knowledge in the usual and scientific recommendations and do not change, even if you see a high-end celebrity coach. Therefore, we start to discover what has been easily explained that works without having to open your wallet. Your time is best spent in order to capture the way in which each of the following ideas are put into practice.

We have identified the 6 most important variables and training practices, those that are essential for the increase of muscle mass. Firmly root these key concepts, as it will be the basis of all the muscle building and workout you will do from here.

1 Preserve a caloric excess with clean water, foods to increase muscle mass rich in proteins

To lose weight, you only have to eat fewer calories than you burn. Also, in order to gain weight, you force yourself to invert the equation. There are no other options, shortcuts, or things to make you reach your goal if you violate this first point, even if you keep the other 5 closely. You should write this on a rock.

Exercise increases caloric expenditure, so you will have to increase your daily intake. Therefore, keeping track of what you take and burn helps make sure you are close to the brand. A starting point is the use of an online calculator that estimates the total daily energy expenditure. You just have to connect a few pieces of basic information about your size, exercise habits, goals (“Gainz muscle” entry as your goal), and activity level, which estimates the recommended daily number of calories and macros.

Because the numbers are derived all estimates, you will have to track your results in the next 7-10 days, weighing 3-4 different times. “Your goal is to gain 0.5-1.0 percent of your body weight per week,”. Gaining weight faster than this increases the risk of putting a significant amount of body fat. If you are not gaining weight or gain too fast, you will have to adjust your daily caloric intake to make sure you are in a slight daily surplus.

Protein intake is especially important when it comes to size, says fitness coordinator and agent Curtis Bartlett, a fitness athlete with RSP. “I try to protect my supply by taking protein throughout the day, which is supplemented with smoothies between meals or when traveling.”

2 Always build your routine to gain muscle mass around multi-joint movements

The best routines are an important element in common: They are composed of multi-joint movements. These types of exercises are those in which the movement takes place in more than one set of joints (elbows and shoulders when it is bench press, for example). When more than one set of series work in unison, it allows to increase significantly more weight. With the movements of a single joint like leg extensions or crossover cable, you can not use almost the same amount of weight.

In addition to the routines of exercise

In addition to the routines of exercise and the testro t3 practice of a sport, we can also complement our healthy life with some activities that are just as fun and enriching as they are beneficial, among which we can mention:

1. Go for a walk

Nothing like a good walk in our favorite place to clear the mind and keep us entertained while our body is benefiting from a low intensity exercise. Taking the dog for half an hour a day does not require the greatest physical demand and in return gives us a perfect complement to the sports routine.

2. Go swimming

Swimming is a super entertaining exercise and is one of the most complete that exists since it works almost all the muscles of the body while doing cardio. It is an activity that we are recommended to do frequently to people of 50 years or more since there is practically no risk of suffering any type of injury in the water. A perfect activity to get all the juice during the summer.

3. The dance

What can we say? Dancing feeds the soul while it is a hilarious activity to work our coordination, in addition to keeping our senses and body agile as the years progress. We can choose the genre that we like the most to pass the time while we are complementing the exercise routine.

4. Do yoga

Yoga is a therapy that greatly enriches our mind and our spirit. In addition to that, it is still a physical activity that is especially beneficial for elasticity, mobility and strengthening of muscle mass.

We already talked about how important are the benefits for flexibility and its long-term impact, it seems surprising that a person of 50 years or older can still flex the spine to touch the feet, but it is completely possible and disciplines such as yoga or tai chi can you help us with that?

We must take into consideration …

Always keep in mind that our bodies are different and from the age of 50 a special condition or some complication in health that another person may not have, that is why before following any routine or practicing any physical activity, it is essential that we visit a specialist doctor so that he can advise us better and thus avoid possible injuries or other types of problems.

We should never overlook warm-ups before training and we must take into consideration that food and water are essential to maintain good health at any age.

9 Bodybuilding Exercises You’ve Never Done Before

9 Bodybuilding Exercises You’ve Never Done Before

Expand your repertoire of movements testosup xtreme and the size of your muscles with these 9 bodybuilding exercises that you have never done before.

Training in the same way over and over again is not only boring, it can eventually have an impact on your results. To get the best out of your hard work in the gym, you will have to give a new stimulus to your body occasionally, or new angles, or tricks if you are going to stay stagnant all your life. And that’s not what you want, right?

If you change your exercises as often as you paint your house, try adding some variety to your routine with these unique movements that we will show you below.

9 Bodybuilding Exercises You’ve Never Done Before
About movements: This superset has multiarticular and single-joint bodybuilding exercises that require the use of elastic bands, which vary from the movements with traditional weights in the fact that the resistance increases while you raise the weights and decreases again while the casualties. This is especially useful to focus on the highest part of the range of motion, since it puts a much larger load on it than at the end of the movement.

Training tips: Using an elastic band with a range of 20-50 pounds, tenses the band in the lower part of the range of motion, but without producing any additional strength at that point.

Since the weight at the highest point of the lift will be more than the bottom, you will have to reduce the dumbbell proportionally. Tie the band in the middle of the azas so that the load is distributed evenly. The movement may be difficult at the beginning (especially reaching the top), but keep control and use a deliberate movement. Once you reach your repetition goal, release the dumbbells and immediately execute inclined flyes with only the elastic band.

Remember that the load increases as you lift loads, so take each repetition until the full extent becomes the most challenging aspect of this exercise.

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About the movement: The movement is similar to the Romanian deadlift, but the line of movement will come after you and will not be dictated by gravity. Like the Romanian uprising, this is a great exercise for the glutes and upper hamstrings. For some people, the rope would be much easier to grab than a barbell bar when doing the Romanian deadlifts.

Training tips Stay away from the stack, so there is tension even at the bottom position. All the technique that requires performing a Romanian deadlift applies here – keep your knees soft, use your arms as hooks (do not pull the bar with them) and do not arch your back.

You may be able to use a wider range of motion here than with Romanian barbell deadlifts, but do not pass the point at which your back arches. Let the weight tilt you a little while your buttocks move backwards, and return by squeezing your hips forward forcefully.


We leave you with Ana Vico

Emotional intelligence: If you already care zyplex about the body, do it also for your mind
Today we have the pleasure of having Ana Vico from on our blog. Ana is a psychologist, expert in emotional intelligence and creator of the “Domina Tus Emociones” course.

We have invited Ana to tell us a little about the importance of training our emotions and the benefits that you could get, since so many have indicated that this is a topic they want to learn more about.

We leave you with Ana Vico.

Emotional Intelligence, with Ana Vico from BeFullness

You are convinced that what you eat and the exercise you do have an impact on your life. You know, you’ve checked. But what about our mind? Is not it important?

Let me tell you about the emotional intelligence and the benefits it would bring if you are already used to training your body.

For years the concept of emotional intelligence has gained strength, especially in what affects the workplace. Businesses are, in essence, people, so anything that affects how people’s minds work will also affect businesses.

In the US they know the importance of having a healthy emotional intelligence, but not only in companies and in the workplace, but in all people. Coaches have come to stay and many of them do life coaching, which is an improvement of the capacities that individuals have.

And what do they mainly work on? Improving emotional intelligence, exact.

The emotional coefficient (EQ) is becoming more important than the IQ. In fact, many experts believe that the EQ is undoubtedly a better indicator of the success of these people, the quality of relationships and their happiness in general.
The first step you need to take is to recognize and understand your emotions and your thoughts, why you react as you react.

2. Later, when you already know how emotions work, you can manage, control and adapt them, changing your mood, your reactions and responses.

3. When you have that knowledge of yourself and your emotional awareness, you can take advantage of your emotions to motivate yourself to take the appropriate action, to commit yourself and continue working towards the achievement of your marked goals (which translates as self-motivation, so difficult to achieve sometimes).

4. If you know your own emotions, you can detect the feelings of others, understand their emotions, and use all this information to relate to others more effectively, cultivating empathy.

5. Thanks to all this, you can have an emotional intelligence healthy enough to build quality relationships, relate to others in social situations, manage and renegotiate conflicts, and make better decisions about your life. And so live the life you truly deserve!

What benefits does being emotionally intelligent bring you?

The first, you know, improves your physical health:

It improves the ability to take care of our body and, especially, helps us to better manage stress. This has a huge impact on our overall well-being.

Only by being aware of our emotional state (of what we feel and what we think) and our reactions to everyday stimuli can we aspire to manage stress and maintain good health.
Second, it brings mental well-being:

Emotional intelligence affects our attitude and vision of life. In this way, it helps us to alleviate anxiety, avoid depression, be more aware of our mood changes, etc.

It is demonstrated by numerous studies, that a high level of emotional intelligence correlates directly with a positive attitude and happy to see life. And we all want that!
Third, a healthy emotional intelligence will help you have healthy and better relationships:

As we will know our emotions better, we will be better able to communicate our feelings in a more constructive way (what is called assertiveness).

By better communicating what we feel and taking into account the people in front of us, we will avoid conflicts and discussions, which will result in our general well-being.

In addition, we will be able to understand and relate to others: we will understand their needs, feelings, and the responses of our loved ones will lead to satisfying and stronger relationships. This is clearly seen in the relationships of couple and family.
Fifth, emotional intelligence is related to success:

A healthy emotional intelligence helps us to be stronger emotionally and not to fall apart in the face of unexpected events: it gives us flexibility and the ability to pivot.

Can manipulation of leucine intake affect muscle retention?

Can manipulation of leucine intake affect muscle retention?
Determine if lean body mass can be core max ultra conserved using different types and times of protein consumption.

The young male rats first received a high-calorie diet for 5 weeks, then a restricted diet for 3 weeks and a high-protein diet containing casein, whey or a casein / whey mixture (n = 9 per group). These are the only rat protein sources throughout the diet. The food intake was extended for 12 hours, whereas in a previous experiment, the rats consumed their daily food intake within 2 to 3 hours.

Dietary intake was similar in all groups, while energy restriction produced a significant decrease in body weight and body fat. There was no difference between the groups.

The timing of protein intake does not influence the retention of lean mass.

Our comments
Another study shows that fasting seems to be a viable approach (at least for rats).

Nothing is the breakfast of the champions?

Breakfast is often considered essential in any healthy nutrition program. Given this, avoiding breakfast encouraged by intermittent advocates of fasting is one of the most controversial aspects of their diet. We have seen in interviews with Layne Norton and Borge Fagerli, his belief that fasting in the morning can compromise muscle gains. On the other hand, Martin Berkhan has argued eloquently that breakfast is a largely avoided meal, and states that the hormone set, including cortisol and insulin, may predispose to breakfast. Let’s look at some of the research on breakfast consumption, starting with a general description of a recent Finnish study 2012 (3) that explores different models of meals for teenagers.

Research review: is the frequency of lunch and meals related to the likelihood of the metabolic syndrome?
The consumption of lunches and the frequency of meals are related to the risk of obesity, but its relationship with the metabolic syndrome in young people has not been studied.

Three meals were compared the days of the week: 5 meals a day, breakfast included, 4 meals a day, breakfast included and 4 meals a day without breakfast. These meal patterns were examined for association with obesity and metabolic syndrome in Finnish adolescents (n = 6247).

Adolescents who ate five meals a day had a lower risk of obesity, as well as factors related to the metabolic syndrome, such as abdominal obesity and triglyceride levels in the blood.

Adjusting for other factors, the pattern of five meals a day was related to the lower risk of obesity in boys and girls in this study.

Our comments
This study is a little more relevant for our readers since the group studied is closer to most of the students and is more likely to be active than the obese group mentioned in the first study. At first glance, this provides convincing evidence of a diet that promotes the inclusion of breakfast. We should not take this analysis too far, since breakfast consumption also shows a positive correlation with income levels and education, which can also influence the weight and attitudes towards people’s health. In addition, this study was based on self-reported dietary questionnaires that can inevitably lead to inaccuracies. A study published earlier in 2012 (4) echoed the feelings of the Finnish study that also shows a positive correlation between breakfast consumption and increased frequency of meals with a better result of body composition. Again, regarding the Finnish study, we must emphasize that it is not the athletes who are studying, but the overweight adolescents.