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Meeting Junior Corridor

Meeting Junior Corridor
After several attempts, because of us and not of him, we managed to interview Junior Corredor..

We wanted to know a little about his vital force enduromax current life, his future projects and how was his day to day. In less than 10 minutes we managed to give us some good tips. We leave you below the transcribed interview and in the end we leave the video.
Interview with Junior Corredor
How were your beginnings in the Fitness world?
I started in fitness at a very young age, I was going to train but I did it as a hobby. I discovered fitness in the army. What it was to train, what was bodybuilding, through a partner who is dedicated full time. He explained to me that I had to eat, as I had to train.
As of 2009, I got to know the high intensity workouts, what is the crossfit, and from there, I got hooked on that world.
Correcting, Helping colleagues and acquaintances I realized that I liked personal training, to help them achieve their goals and meet their goals.
What project are you currently focusing on?
I work in a gym as a personal trainer. Right now I teach Pilates too. It’s my focus right now but the idea and the future project is to open a crossfit box, Palencia’s first box, which does not exist right now and is what I have in mind so far.
How do you see yourself in about 5 or 10 years?
I see myself competing and leading people to compete at the highest level. I see myself with my brand that is Junior Corredor and with my Crossfit Box. I will dedicate most of my time to the Crossfit that will be called “Destroyer”.
I see myself competing in the regionals of Spain with the box team.
How does Junior Runner train?
Training from Monday to Saturday. I train Altero-philia 4 times a week and the rest of the days one day pilates and the other two days specific upper train training: A little gymnastics and crossfit. But the focus of mine is the alterophilia, right now my objectives are focused on that.
Which supplements do you use or recommend?
I’m not much of a supplement. I am more about dieting and eating well. I do the diet of the area, like 5 times a day. As a lot of protein and control hydrates. I try to eat as little as possible fruits with high glycemic and try to reduce sugar consumption.

How should the cheat meal or cheat meal be done?
The cheat meal should be done in just one meal, once a week. I miss the diet on Sunday. In the morning I do not take care of food so much, I do not weigh the food. I neglected a little, and what I do from Monday to Saturday, Sunday I do not take it into account.
Something you never eat and something that is always part of your diet
Ice cream is something I do not like, it has a lot of sugar. I have it as the enemy of my diet. It’s something personal. From time to time I take a teaspoon but I try not to eat it.
The contribution of protein is something that I never lack. There is always protein in each of my meals.
How is a normal day in Junior’s life?
My day ends at 11 o’clock at night. I get up, I’m a believer and the first thing I do is read the Bible and pray. From there I make breakfast:
A banana smoothie with a touch of cinnamon. An omelet with flour of oats and a vitamin supplement.
That’s when the day starts, I have a client at the first moment. My training depending on the day I do two sessions or do a single workout a day. I usually have between 4 and 5 daily clients. Then I give my pilates classes and in the evening, from 7 to 11, I have some hours in the room where I help people with their training plans.

Do you dare to get going? Add kilometers with me

Do you dare to get going? Add kilometers with me

Do you know that exercising on a regular mass cut pro basis and living a healthy lifestyle reduces the risk of breast cancer by 30%?

Performing at least 30 minutes of daily (moderate) exercise, and leading a healthy lifestyle, along with a balanced diet, reduces the risk of breast cancer by up to 30%, according to the Spanish Society of Medical Oncology.

It is not necessary to wear yourself out day after day in the gym, because with a moderate exercise, but in a continuous way, it is enough.
Regularity matters more than intensity

How does moderate physical activity in your body?

When you move, your body demands more energy (come on, it burns calories). In order to respond to this demand our systems (respiratory, cardiovascular, metabolic …) are put into operation. This means that, in the medium term, our organs improve their functioning and capacity. That is to say: we will find ourselves better, and we will be healthier.

Go ahead and do some activity in a regular way, such as swimming, dancing, running, or even walking.


What is the sports march?

The sporting march consists of walking inside what is called “training zone”, which is between 60% and 70% of your maximum heart rate. Or between 5 and 8 km / hour, if you find it easier to understand.

Is it good for weight loss? Yes, if it is done in a sustained way, in batches of between 30 and 50 minutes, and it is practiced several days a week. To give you an idea, you could burn around 300 calories for every hour you practice.

Any terrain is good: a park, a promenade, a rural road … can be practiced almost anywhere, with any time and with very little investment in material. It has less impact on the body than running, the joints suffer less, but its practice allows you to perfectly develop the muscles of the legs. Also … It’s relaxing

! I love the time to go for a walk, through the countryside, enjoy the sun, the music I carry, and let my mind fly. It is usually where I come up with more ideas to do later in the blog or in the work that is being done.

Phoebe taught us that running in cool company;)

Why did I join the march?

Last year I decided to start running, until I got to 5 kilometers from the tug. Despite my efforts, I was not consistent enough to achieve it. He went out to train for several weeks and got better, but then, for some reason or another, he stopped going out for a while, and when he came back, it was like starting over again.

The march allows me to go at a training pace, but without hurting joints. In addition, it is allowing me to increase both distances and time, without much suffering.

Do you also move?

Exercising is very good, but sometimes you can find yourself unmotivated, not wanting. So I started a game, a small challenge, to make pineapple, and add kilometers together.

I have called it the #hastalaluna Challenge and it is as simple as adding kilometers (walking, cycling or running) month by month, among all those who participate.

The distance to the Moon is too ambitious an objective (384,400 kilometers of ambition, neither more nor less) for a single person. But if we gather many people, it can be made more bearable.

The number of participants we will need to travel the distance to the Moon in a month

There is no limit of people, nor of time. It’s about having fun, and having a goal and motivation to go out and do sports.

I encourage you to join us, and together we travel the distance. And also, that you share it with more people, and encourage them to sign up. Let’s see how far we get!

That is not bad! But I’m sure that together we can overcome that mark;)
Why join the challenge?

Why play sports is much easier if you have a goal and a motivation behind! You can always find support from other people, to take that little push you need to put on your shoes and go for a walk.

If you like running or walking, and you do it regularly: this challenge will be a piece of cake for you. If you do not like it, but you’re always with the should or I have to exercise, it’s your moment.

Move, for you and because you want to take care of your body. Help me add kilometers.

Why do not you share this challenge in networks? #to the moon 😉

What do you need to participate?
The basic equipment is very simple:

Comfortable clothes adapted to the climate: look for breathable garments for the hottest days, and warm for the winter.

The program that will make you the best in any sport

The program that will make you the best in any sport

Stop using your sport as a training and start being the best.

This 4-week program will help you stand bioflex pro out in any activity you love and will make you develop what is necessary to master it.

Very often, people feel like they only have two options when they go to the gym and train: To get as strong as they can, or to focus on their physical goals such as weight loss or muscle building. And if none of those options fits you, then you do not progress or follow.

But what if I told you there is a third option ?: You can train like an athlete.

Unless you’re aiming for a really high level of competition, your first inclination might be to say I’m not an athlete. But in many gyms the mantra applies: Everyone is an athlete.

It does not matter if we are talking about the young child who wants to enter his school team, or the housewife who wants to dominate anything that challenges their day to day, or an 88-year-old grandfather who wants to move and feel better, the mantra is the same.

And you better believe that the warrior on weekends who works all week but lives to practice his beloved sport in free time is an athlete.

Unfortunately, this man or woman trains very rarely as an athlete. They do what they need to do half-heartedly, and treat their sport as if it were an exercise. No more! It is time for the serious amateur to treat himself as something more, here I recommend you to do this four week tour of real athletic training.


Do not worry, I’m not going to run you with a parachute or do impossible things with this program. This is a demanding program designed for an ordinary person to develop in any sport.

We can all be the best in what we like.

How to be the best athlete you can be with three workouts a week

What do athletes need? Not just one thing; An athlete needs lots of physical qualities to be the best. If you only focus on strength, your conditioning and mobility will be your weak point. Your opponents will take advantage of you in the field, ring or track and you will relent for life, asking yourself why you do not feel as good as you see yourself.

On the other hand, if you only focus on the conditioning, you run the risk of being put aside easily. A little more strength and power can be magical ingredients that open the door to a higher level of performance.

Here are the great qualities that I am always pursuing, and that you should be building in this program:

Speed: How fast are you?

Strength: How strong are you?

Power: How fast can you be strong?

Conditioning: How long can you last?

Mobility / Flexibility: How well can you control your body?
The degrees of each one of those may be different in each sport, but lately, each great athlete has those characteristics. But how do you build them? The key is to start with the nervous system first. Each routine you will start with a dose of speed and power work, such as jumps and sprints, to make you as explosive as possible.

The layer that follows is resistance training. You always have to start this part of the session with a composite survey. Strength training has a spill effect, making you faster and more explosive. While you get tired, you will fill the spaces between exercises that help you build a more muscular and resistant body. Eta is a great opportunity to do individual leg work, upper body care work and a heavy dose of torso training.


Finally, do not forget the conditioning. Your goal as an athlete is to be fast and explosive for an extended period of time. In which, we will focus on exercises and movements that train the body’s ability to be explosive and fast and recover quickly, then repeat this again and again.

The high point is this: An athlete needs a complete training program in order to become the best. Fortunately for you, I have a great program that I think you will enjoy. This program is built by someone who wants to be in a better shape and perhaps be able to go out and practice any sport on the weekend.

Let’s get into the program to see how it looks every day. Each of these three trainings are full-body, but each one has something to focus on, and I’ll explain. Recommended for you: Conor McGregor’s training principles

Day 1 Emphasis on the lower part of the body

Power: 5 to 10 yards of running, cash jump

Strength: Russian double weight front squat

Resistance: Chin-up, iron, push up

Conditioning: Sled thrust, plate thrust

4 tips for the prevention of diseases

4 tips for the prevention of diseases (special women’s health)

Health is the most important good cbd gummy bears we have in our life and that is why we must always take care of it with all the means that are within our reach.

The frenetic pace of our daily lives means that we often forget that we have to take precautions to avoid falling ill. That is why in this post we will give you seven simple tips for the prevention of diseases and improvement of health in women. Pay close attention to know how to feel full of energy and vitality.

Do sport three times a week

It is very important that you know which is the discipline that you like most, or that, due to your time availability, you can do it without difficulty.

It does not matter that what you like to practice are sports such as swimming, yoga, zumba or running. What is important is to exercise at least three times a week not only to maintain the level of body fat, but to clear your mind and sleep better at night.

The practice of exercise on a regular basis helps to reduce stress levels getting us in a better mood to face all the tasks we have to perform weekly.

The exercise has to be performed in all stages of women’s lives, from childhood to old age, always depending on our physical conditions. For example, doctors increasingly recommend Pilates classes for pregnant women after having verified the great benefits they provide at the time of delivery and in the newborn baby.

2. Maintain a low-fat and high-vegetable diet

There is no nutritionist in the world who recommends a diet based on foods with a high fat index, since it would always be harmful to our health. In fact more and more studies are aimed at demonstrating how low-fat diets can prevent major problems and even help in the fight against breast cancer.

On the other hand, the consumption of vegetables as well as fruits allows us to provide our body with all the necessary vitamins to feel energized for more time throughout the day.

Apples, pineapple or orange are some of the fruits that give us the most vitality and are very easy to digest.
Sleep at least seven hours a day

The importance of sleeping a minimum of 7 hours every day is often underestimated when we think that with a good coffee we can easily face the day. However, both our body and our mind need that minimum of hours to be able to regenerate our cells and have balanced our nervous system.

Numerous North American studies assure that sleeping a minimum of 7 hours a day allows to avoid the deterioration of our skin, reason why the aging is delayed.

4. Avoid the consumption of alcohol and tobacco

As is logical, the consumption of alcohol and tobacco always has disastrous consequences on our health. These addictive substances damage organs as important as the liver, kidneys or lungs.

If what you want is to feel a higher level of energy or feel relaxed, which is one of the reasons why people consume tobacco or alcohol, the most advisable is to become familiar with teas.

There is a wide variety of teas with effects as diverse as helping us to fall asleep, lose weight or accelerate our activity as red tea.

We hope that our four pieces of advice have been very useful for you and that you begin to pamper your health as much as possible.

Replace the potatoes with the jicama

Wheat grass:

It is a natural by-product that is obtained  nutrigold garcinia cambogia gold from the tender grass of wheat having this higher nutritional value. It is also known in many places as wheat grass because of its penetrating green color and well-formed leaves and defined in subtle contours.

A cocktail ?: Many say that when consumed correctly, people can experience dizziness due to the large amount of nutrients they have. It is a combination of B vitamins, in addition to vitamins C, K, E and H; beta-carotene, omega oils and amino acids. All help maintain digestive function, prevent refriados and monitor the correct evolution of organs.


It is a plant that belongs to the same family where the caraway is, has a flavor reminiscent of licorice and is native to the Mediterranean and cultivated in climates mostly temperate. Although in Europe and America it is used as a condiment in various preparations, in Asian countries it is well regarded as a natural medicine.

Why ?: Because it improves the eyesight and with the extracts of its seed, studies have been carried out that link it with benefits in the treatment of glaucoma and other more subtle conditions. It contains anethole that has antimicrobial properties against bacteria and fungi, so it can be used as an antifungal. It is special for chronic cough, and hypertension, has no fat and helps in resistance against cholesterol. In short, it serves many of the most common problems of our day to day.

Reishi mushroom:

A food that has gained strength in recent years by being included in the diet of many famous people. It is the first fungus on our list, being a food standard in the customs of China thanks to its healing powers that are based basically on a delicate composition that increases the longevity and health of the body.

What is it ?: A plant very low in calories and fat and at the same time very high in proteins, amino acids and minerals such as germanium. It has unsaturated fatty acids and is considered adaptogenic because it helps in the recovery of the body after episodes of stress or physical exhaustion (as in the case of high performance athletes, for example: a marathon). It also balances the cardiovascular system; reduces cholesterol and helps maintain stabilized central nervous system.


It is a very important natural product in the diet of any person, and although it is generally used in infusions to treat respiratory problems such as flu and digestive diseases such as gastritis, it is also true that it is very useful in dozens of other conditions.

Apart from the treatment of influenza, what help ?: It is believed that generates a stimulation in the pancreas, which results in a greater proliferation of digestive enzymes that prevent flatulence, gas and bloating. It also takes care of the intestinal flora and works as an antibiotic to fight bacteria in the stomach tract. But it is also recommended before a trip because it helps control dizziness; also vomiting during pregnancy; the side effects of chemotherapy; Bad breath and diarrhea.


Although it is a somewhat insipid tuber, it is considered the 21st century potato thanks to its mixture of nutrients beneficial to the human body. It is a root similar to the one already mentioned that takes between 6 and 9 months to grow and is typical more than all of warm environments. It has a thick skin with a white interior very desirable for the subtle sweetness.
Replace the potatoes with the jicama: If you replace it, you will get benefits in the digestion as it is full of excellent fiber for the immune system. It strengthens bones thanks to its content in minerals such as copper, magnesium and manganese. It is also indicated in the loss of weight due to its good fiber content, also providing the feeling of fullness. On the other hand, it manages the adequate development of the immune system since it gives 40% of the daily dose indicated in terms of vitamin C.

More benefits of arginine

More benefits of arginine

Other advantages of consuming this vitalife hemp amino acid, apart from keeping the body healthy, is that it also serves to curb the effects of age. It also promotes circulation. This results in less chance of suffering a heart attack.

It also helps to overcome erectile dysfunction, activate the immune system and prevent the acidity of the stomach.

This substance is not only beneficial for the health of the body, it is also key in sports nutrition. Its use is becoming increasingly popular worldwide for several reasons.

For athletes, arginine is good because it speeds up the healing process and heals damaged tissues. It helps lower blood pressure and collaborates with the kidneys in their function of metabolic waste. These effects are what most interest athletes.

Side effects of arginine

Although arginine is a natural substance, if it is ingested as a supplement it can cause the increase of some effects in the body. This substance contributes to the resistance of athletes through increased blood flow. However, this amino acid can not be abused.

Arginine is related to the hormone that allows us to grow, so people ingest it to delay aging or, in the case of athletes, develop more muscles and regenerate the body after practicing a lot of physical activity. But the excess of this protein and in turn of the growth hormone can affect organs such as the pancreas.

Ingesting this amino acid through supplements can create the habit of the body decreasing the production of this substance, which will block the body’s natural process and delay development.

Arginine also accelerates blood activity so it is not recommended to consume it (through supplements) in patients with certain diseases or who suffer from any kidney disease, nor in patients with tumors. Ingesting arginine can cause viruses that have attacked the body to reactivate.

We recommend you always visit the doctor before including any substance in your diet or changing your nutrition habits.

Protects the health of the heart

Protects the health of the heart

A study published by the Sun Yat-Sen University daily choice hemp oil of Medical Sciences in Guangzhou, China, on the benefits of black rice revealed that its consumption is capable of decreasing the formation of atherosclerotic plaques in the arteries. This is essential to prevent heart attacks and strokes because it keeps arteries free of any component that prevents proper circulation.

On the other hand, a study done by the USCLA School of Medicine in Los Angeles mentioned that anthocyanins present in black rice can help maintain healthy cholesterol levels. This is due to its ability to reduce LDL or bad cholesterol, triglycerides and total cholesterol. Being these three factors that are very linked to the onset of cardiovascular diseases.

Helps to detoxify the body

The University of Medical Sciences in Guangzhou, China announced how the consumption of black rice can help detoxify the body, in addition to cleaning the liver of any toxic component due to its antioxidant content.

This study that was done on animals showed how rabbits that were fed black rice show a lower level of oxidative stress or also known as damage caused by free radicals. Also, a higher level of antioxidants in the blood, a cleaner liver and the reduction of plaques in the arteries could be noticed.

Being important the consumption of nutrients that are in black rice to reduce inflammation and cleanse the body of harmful substances that can contribute to the emergence of a large number of diseases.

It has a high fiber content that improves digestion

One of the benefits of black rice being a whole grain is that it retains its fiber content. Being fiber an essential nutrient to prevent constipation, swelling and other problems caused by poor digestion. Likewise, fiber binds to the waste and toxins that we have in the digestive tract in order to help us expel them and contribute to regular intestinal function.

The dietary fiber found in this food can also help us to have a feeling of satisfaction for a longer time between meals. This becomes essential for those people who want to lose weight.

On the other hand are many studies that have discovered how a diet rich in fiber helps fight obesity, in addition to preventing diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular problems and digestive disorders such as irritable bowel syndrome. This is mainly due to the fact that fiber has one of its functions to cleanse the body of toxins and help at the same time by reducing inflammation, cleaning the arteries and eliminating waste from the body.

It’s a gluten-free grain

Another benefit of black rice being a whole grain is that it does not contain gluten. This substance is a protein that we can find in products made with wheat, rye and barley. It is estimated that one out of every 7 people could suffer from sensitivity to gluten, regardless of whether they are aware of it or not, as well as being negative in the test performed to discover celiac diseases.

Generally those people who suffer from gluten sensitivity may suffer symptoms very similar to those produced by celiac disease including constipation, diarrhea, bloating, nutrient deficiency and other stomach discomforts. Being recommended for these people consume black rice instead of refined grains and processed flour. However, it is also recommended to stop consuming barley, rye and wheat.

Very useful to combat diabetes and prevent obesity

One of the factors that should be taken into account by anyone suffering from prediabetes, diabetes and other metabolic syndrome diseases, is that their diet should be made up of whole grains instead of processed grains and that they lack fiber.

This is also essential for people who want to lose weight since the fiber and other nutrients that whole grains possess like black rice is that they avoid excessive consumption of food, as it promotes a feeling of fullness.

A study has done in Japan by several entities unveiled how whole grain rice may even prevent insulin resistance, which is related to an increased risk of obesity.

How to prepare black rice

This food comes from the same family as other types of rice and includes varieties such as Thai and Indonesian. However, the benefits of black rice are similar regardless of the variety. Likewise, its flavor is very similar to that of brown rice.

Mental exercise routine

Bruce went beyond traditional techniques, titanax and thought that classical styles were too mechanized and limited, something that did not allow progress and closed the possibility of progress.

That is why he created this system, something varied that did not focus on the same style. Not opting for a unique style allows a much greater freedom of movement and thought.

“I do not teach karate because I do not believe in styles, I do not think there is a Chinese style of fighting or a Japanese style of fighting or any other country … there should be humans with three arms or four legs so that there is another style fighting.

If there are no other human beings on earth with a structure different from ours, there are no other fighting styles and because I say that, because we have two arms and two legs, the important thing is how to use them to get the most out of it …

With the arms you can follow a straight line, a curved line, draw circles, you can give slow blows but sometimes they do not seem so slow, with the legs the same thing happens, up and down … And after all that, you ask yourself same as you can sincerely express yourself at every moment “- Bruce Lee.

The Jeet Kune Do is an idea and not a system

. Avoid ignorance and help search for oneself, adapting the way of doing things to their own being, alternating everything and not limiting anything, allowing progress and evolution, offering personal freedom freedom. According to Lee, “the art of Jeet Kune Do is simply simplifying …”.

The most effective, always, is to investigate in our own experiences to truly understand what works best.

Adapt a training routine, do not copy it. Learn about nutrition, but ask yourself some fundamentals.

This system involves eliminating the negative, what does not work. There are no better or worse exercises, nor better or worse ways to train.

Help yourself by eliminating what does not serve you, get rid of it. Do not specialize in anything, but do not try to cover everything either.

Do not look for the easy way, do not cheat or ignore unique revolutionary methods that focus on the same technique.

Look for the simple, do not do complex things or that are fashionable. Find the natural movement and escape from the systematized.

The direct and simple usually works, being unnecessary to enter into difficulties that only serve to make something more showy and spectacular.

“The musculature that Bruce Lee reached is the result of a training with a functional purpose. The fact that it also looks impressive is simply a secondary benefit.

To contrast what has been said, it must be said that the muscles that are developed only for the purpose of appearance are not usually functional, since, in addition to training, they also require maintenance.

So, unless your goal in life is to lift heavy loads – for sets and repetitions – and then make postures, I think it would be better to invest the necessary time in doing and not training to show “- John Little.

Mental exercise routine

Each day he performed a routine of mental and physical exercises to free both his body and his spirit, which were the pyramid of his lifestyle.
Recently, annotations that came to light in the media were recovered. Notes with thoughts that motivate and give off a huge positivity:

Willpower: “recognize that willpower is the supreme court of all departments of the mind. I will exercise it every day, when I urge an action with purpose; and I’ll make it a habit designed to turn the power of my will into action at least once a day. ”

Emotion: “to realize my positive and negative emotions and to form the daily habit of promoting the development of POSITIVE EMOTIONS, and to help me turn negatives into some positive use”.

Reason: “Recognize that my positive and negative emotions could be dangerous if they are not controlled and guided by a desired goal, I will put all my desires, my goals and purposes under the faculties of reason, and will be guided by it by expressing everything this”.

Imagination: “recognize the need to say my plans and my ideas to obtain my wishes, I will develop my imagination by appealing to her to help me in the formation of my plans”.

Memory: “Recognize the value of an alert memory, I will encourage mine to be alert, worrying about clearly printing all the thoughts and desires to remember, and associating those thoughts with the related objectives, which I will bring to my mind frequently”.

Subconscious: “To recognize the power of my subconscious over my will, I must present a definitive image of a MAIN PURPOSE in life and of all the minor purposes that lead to the greater purpose, and I must maintain this image CONSTANTLY before my subconscious and REPEAT IT DAILY” .

Should you stop eating to lose weight?

Should you stop eating to lose weight?

Many people think that stopping eating adrena thrive is the best solution to the daily weight problems that present themselves, however it is not the only solution to this problem that affects more than half of the population in the world. It is proven that stopping eating will only result in an energy imbalance that produces fatigue, anxiety and fatigue that can lead to fits of anger and irritable mood.

When wanting to lose body fat, we only worry about the amount of calories that are ingested daily, but when we stop eating we are losing water and muscle mass, since the fat continues to be lodged in our body so the weight loss is not real . This effect occurs very clearly in the known miraculous diets whose duration is between 4 to 5 days, and that usually trigger in the famous rebound effect in which the kilos before the diet are recovered again.

It is very important to maintain a balanced diet if what we are looking for is to lose weight effectively, which does not imply that it is fast since each body has its own rhythm. This food routine must include at least 5 meals in lapses no greater than 3 to 4 hours in each one; they must not exceed the daily caloric intake.

You should start the day with a good breakfast rich in fiber and carbohydrates, which will progressively reduce the anxiety of consumption of these items when we fast in long periods of time. Lunch should be accompanied by various grains and vegetables, while at dinner you can consume proteins and vegetables.

Remember that the pace of life of people today, requires a very high energy expenditure so that stop eating, affect performance in everyday activities. Follow the practical tips described above and you will achieve optimal results at an appropriate time.

Palm oil how harmful palm oil

Palm oil
Lately we are hearing how harmful palm oil is, today I optimal choice hemp oil would like us to touch on the subject. The problem of the situation is that it  is found in many products or in most of them and, what is more alarming, is that we also find it in children’s products.

We will talk today about the

effects on our health, but what I would ask from here is that you read the small labels of the products you buy. That you try to make your own biscuits, cookies, breads and that everything that you carry does not buy it! It is worth investing a little more in fresh, organic foods than having to invest in medicines. Invest more time in the kitchen for yours and yours, proclaim a war to the food industry to the brands that use this oil that are making us sick every day and little by little. NO PALM OIL.

But how does it make us sick? Lets go see it:

Palm oil is a rich source of saturated fats (50% versus 15% on average containing other oils), which makes it a danger to the arteries and the heart.

However, even more alarming are the findings that associate palm oil with cancer, such as the report of the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) published in May 2016, in which it warns that “the reduced consumption of palm oil, even if it is reduced, is dangerous for children and frequent consumption endangers the health of everyone”.

According to the investigation, which was one of the most considerable blows to the image of this product, in the refining process palm oil is subjected to temperatures of 200ºC to ensure that it lacks flavor and odor. However, it releases carcinogenic substances that are even capable of altering the DNA.

The experts of this European official body considered that “there is sufficient evidence that glycidyl is genotoxic and carcinogenic, so that a minimum level of safe consumption has not been set.