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Properties of tea and a little history

The properties of tea are tied to its history. derma luminous The tea ignores borders and today reveals its true nature: universality. The birth of tea took place in China in the third millennium BC, and its universality arose essentially from the encounter of two civilizations, two worlds, East and West, which were too often ignored. The tea was, in some way, a privileged interpreter.
Since its diffusion to the rest of the world in 1601, tea aroused a great interest in its healing virtues. And it was with the foundation in France of the Brotherhood of the Tea Masters by Jean and Jaques Jumeau-Lafondwhen you had a deeper knowledge of this legendary drink.

The mythical inventor of tea was the Emperor Shen-Nong, and over the millennia tea has created many fashions in the way of tea, not only in China but also in Japan and Korea. The oldest one dates back to the T’ang dynasty

The tea was consumed as a ball softened by heat and then sprayed between two sheets of paper. When the water began to boil, salt was added, and at the first boil, the tea and, finally, a small bowl of cold water.

The second way is that of the Songs (960-1279): tea then loses its “solid” appearance to be consumed in the form of green powder that becomes foam by beating it; is that “jade foam” that, even today, is the center of the Japanese Cha No Yu ceremony. Later, when the Ming took power, they only knew the tea in infusion; and it was precisely this tea that the Westerners discovered and adopted, and with it their many properties.

Action on the cardiovascular system

Among the properties of tea is improving circulation. The heart rate accelerates slightly, as does the amplitude of cardiac contractions. Through the nervous system, the tein containing the tea acts directly on the myocardium. This causes an increase of the tension, which produces in the person a compensation: a very slight peripheral vasodilation, as well as a coronary dilatation, which improves circulation. centers are stimulated when tea is consumed, and lung capacity is increased.

Effect on the muscular system

Some research has shown that the tea contained in tea improves muscle activity and accuracy in body movements in athletes.

It has minerals

Tea contains various minerals among its components, although the amount varies between them. The copper and iron help combat anemia, although the amount contained in a cup is not high. It also has potassium (very good for removing liquids), nickel and silicon (fantastic for the skin). In addition to magnesium, zinc, phosphorus and calcium. the sodiumis presented in a small amount, so it is a drink recommended for obese people or with edema. And as for fluoride is what makes tea an excellent drink, since it protects the teeth and gums.

Healthy nutrition in the elderly

When reaching the third age, a series slim ultra forskolin of changes are experienced that, together with the decrease of the physical activity and the illnesses proper of this stage, must give way to a change in the habits of feeding. In fact, did you know that the energy demands to perform the essential functions (such as breathing, pumping blood from the heart, thinking and walking) decrease by 5% with every decade that passes? bone density are markedly reduced, sensitivity is lost and digestion is slower and more difficult. If the person maintains the same eating habits, it is probable that he gains weight, begins to suffer digestive problems and appear other disorders of metabolic nature. That is why, when reaching the third age, it is necessary to make some changes in the diet.

Make at least three meals a day . Balancing nutrient intake throughout the day is critical to maintaining a healthy diet when you get older. This also stimulates the appetite. In fact, it has been shown that older adults who eat three or more meals a day assimilate more nutrients and have better nutrition than do only two meals.

Choose healthy foods rich in vitamins and minerals. Nutrition needs in the third age are different from the rest of the stages of life because, as the age advances, the energy demands and the nutrient absorption decrease. In addition, hormonal changes cause nutritional deficiencies to come to light as levels of vitamins and minerals, especially calcium and vitamins C and D, decrease. This means that although the elderly need fewer daily calories, they should increase their intake of vitamins and minerals. foods rich in vitamins and minerals. Therefore, it is advisable to bet on a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, and natural juices.
Balances the amount of protein, fat and carbohydrates. During the third age there are important hormonal and physical changes, which affect the digestive functioning: the denture is damaged, the production of saliva and gastric acids is reduced, the digestion slows down and the assimilation of nutrients is poorer. This leads to many older people removing some foods from their diet, such as meats and carbohydrates such as biscuits, breads and pastas, which are more difficult to digest. However, in the third age it is also important to maintain a balance of nutrients, which involves including 25% of unsaturated fats, 20% of proteins and 55% of carbohydrates. Therefore, the solution is not to eliminate food groups but to consume them in a different way that is easier to digest.
Avoid precooked foods and fast foods. One of the worst mistakes in nutrition that can be made in the elderly is betting on the frequent consumption of fast food and pre-cooked foods. In fact, it is a quite common habit in the elderly living alone. However, these products are rich in saturated fats, salt and refined sugars, which are very harmful to health. That’s why experts recommend avoiding them, and instead include home-cooked foods. One trick to avoid laziness is to cook food for several days, and store food in the refrigerator.
Drink plenty of water. With aging there are some changes in electrolyte balance and the water content in the body usually decreases. As a result, the elderly dehydrate more easily than adults and young people, although the symptoms are more difficult to detect. Therefore, it is important to maintain adequate hydration, resorting preferably to natural water, although beverages such as natural juices, milk, tea and yogurt are also recommended.

Guide to Abnormal and Constant Vaginal Flow

Most of the time, abnormal vaginal hdt male enhancement discharge is triggered by candidiasis, bacterial vaginosis or more serious conditions such as sexually transmitted diseases . The first thing to do if you have abnormal vaginal discharge is to try to identify the cause, paying attention to other physical symptoms that you experience. The following guide teaches you everything you need to know about abnormal and constant flow.

1. Abnormal white flow. When you have a constant and abnormal flow of whitish color , there is a high probability that you have a yeast infection or candidiasis.This infection occurs when the balance between bacteria and yeasts of the vaginal bacterial flora is disturbed, causing an overgrowth of yeast Candida albicans. The result is a thick white discharge, itching, swelling and redness of the vagina, burning when urinating and pain during intercourse. The amount of flow is typically more abundant than normal and you may experience some vaginal discomfort due to the constant feeling of moisture, itching and burning.

Sometimes the vaginal discharge may be slightly yellow, especially when time has passed since the last cleaning. This infection is typical during pregnancy, since the hormonal changes can alter the aforementioned balance. If you are pregnant and you notice abnormal flow, seek medical help right away to get a complete vaginal exam.

2. Abnormal yellow flow. Some women experience yellow vaginal dischargeconstant as part of the self-cleaning system of your vagina. But if you feel itching, swelling or other symptoms similar to a yeast infection, you are likely to be suffering from bacterial vaginosis. This type of infection occurs when the balance between friendly bacteria and harmful bacteria in the vaginal flora is disturbed. Common symptoms include yellow or cloudy discharge and a strong fishy odor. The smell tends to be significantly more noticeable after intercourse.

Another possible cause of yellow discharge is the presence of a foreign object inside the vaginal canal, ie a forgotten buffer or condom. In addition to changing the vaginal environment, foreign objects that are not removed in time may decompose after about one or two weeks, resulting in abnormal flow that tends to be yellowish.

If you have recently had unprotected sex with a new partner, it is also possible that you have contracted a sexually transmitted disease such as gonorrhea, trichomoniasis, or chlamydia, which cause abnormal yellowish flow, thick or very creamy consistency similar to cottage cheese . They also cause itching, redness and inflammation of the vagina, along with bad smell, burning when urinating, pain during intercourse and spotting between periods.

3. Green flow. The green flow is caused in most cases by trichomoniasis or gonorrhea. The secretion tends to be thin and watery, with a fishy odor that can be easily noticed. Spotting between periods, pain during intercourse, vulvitis ( swelling and redness of the vulva), itching and burning while urinating are other common symptoms of STDs.

Sometimes these infections can be contracted by exposing the genital area to infected surfaces or intimate clothing. But usually contagion occurs through risky sexual intercourse.

4. Abnormal brown flow. Before proceeding to self-diagnose the problem, it identifies when the brown discharge occurs . It is normal for the cervical mucus to turn brown during the last day of the period, because the vagina expels traces of blood along with normal fluids. The flow will gradually become lighter until it becomes completely whitish.

In the case of pregnant women, brown flow can occur as a result of implantation bleeding, which occurs when the fertilized egg attaches to the inner wall of the uterus. This can last from a few minutes to 1 or 2 days, and is sometimes accompanied by low abdominal pain, similar to menstrual cramps.

Get your skin back after the holidays

The parties we’ve been through have final skin advanced been full of events , dinners, meals, parties until the wee hours; sometimes we even drink some more of the count and the hangover also affects our skin and by this time of the new year will come very well some extra pampering.
After a night of partying, your body asks for water, food and especially rest . And your skin , even if you do not notice it, also needs specific care. Lack of rest, excessive alcohol, poor diet, tobacco … are poisons for your skin and chain after party after party invoice .
The most visible result is a dull complexion, without light, dark circles and bags in the eyes, dilated pores and even premature wrinkles. That’s why, just as your body needs rest to recover, your skin will be a cure for beauty. Where do we start?

The cleaning of the skin is essential, if you do not properly remove the dirt, it accumulates in the pores that, when obstructed , do not allow the oxygen necessary for the oxygenation of the dermis . The normal thing on party nights is bad makeup or even make-up, so the next day, clean your skin well, with the help of some facial brush and make-up products.

In addition, after a night of pleasure your skin will appreciate an exfoliation, to eliminate the dead cells and give back the luminosity. The colophon to this beauty ritual is a mask . With perfectly clean skin, extend your mask and relax for 10-15 minutes. Masks are true cures for complexion. If your problem is dark circles and eye bags , use specific products for that area.

Facial massage for eye contour: anti-wrinkle and anti-eyeliner

Facial exercises are key in preventing aphroditera cream the premature aging of the skin of the face, in addition we will make it look much more smooth and beautiful . They are very simple and we can do them at any time of the day, yes, periodically if we want the results are promised.

Many women want to look always radiant and attractive.

If we add to this the advances in female aesthetic surgery , we find endless possibilities.

Within these, we find one of the most popular surgeries at the moment, the one of the intimate zone, and in particular, the labioplasty.

This surgery is recommended for those women who, for various reasons, have asymmetric or very large lower lips, distorting the aesthetics of the genital area.

After analyzing your particular case, it will show you the available alternatives and recommend the most recommended surgical technique according to your anatomy.

Labioplasty consists of carefully removing excess lip tissue leaving a suitable size and aesthetics.

Luckily there are very professional clinics that advise you correctly on the steps you have to take.

3 simple and tasty lemon drinks to improve your skin and your health

The best beauty product you can youthful genesis system ever have at your reach is water ; ingest 2 liters of water between natural water and other fluids per day.

There is another thing commonly around you that can make them a product of beauty : lemon . In this entry dare you to discover the many possibilities that there is to introduce to the lemon to your routine of daily beauty to feel and to see you better.

Lemon is a very accessible fruit, with large amounts of Vitamin C (or ascorbic acid) and citric acid. Thevitamin C is essential for human metabolism , helps the connective tissue to grow and repair better, leaving the skin smoother and promoting wound healing , is a factor in the production of collagen and fat metabolization . The citric acid is a natural cleanser agent which acts as an antioxidant .

Starting the day with a glass of water is a great idea and if we add lemon we have the ideal complement to improve digestion , clean your body (especially the liver ) and balance your pH, in addition to the benefits we talked about.

Now, I have 3 recipes for you and you can take the one that suits you , I choose depending on the amount of time you have in the morning.

There is a big debate as to whether the water should be cold or hot , so I will leave that to your own taste.

Drench morning desintoxicante with lemon


improve your health with lemon


1/2 cup of warm purified water

1 small lemon (or 2 tablespoons lemon juice )

1 teaspoon honey

The tip of a spoon of ground cinnamon

In the warm water we will squeeze the lemon, add honey, cinnamon and stir . In order for the honey to dissolve the water must be warm, you can take the warm drink or wait for it to cool. Honey will not only give you a rich flavor (it generally tastes very nice ), it will also give you energy and cinnamon helps you lower bad cholesterol .

Lemon drink day and night


1 glass of water

1 large lemon or 3 small lemons

Lemon slices (optional)

This is much simpler , just squeeze the juice of the lemons in the water, add the slices and enjoy. You can add ice and sugar or stevia , make it a minimum amount . You can take it in the morning on an empty stomach or at night before bed if you feel too heavy in the stomach or ate lots of food with oil .

It lowers blood cholesterol. Restores vitality and sexual ability.

As we have seen in previous articles, hdt male enhancement sesame or sesame, restores sexual vitality and ability in the couple (both are benefited). Sesame is a plant grown since ancient times in India, China, Egypt, Greece. Its seeds were much appreciated as a seasoning and as an exquisite and energetic food. It is still popular in Eastern countries, and has been much promoted in the West, where it is ingested as a horchata-like beverage, taken by women, to promote milk secretion when breastfeeding. Other properties in which it stands out, is in lowering blood cholesterol., Arteriosclerosis; prevention of myocardial infarction and arterial thrombosis. The lecithin it contains, facilitates the dissolution of fats and keeps the lipids dissolved in general, especially cholesterol, thus avoiding its deposition in the arterial walls (arteriosclerosis). It is, of all plants, the highest in calcium and other minerals such as phosphorus.

Gonorrhea is caused by a bacteria called Neisseria gonorrhoeae. If the infection is not treated, it can cause pelvic inflammatory disease, which can be painful, and can damage the fallopian tubes. This can lead to infertility or an increased risk of ectopic pregnancy.

This is another condition that may be present without symptoms. When symptoms occur, you may experience abnormal bleeding, vaginal discharge, a burning sensation when urinating, and irritation of the genital area. Men may experience penile discharge and pain upon urination, and possible swelling or redness of the genital organs.
Both chlamydia and gonorrhea are serious health threats and should be treated with antibiotics prescribed by your doctor. Anti-fungal treatments designed for fungal infections will not help!
Urinary tract infections.

A urinary tract infection is caused by bacteria that infect the urethra (the tube from which the urine leaves). A urinary infection hurts, with pain or burning when you urinate. There may also be blood or mucus in the urine (but not always); you may have to “go” often; and you may feel pressure in the lower back or abdomen. You may feel fever or hot flashes, but this does not always happen.
A urinary tract infection is a serious illness. If left untreated it can cause kidney damage. If symptoms occur, seek medical advice.
When can bacterial infections be serious?
If you experience vaginal discharge and / or fever, chills, nausea, vomiting or abdominal pain, you may be experiencing symptoms of a serious problem, such as kidney infection, appendicitis or pelvic inflammatory disease. If you have any of these symptoms, you should see a doctor or urgent care center as soon as possible.


Did you know that there are more and alpha burst test more young men with erectile dysfunction? I mean guys under the age of 40 , guys who mostly can do away with this problem, since it is usually for psychological reasons.

By entering a bit in matter, to clarify a little about what constitutes erectile dysfunction … I explain: the mechanism of erection, like many other mechanisms of the human body, begins in the brain. The brain receives a signal in response to various sexual stimuli (touch strokes, visuals, smells, sounds …). These signals are sent by the brain to the nervous system and through the nerve fibers are connected to the penis. Then the circulatory system intervenes , since the signals of relaxation cause the blood vessels that surround the penis to be filled with blood producing the erection … in other words, the surrounding muscles control the flow of blood and relax, the penis gets full generating erection.

Thusany reason that prevents blood from flowing normally can cause this dysfunction.

I find it a little disturbing to observe how this problem has increased in the population, especially as I said in young people.

Causes of erectile dysfunction in young people

On the one hand, it is common to find psychological causes, such as:

lack of self-confidence , excessive pressure at work, stress, poor habits of life, lack of self-esteem, anxiety, depression, fear of rejection by the couple …, various fears as you see, that can lead to a feeling of rejection until you get to avoid sex directly. Sex in these cases goes from being a pleasant act to becoming a real problem.

On the other hand there may be physiological causes , among which are all diseases that have to do with blood circulation; cholesterol, blood pressure, thyroid, diabetes

, consumption of toxics such as alcohol, tobacco, kidney failure, multiple sclerosis …, the consumption of some drugs can also cause erectile dysfunction; antidepressants, some used for sleeping, for ulcers, even drugs for cholesterol among others. It is important to note that in all these cases where you are taking medication, and you notice that you start having a problem with your erection, consult your doctor before modifying your medication.

For the treatment of erectile dysfunction, there are specific drugs that doctors prescribe to the patient whenever they deem it necessary. The only thing is that they usually have some side effects, so more and more people turn to natural treatment solutions or adviceand habits of habit that can help both prevent and improve this problem.-
Tips for day to day

Try to rest more and better , if necessary sign up for relaxation techniques like yoga or meditation that are gaining more followers at times.

It is very important to exercise constantly, if it is much better every day, in order to improve the blood circulation throughout the body at all times. In addition, the mood improves and in a short time it is easy for the person to feel more attractive and therefore improve their self-confidence.

It is a key moment to demonstrate trust in the couple and to be able to speak openly about it. It is advisable to implement other types of preliminaries,or lengthen them over time, new ideas or erotic games to increase the desire and it is easier for relaxation to occur in the area and the consequent erection in a natural way.

At the food level it is advised to eat healthier , it has been observed that low levels of vitamin B12 for a long time, can cause erectile dysfunction. Avoiding smoking or drinking alcohol, for example, would also be important.

If you are overweight , you should reduce it , since the chances of having a vascular disease or diabetes are increased and both can contribute to the dysfunction.

Exercises to strengthen the pelvic area are interesting because it will improve the performance of the muscles in that area to prevent blood inside the penis to lose pressure during sex.

Last but not least, there are new and not-so-new natural herbal remedies every day, many of which have scientifically demonstrated their effects at different levels.
Some Natural Aids

> Korean Red Ginseng , known as the root of life, among all its many virtues, would emphasize at the moment that it canimprove sex life and reduce stress while improving physical performance.

> Maca is perfect for increasing sexual desire in both men and women, as well as improving fertility.

> The Tríbulus Terrestris , also known traditionally as viagra vegetal , I believe that with this name does not have to explain much more .. also improves the libido and is also for both sexes.

Other plants used in food such as garlic, watermelon or pomegranate, also contribute in their way to improve the quality of life in this type of problem.

In short, take into account that erectile dysfunction in young men can be remedied in 100% of cases. So, there is no reason to be pessimistic and yes put the cards on the table and find the best solutio

Bacterial Vaginosis Vs. Trichomoniasis

There are three main types of vaginal erectopeak male enhancement infections that are commonly encountered by women: bacterial vaginosis (not precisely an infection), fungal infections and trichomoniasis (trichomoniasis). All three exhibit similar symptoms, particularly vaginal itching, burning sensation and pain in the vaginal region. Usually these symptoms will be accompanied by abnormal vaginal discharge, although each has its characteristic vaginal discharge that can serve as a differentiating factor. Bacterial vaginosis and trichomoniasis are almost always confused. Let’s see more information to know how to differentiate them.

Bacterial vaginosis mainly affects women of childbearing age, while trichomoniasis can affect both men and women. Trichomoniasis is a sexually transmitted disease caused by a microscopic parasite that can live and multiply in the vaginal area. Men usually do not experience any symptoms, but can transmit the disease to the woman during sexual contact. Some men may experience symptoms such as itching and burning. This parasite does not survive in the mouth.

Similar to bacterial vaginosis, trichomoniasis also occurs with a foul-smelling vaginal discharge like fish, but the flow of a person with trichomoniasis is frothy and can range from yellow to grayish green in color, however the vaginal discharge in vaginosis is commonly of a cloudy white color. Treatment is usually the same for both conditions, usually with the antibiotic metronidazole.

Complications of bacterial vaginosis and trichomoniasis

If left untreated, both vaginosis and trichomoniasis can have harmful effects on women’s health. Both can lead to serious complications such as pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) and can cause complications in pregnancy, such as preterm delivery. They also leave women at greater risk of contracting other sexually transmitted diseases, such as HIV. Both the woman and her partner should be treated once one of these is diagnosed, to avoid further spread of the infection.

It is recommended to seek medical attention once the symptoms of any type of vaginal infection are noticed. This is very important because as we have seen, sometimes the symptoms are similar and we should not assume a diagnosis on our own. It is better to go to the doctor in time to lament later only because we are too shy or embarrassed to talk about the symptoms we have. If you have trichomoniasis, do not despair. Of all STDs, this is one of the most curable.

Why you should avoid carbohydrates at bedtime

FILL THE FIBER. Fiber, like protein and zmax male enhancement fat helps you feel satisfied, takes longer to digest and reduces the absorption of sugar into the bloodstream. It also helps maintain digestive health and reduce cholesterol. The daily recommendation is about 25 grams of fiber. Eating lots of vegetables will help you get there. Other high fiber foods are apples, beans and nuts. Cereals like oats (steel cut is better) and quinoa are also good.

AVOID ALCOHOL. Reducing or completely eliminating alcohol is one of the most effective ways to lose weight and improve your blood sugar. Think: beer has one of the highest blood sugar values ​​of a drink: sugar alcohol with double injection of several carbohydrates. Wine is also very rich in carbohydrates. Having one or two glasses of wine a few nights a week is usually not a problem, however, you may need to change their habits once you understand their personal health indicators. For example, one of my patients liked two or three glasses of red wine every night and did not want to give up alcohol. It does not matter how much Sam P. does in all other areas-their nutrition, their wine intermingling-contributed to his diabetic state, partly because of their metabolic profile. Once he decided to reduce and finally stop drinking wine altogether, the carbohydrate metabolism was excellent. When I asked if it was difficult to go without wine, Sam laughed and said. “Not at all what I like the way I feel the wine rather strange. He could do more at work and play harder. He felt stronger. More importantly, diabetes is no longer its inevitable destination.

KEEP AN EYE ON THE INDEX. I am talking about the glycemic index (GI), one of the best tools for fighting diabetes (and losing weight). This measurement indicates how a typical portion of a particular food item will increase your blood sugar level. The GI scale is from 0 to 100. I recommend that patients to choose foods with low glycemic index or GI less than 45 years of age. The higher the glycemic index of a food, fast food is absorbed into the body and higher your blood sugar level. Eating small amounts of high glycemic foods is less often another way of balancing. You do not have to cut your favorites completely. In season, I’m going to eat pineapple and mango, which I like, but I mostly buy berries and apples because they have a low GI. Find the healthiest versions of the foods you love and turn them into your favorite choice.

SKIP THE JUICER. Turning fruit into juice is a surefire way to get a dose of concentrated sugar and increase your risk of diabetes. It is best to take an orange and eat all the segments (including the membrane) that squeeze citrus juice. You need the fiber of the whole fruit; the juice alone is almost as bad as ordinary sugar. Do not forget to combine your fruits with proteins. An exception would be vegetable juice because it probably contains a lot less sugar than fruit.

EAT ALKALINE FOOD. Foods have an acidic or alkaline effect on the body when digested. An acid profile causes inflammation and is not good for our bones: Think of a tooth that has fallen into a can of Coca-Cola; the tooth dissolves What are the best highly alkaline foods? Easy Vegetables Any food that grows naturally and has a vibrant color is good. Every day, try to eat as many colors of the rainbow as possible. Salads make it easy. This can have a profound impact on your weight and your health. Take my patient Wayne Hickory, for example. Through genetic testing, Wayne discovered that he had a nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) identified as 9p21, putting him at a greater risk of having a heart attack. Research has shown, however, that if you eat a diet rich in raw fruits and vegetables, can basically reverse this risk to zero. So, Wayne is switching to an herbal diet, but he has added a protein supplement to make everyday that you get enough of this essential for rebuilding and repairing macronutrient tissue.