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Beast like thighs

Be a beast and use this specialized leg hypertrophy workout. Build huge legs and learn a little anatomy while you are at it. Get ripped now! Workout includes squats, deadlift, leg curl and more.Be a beast and use this specialized leg hypertrophy workout. Build huge legs and learn a little anatomy while you are at it. Get ripped now! Workout includes squats, deadlift, leg curl and more.

Specialized Leg Hypertrophy Program

Structure & Function: Muscles Of The Thigh:
The Quadriceps (Quads)
The quadriceps are the muscles of the anterior (front) leg. As the name implies, the quadriceps are made up of four muscles: the rectus femoris, vastus medialis, vastus lateralis, and vastus intermedius. All four muscles insert into the patella and tibial tuberosity via the patellar ligament and function in extension of the knee.
Rectus Femoris
The rectus femoris lies deep to the other three muscles of the quadriceps. It is unique to this group because it is the only muscle of the four that crosses the hip.
The rectus femoris originates at the anterior inferior iliac spine (part of the pelvis) and inserts on the patella (knee bone) and tibial tuberosity via the patellar ligament. Due to this orientation, spanning the hip and knee, the rectus femoris functions in hip flexion as well as knee extension.
Vasti Muscles – Medial, Lateral, & Intermedius
The three vasti all function together in knee flexion. The vastus medialis originates from the medial lip of the linea aspera (which means it originates mostly on the posterior femur and somewhat on the anterior aspect).

The vastus lateralis originates from the lateral lip if the linea aspera and therefore has a mostly posterior origin. This is why someone with a well-developed vastus lateralis is said to have a good “outer quad sweep.”
The vastus lateralis originates from the anterior and lateral surfaces of the femur. This muscle blocks the vastus medialis from being in contact with the medial surface of the femur.
As mentioned, all four muscles of the quadriceps function in knee extension, but the last 15 degrees of extension are accomplished by only the three vasti muscles.The Hamstrings (Hams)
The hamstrings are made up of three muscles on the posterior aspect of the thigh; they include: the semimembranosus, semitendinosus, and the two-headed biceps femoris. These muscles are often underdeveloped compared to the quadriceps. This muscle imbalance can lead to injury now and later on in life.
A bodybuilder with well-developed hamstings allows stands out to the judges, at least at amateur shows where athletes usually lack this development.
All three hamstring muscles, except for the short head of the biceps femoris originate at the ischial tuberosity of the pelvis. Due to this common origin and relatively common insertions, all three of the muscles of the hamstrings, again except for the short head of the biceps femoris, function as hip extensors and weak abductors. All three muscles, including the short head of the biceps femoris, function as knee flexors.
The semimembranosis is one of the two medially inserting hamstrings muscles. This muscle lies just deep to the semitendinosus, but can be clearly distinguished from the semitendinosus on a cadaver or very lean athlete. The semimembranosus inserts on the posteromedial aspect of the tibia.
The semitendinosus, the other medial hamstring muscle, inserts on the tibial medial, just inferior to the tibial tuberosity.
Biceps Femoris – Long & Short Heads
The long head of the biceps femoris originates in common with the semitendinosus and is joined above the knee by the short head of the biceps femoris, which originates from the linea aspera on the posterior femur. These lateral muscles unite into one tendon, which inserts on the head of the fibula.
Along with extension of the hip and flexion of the knee, the semimembranosus and semitendinosus are weak medial rotators of the thigh and knee when the leg is flexed. Both heads of the biceps femoris laterally rotate the knee when it is flexed.

An interesting point is that both of these heads participate in flexion of the knee, but the long head may only participate in the beginning of the action and relax when the leg is semiflexed.
The Muscles Of The Thigh  Major Muscles:Move your mouse over the following links for information on the specific muscles.

Tone your body, fitness pilates

Pilates is a method of physical training qute balance garcinia that helps tone the body. Pilates exercises begin with the neutral spine position. Pilates requires intense concentration. The exercises are composed of controlled movements, and must be coordinated with the breathing, to obtain a harmonious, muscular body t flexible. Here are Pilates exercises for those who begin to practice these types of exercises.

Exercise for Balance

Begin by standing on four legs, where the hands should be placed under the shoulders and knees under the hips.

Keep the position of the spine neutral.

Bring your right arm forward slowly and your left leg behind you.

Breathe slowly and go as far as you can.

Exhale and return to the original position.

Change the sides and repeat the whole process.

This exercise serves to work the abdominal muscles.

Perform 8 to 10 repetitions of the exercise
Tone your body, fitness pilates balance

Hip Exercise

Lie in the training place on your back and your feet should be placed so that it touches the ground.

Place your arms at your sides with your palms facing down.

Inhale and exhale slowly to rotate your pelvis.

Lift your spine slowly until you are holding up with the lace of your feet.

Form a cross with the hips, knees and shoulders.

Pause and then inhale.

Never reverse the steps done by rolling down the center.

Do not break your ribs

Do not exceed the limits of your lower back.

This exercise helps strengthen the spine and works on the hamstrings and glutes.
Tone your body, fitness pilates hip

Preparation of the Angel’s jump

Perform 8 to 10 repetitions of the exercise.

Lie on your stomach with your arms folded.

Hands aligned with shoulders.

locate your legs to the width of your hip and look for your column this neutral position.

Inhale and bring your shoulders to the spine.

Enlarge your neck back and exhale

Expand the elbow joint by raising it.

Inhale and pause for a moment.

Enlarge your chest.

Exhale to measure and start lowering.

This exercise helps you strengthen your back muscles.

Perform 8 to 10 repetitions of the exercise.

Tone your body, fitness pilates swan dive


Plank Exercise Stand in the four-legged position where the hands should be placed under the shoulders and knees under the hips.

Have your feet and knees together and put your toes in low lace to make sure you have kept your spine in a neutral position.

Inhale and then exhale Garcinia Cambogia by lifting your knees off the floor.

Breathe slowly and then pause for about 20 to 30 seconds.

Lower your knees to the floor and exhale slowly.

Keep your elbows slightly bent and do not sag your shoulders during this workout.

This exercise helps in strengthening the chest muscles and abdominals.

Vaginal flora and sexual health

The vaginal area is one of those thrive max parts of the woman’s body that has its own defense mechanisms against germs that could invade us many times, from the sexual relationship itself, to a bath in a pool …

Well, this defense mechanism consists mainly of what we call the “vaginal flora”, which in turn is formed by a set of bacteria among which the so-called “lactobacilli” stand out by quantity. In addition to avoiding any infection, we will have good lubrication , no irritation, no dryness, or any other possible discomfort in this sensitive and delicate area.

For all this that I tell you is so necessary to take it into account and always try to prevent these “friendly” bacteria from becoming unbalanced or die … in this case we would become much more vulnerable to any “enemy bacteria” or other “bugs rare” … and it would be much easier to start feeling some kind of discomfort.


What can cause an imbalance in the vaginal flora?

It seems a lie but one of the factors that decisively influences to modify this important balance, is the stress !! Yes you have heard well, the usual stress..the end affects us from the feet to the head without leaving aside either the vaginal area. And not only stress, another common reason why many women begin to have problems in this area, is the fact of having medicated with some antibiotic, as these drugs also “kill” beneficial bacteria for us sometimes producing a real mess.

Remember that we must not leave aside a good and healthy diet, as well as a correct intimate hygiene (do not go through excessive cleaning or default ..) and eye with the type of fabrics of the underwear that you are using (avoid synthetic fabrics that do not let the skin perspire, it is preferable to use them cotton).

There are also some food supplements (known as “probiotics”) that are obtained in pharmacies, are made precisely from these good bacteria to help us both prevent and improve, if we already have some annoyance.

If you notice any of the thrivemax Testo symptoms mentioned below, it is advised that you consult your doctor as soon as possible to diagnose you in the best way possible.

What symptoms can the imbalance of the vaginal flora have?

Change in the characteristics of the vaginal discharge , ie changes in color, consistency or appearance, even odor, as well as having a lot of itching, stinging or some other type of discomfort.

So you know,very careful to keep this balance in top form and enjoy the Christmas season, which by the way are just around the corner ..


The sexuality is a fundamental thrive max part of our lives and willy – nilly conditions our happiness, not about being the most sexual of the neighborhood, but we’re happy with sexuality we have, with our own idiosyncrasies , what we like and what is not important is not having anything to worry about , nothing that we want to do differently, nothing that exceeds our limits, but nothing that does not allow us to reach our desires.

Sexuality is free, proper and logically when it is as a couple we have to assume the conditions of the other person, but there are times we do not fully enjoy it because we have some problem like lack of sexual desire , impotence, premature ejaculation, anorgasmia ,? and we lock ourselves in, we lie to our partner for shame, and a problem that may have a solution we make a world for not knowing how to deal with it.



So in a natural health blog, such as this, you could not miss a section dedicated to sexual health so that we talk unobtrusively of what concerns us and look for a solution that sure there is.

One of the problems that frequently affects is loss of appetite or sexual desire , which people say decreases with age, but the truth is that there are many causes why we can experience such a decline regardless of age. They can be emotional, physical or psychological causes.

Unemployment, overwork, stress, fatigue, hormonal maladjustments – has caused many Spaniards to have decreased their sexual desire in the last year.

And to top it all we have trouble assuming itface to the friends, because it seems that who does not have sex frequently is a rare animal, so it is often bragged? and tell me what you presume and I’ll tell you what you do not?

It is a problem that does not understand sex , can affect men and women indistinctly . In the case of physical causes (fatigue) we should not be alarmed, however, if we determine that these causes are emotional or psychological, we must investigate what the problem is and remedy it. First talk to our partner about the problem, try to improve the habits and perform actions that thrivemax Testo improve the sexual desire. Phytotherapy can also be of help, maca, for example, is a powerful energizer and revitalizing,a perfect plant to help stimulate vigor and physical and intellectual performance. ”

And little by little we will discover how to help ourselves and our partners, Do you encourage yourself to improve your sexual health?

Beauty and sexuality after menopause

Many actresses have deformed their lejuve cream face by keeping the youth that is lost every day to the point that remain unrecognizable. And in extreme cases we have women who have exposed their lives. This is the case of women who received industrial silicone instead of the medical one. In this regard I have just seen a program on disasters suffered by some women in their physical (and even their physical and / or emotional health) for various reasons, and how modern science can help them (or at least try it in most of the cases). The desire to look sexy has motivated many women to make unfortunate decisions that in many cases have left terrible traces on their body. Looking for information I have seen the case of a woman who injected silicone into the buttocks, but since she was not a doctor, she caused displacement and even gangrene in her extremities, forcing the doctors to amputate all the affected parts to save his life. It seems incredible but it is true. Today she dedicates her life to warn other women of danger so that they do not pass the same and learn to love each other.


Another story is that of a woman in her 40s, who in her desire to maintain her youthful beauty and look sensual (I really do not understand why she is soooo important to some women …) an implant was performed on the glutes. Soon he discovered that he had been injected with the terrible industrial silicone and it had been spilled all over his posterior area, to the point of causing him a crisis of acute renal failure. They saved his life by operating it but they left terrible scars and they could not get all the material out, so he has a lot of pain, he can not almost walk and he can not be operated again.
These stories made me wonder: how far should we get to look young and beautiful?

Every woman has her own answer, because it is a matter of life perspective and personal style, however, something that is important, in my opinion, is not pretend to pretend what we are not (or an age that we do not have) because it is equivalent to cling to something that we are no longer. Health and vitality are not the privilege of youth, and in fact we can feel active and healthy without resorting to complex operations (which also involve complementary treatments and then another surgery, and another and …).
The beauty is carried inside and reflected on the outside. Feeling at ease with yourself is indispensable and works wonders for our appearance. Trying to look younger with complex guilt and anxiety, will only lead us to waste resources looking for something that can not be bought.

If we take life calmly and assume the wonderful opportunity of middle age (in the end, not all have and we do!), We can see an endless series of things we can do to feel and look spectacular. Good nutrition, regular exercise and a positive attitude are more effective for a younger image than any treatment or surgical procedure. An arrangement that seeks to slyly disguise some negative point and highlight the positive, seeking to improve our image while giving health to our exterior and our interior, will be well used if we do it with joy and enthusiasm.
However, there are some specific issues that it is important to review to feel comfortable and adapt to each stage of our life.

Sexual relations

Mother Nature designed our erotic-sexual system to fulfill a function in the reproductive process of the species and therefore issues such as lubrication or orgasm are reached in a triz at 25 and cost much 30 years later. In the male case, the difficulty is in erections, which are less frequent and potent, but on the female side, after the 50’s the body is changing (especially after menopause), the Essentials Skincare skin loses firmness by the loss of collagen, the same as the muscles, and so it changes the shape of our face and even our sexual response, since the vaginal drying (from very incipient to extreme) causes a decrease in desire. If you have difficulty to enjoy normal sexual activity, a gynecologist can prescribe you a supplement that normalizes your hormonal levels. It also helps a lot of lubricating gel (it is obtained in pharmacies or self-service and does not require a prescription) and consumption of soy or food based on it, in addition to a diet low in fat, carbohydrates and sugar, and rich in grains, vegetables and fruits . Exercising can greatly help the process.

Signs That You Are Sexually Compatible with Your Partner

Sex does not have to be the end of any relationship, however, it is difficult to overcome a disappointing sex life, especially when boost rx both connect wonderfully out of the bedroom. I also do not say that sex should be phenomenal from the first time (although it would be good), but an authentic good connection between sheets is, for many people, an important part of a relationship. In order to find out if they work as a couple, it is important to know if they are sexually compatible.

There are some very revealing signs if you are not sexually compatible with your partner. For example, when they can not agree on a positionthat you both enjoy because you strictly want to be up or missionary, and your partner prefers the dog style. Other negative signals include not being synchronized , never being excited at the same time, or avoiding spontaneous sex.

The good side of this , is that there are many signs of good sexual compatibility. To find out if you and your partner are in sync in the bedroom, read these 11 signs to find out if you are sexually compatible with your partner:

One of the most important ways to determine if you and your partner have good sexual compatibility is to find out if your sexual urges coincide. The most common reason why couples turn to sex therapy is because of their sexual appetites that do not match.

Usually, this means how often they want to have sex. For example, if you are a once-a-day person and your partner prefers having sex once or twice a week, it could be a problem. But if the frequency of their sexual appetite goes very much on a par, then they are sexually compatible.

Have the Same Style as Kissing

Typically, kissing is the beginning of most sexual encounters and having the same style when kissing is important in determining sexual compatibility.

Although there are many different styles of kissing, most people will be attracted to what they personally find natural. It is important in sexual compatibility is that their kiss styles match so that they form a certain synchronicity through rhythm, and mutual oral moisture.

In addition, according to a University of Oxford study published in the Journal of Sexual Behavior, Kissing, in fact, helps people discover subconsciously the long-term compatibility of a potential partner through taste and smell, since collects biological signals of sexual, genetic, and general health compatibility.

sex does not have to be a task, if both make the conscious decision to prioritize it. If one of you is not doing this then you may have  Muscle Enhancement problems with your sexual compatibility. However, maintaining a long-term sexual connection is important, so it is crucial that you also agree on the place of sex in your daily life.

Enjoy Similar Sexual Behaviors

If both enjoy participating in the same sexual behaviors, then they can be compatible. When it comes to sexual appetite, everyone falls into the spectrum that ranges from the very soft to the very hardcore. The problem can come when, for example, one person is perfectly happy with the missionary position all the time, while the other person can not get excited without a blindfold and sexual contraptions.

Health Tips to Increase Your Defenses

Take care of yourself, start an autumn alpha x booster of wellness in which physical exercise is a vital ingredient of your lifestyle. Raise your defenses with these useful tips that we tell you in the post. Stress directly affects your defenses, therefore, develops a plan of action to have personal spaces of calm and tranquility. It encourages control of breathing. Likewise, enjoy those pleasant sensations of autumn, for example, the flavor of an infusion when you get home.

Health Tips to Increase Your Defenses

How to raise your defenses

In addition, bet on a smoke-free space because tobacco also increases stress levels, like any addiction that shows a dependency. Avoid the abuse of processed or precooked foods in your diet and include more recipes made from fruits and vegetables of the season.

Maintain a balanced weight in relation to your height. This is also vital to elevate your defenses.

In addition, activate your social life to promote your emotional well-being while friendship brings self-esteem.
Ventilate your home so that the air ventilates the interior space. You can also entertain yourself by taking care of the plants.

Autumn is a month in which temperatures begin to fall. For this reason, to raise your defenses, open up. It is best to wear warm shoes because in many cases, the cold is caused by the use of non-seasonal shoes.

It stimulates the sense of humor since the laughter also elevates your defenses thanks to a greater emotional balance. Testosterone Booster Health is not a concept that is limited only to the physical plane but it is important to seek the balance body and mind. This balance you will also achieve from the hand of sport. The moderate exercise is an antidote to stress and it also facilitates the movement of the whole body.


Usually we are accustomed to take lejuve cream care of our hair, skin and nails from the outside, either with creams, shampoos, conditioners, oils, etc. But there is another way to care for and improve the health of our hair, skin and nails from the inside. This is where nutricosmetic comes in, which studies and investigates different food products rich in micronutrients to fight against premature aging from the inside. These supplements, made mainly with plants, oils and seeds, help us taking care of the inner layers of our skin that are responsible for the regeneration of the epidermis (outer layer).

fatty acids

Below we describe some of the nutricosmetic products that we offer in Herbolario 24 :

Hyaluronic Acid : Hyaluronic acid decreases with age so a contribution of said compound will help us maintain a young skin, delaying premature aging. It will provide hydration from the inside, exerting lubricant between the collagen matrix and the skin.

Wheat germ oil: It is very rich in Vitamin E that contributes to the protection of the cells against the oxidative stress and prevents in premature aging.

Borage: Borage is a plant native to Spain, specifically Mediterranean regions and is very rich in gamma-linolenic and linoleic fatty acids that prevent dehydration and premature aging of the skin by acting on the maintenance of cell membranes . In addition it is of great help in cases of brittle nails.

Beer yeast:

Rich in vitamins of group B, mineral salts, amino acids (contains important amounts of lysine) and trace elements. Highly recommended for skin, hair and nail care. We will be of great help in cases of acne due to its cleansing properties for the skin.

Evening primrose oil : Evening primrose oil is very rich in polyunsaturated essential fatty acids (linoleic acid and gamma-linolenic acid, both of the series of Omega 6 acids). A contribution of evening primrose oil will help us in case of acne, brittle nails, psoriasis, eczema and hair loss.

fatty acids

Silicon: It is a mineral necessary Essentials Skincare for the formation of skin, hair and nails so a contribution of silicon will help us recover the elasticity of the skin from the inside.

Natural Contraception: 5 Test Methods?

Using our body temperature as a alpha x booster natural contraceptive, we had to think about it! Indeed, 14 days before the start of menstruation , one of the two ovaries expels an egg. It is the encounter between this sex cell (comparable to an egg) and a spermatozoon that is likely to cause a pregnancy .

Quelle libertine êtes-vous ?

But just after ovulation , a minimal change occurs in our body: the corpus luteum (an ovum “residue”, which remains in the ovary after expulsion) produces progesterone. This typically female hormone has the indirect consequence of raising the body temperature by two or even three tenths of a degree.

Therefore, in order to apply the “temperature method”, it is a matter of measuring every morning its body temperature: when it passes (for example) from 37 ° C to 37.3 ° C, it is that one is in the ovulation phase and (therefore) that is particularly fertile. Result, with this method, hugs are prohibited from the 1st day of the rules until the 3rd day of high temperature.

“In theory, this method is more reliable than the birth control pill ,” explains Laure Abensur, a midwife in Meurthe-et-Moselle (54). The problem is that, in practice, it is very complicated to implement: it is necessary to measure its temperature every morning, fasting, at the same time, in the Testosterone Booster same position, with the same thermometer and the same way (buccal, rectal …). Moreover, the simple fact of having been to the toilet, to have a cold or to have changed position is enough to distort the result … ”

Verdict? Unless you are particularly conscientious (even maniacal) and adore filling charts at breakfast, the method of temperature, you drop … “On the other hand, it can be useful when, on the contrary, have a child, adds Laure Abensur. It allows us to know our period of fertility .

It was the English who invented it!?

The first vibrator invented in the 19th century
It was the doctors of the 19th century androforce x10 who, in order to cure women of hysteria (a vague notion at the time encompassing real illness but also irritability and sexual dissatisfaction) a kind of therapy by orgasm . Accepted and medical practice, since it was of course recognized that women could not experience “clitoral” pleasure and that there could be only one type of orgasm, the “vaginal” type intervening during the penetration by a man.
It was in 1883 that Dr. Joseph Mortimer Granville, a young and seductive physician at the service of Dr. Dalrymple, a specialist in feminine hysteria, invented the first electromechanical vibrator, a revolutionary object for the time and which improves the performance of his practice 6 patients per hour instead of one).

Sex toy: it was the English who invented it!
He relieved the troubles of his patients with caresses as therapeutic as suggestive … but soon an ugly cramp comes to oppose his practice … With the complicity of his best friend, a new technology enthusiast, they develop an object revolutionary: the first vibrator.
But, the dildo always existed!
The dildo always existed. During ancient times, on Greek or Roman pottery and on Egyptian frescoes, we can see the ancestors of the current dildos. The Greeks, with sage refinement, made it a true art of living and in black Africa, priapic statuettes and totemic phallus were carved as symbols of fertility.
In the Renaissance, the object is named “gaude mihi” (“rejoice me” in medieval Latin), which will give “dildos”.
When the vibrator becomes art: A
whole collection of vibrators with wire and sub-sector will be exhibited in Paris during the Universal Exhibition of 1900 and with the appearance of traders of dildos in the West,
With the advent of the film industry at the beginning of the last century, these cameras will leave the medical practice for use in pornographic films . Relegated to the domains of brothels and sex shops, it is at this time that they acquire this sulphurous and disturbing reputation. After the war, sex toy as an object of emancipation and discovery, is gaining ground.
The dildo is found in several artistic domains throughout the 20th century.
In the cinema, first with the archer of the “Thousand and One Nights” by Pasolini, in a painting by Salvador Dali Muscle Enhancement with “The Anthropomorphic Pain” and finally in sculpture with Alberto Giacometti’s “L’objet disagréable” and “L ‘object-dart’ by Marcel Duchamp.
It is now used by 22% of French couples.
Sextoy: it exists also in bio
In the organic family, I would like sex toy! For those concerned about the health risks of using a classic sexy toy, some sex gadgets also do in the durable.