Why does my flow smell so intense (like ammonia)? What can I do to remedy it?

Vaginal secretions occur naturally and  blue fortera are critical to the reproductive system. It is the way the body keeps the vaginal region healthy and clean. Each woman has a unique vaginal odor; is something that is natural and distinctive. Some studies claim that the natural odor of vaginal discharge is what makes the man feel even more attracted. So if your vaginal discharge has a soft odor of its own, you should not worry. However a flow with the smell of ammonia , indicates that there is some disturbance that you must attend.

Why does the ammonia-like flow occur?

A vaginal discharge of these characteristics, may be produced mainly due to a bacterial imbalance in the vaginal region, which leads to thebacterial vaginosis . Other factors such as concentrated urine, a diet rich in nitrogen, excessive sweating, and others are also observed.

The vagina houses several good bacteria that maintain an acidic pH, thus avoiding the appearance of vaginal infections . However, if this balance is disturbed, an environment prone to infection is created. Frequently, the infection produces an ammonia-like flow that emanates from the vagina, and can be very disconcerting for many women. The smell of ammonia is usually associated with poor personal hygiene, however it should be clarified that this is not necessarily the case.

What I do?

Avoiding multiple sexual partners, unprotected sex, vaginal showers, and applying vaginal deodorants or perfumed soaps can help reduce the incidence of bacterial infections. The use of daily protectors can help to curb the bad odor, until the condition that causes the ammonia-like flow is eradicated.

To prevent this condition, be sure to eat a healthy and balanced diet, with the right balance of vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates. This will strengthen your immune system and provide your body with better conditions to counteract any infection. On the other hand, consuming yogurt regularly will also help treat the unpleasant and inconvenient flow with ammonia odor .

9 Tips to Improve Your Quick Session

There are times when you are very busy (a) that you do not have the time to make love as you like. It is here when the express ex blue fortera works, which can last between 10 and 15 minutes. Surely it comes to your mind if in that short time you can do something that is really worth it, for your luck the answer is “YES”. You only need to know some tricks that will help you to make that brief moment the best sexual experience of your best.

1.- You can use simple sexual toys Since

you only have a few minutes to express yourself, we recommend using some sex toys, such as a vibrator, so that your partner can quickly reach the organism. You can use it while you do it.

2.- Practicing sëxting

With the sëxting you can save yourself all that ritual before the coite. During the course of the day, with your partner you can warm up engines with hot messages, so when they see they will be on and go straight into action.

3.- Use lubricants

Time is urgent When it comes to having express coupons. To have it both need to be well lubricated, but that takes some time. For this reason a lubricant is will give you that hand necessary to fulfill the task.

4.- Masturbation is a good ally

Before you meet your partner, you can masturbate, so when they are found they can light more quickly.

5.- Practical oral practice

Time is urgent, but not a good excuse to make your partner a good oral sex. Then you can continue with the penetrance or not, you decide, everything depends on the communication you have.

6.- Adopt the pose you like best

Surely there is a favorite posture with which both feel at ease and enjoy the sexiest. When it comes to Sèx Express, you do not have to try all the sexual positions, just use the one that best, the one that best fits them.

7.- Wear comfortable clothing

Comfortable pants that do not need a leash or (in the case of girls) a dress. Wear clothes that you can easily remove and allow you to have quick sex. Do not wear clothes that are difficult for you to remove.

8.- If you wear stockings, do not take them off.

Having sex with stockings will help your girl with the organs, at least that is what a study carried out in 2013 by the University of Groningen in the Netherlands says. Research revealed that 80% of women who had sex with their socks reached the organism, compared to 50% who did so without stockings. It is clear that wearing socks does not 100% guarantee the bodies, but it is worth a try. Also, leaving them on saves time.

9.- Enjoy the moment as if it were the last

Do not keep anything, enjoy to the maximum of that short moment of intímidad as if it were the last one. Make love as if you had not seen your partner for a long time, enjoy it as if it were that last piece of cake that only you have the privilege to try.

Enneagram 7: the dreamer with fear of suffering

Are you a person with a lot of energy and a Testo Boost RX desire to do things? Are you always looking for adventure? Is it difficult for you to finish what you start?

Then you have to know Enneagram 7 and its most outstanding personality traits.

If you want to know what the enneagram is and how it can help you in your life we ​​recommend reading our post: The Enneagram: A magnificent tool for personal development.

enneagram 7

The first step to evolve as a person is to know yourself. That self-knowledge is what allows us to leave our comfort zone , learn, leave behind the fear and make our dreams come true. We tell you how enneagram number 7 is.

Enneagram type 7: characteristics and personality

Enneagram 7 is an adventurer that stands out for the following characteristics:

He thinks of many things at the same time and his mind does not stop to move and to devise.

It does not support boredom or routine.

He is a very curious person and knows how to take risks, so if you have to try something new you will be the first to do so.

When he wants something he usually finds a way to get it.

He is easily distracted, so he can not finish the things he starts.

He loves to share his time with other people as long as they do what he or she wants.

The moment they stop enjoying something they simply stop doing it and start with something else.

He is a very enthusiastic person, but afraid to suffer.
An eneatipo 7 is a person who always seems to be very cheerful and very positive, but really is afraid to suffer,he is afraid of emptiness, that is why he moves continually and is not quiet. He does not know how to be alone, without distractions, to connect with his interior. They are great adventurers and obsessed with pleasure. They live in the future, it costs them to live in the present because that is where they could connect with their deepest self.

Happiness is like a butterfly.

The more you pursue it, the more you flee.

But if you turn your attention to other things,

she comes and gently rests on your shoulder.

When a person who is in Enneagram 7 begins to know himself and is no longer afraid and is aware that his happiness and well-being is not related to the outside and to the things he does. The most healing element for this eneatipo is silence. Meditation is a good way of self-knowledge for the Enneagram 7. That silence will bring you an essential characteristic that is sobriety.

Enneagram 7: subtypes

Among the subtypes of Enneagram 7 we can distinguish the following three:

Subtype conservation.It is colder than the rest of subtypes, more practical and less dreamy. They surround themselves with a small circle of people they trust. In the relationships of pair are independent and free.

Social subtype. She is a very intellectual person, she likes the debates, the adventures shared with a group of people. They are idealistic people who feel they have much to contribute to the world.

Sexual subtype . Their goal is the pursuit of stimulation and they get it with everything that is new: things, people, events. They are passionate about meeting new people to have adventures and sexual experiences that are new. That is, they fight boredom by looking for people they consider special.
Happiness is like a butterfly. The more you pursue it, the more you flee. – Share it!What did you think of Enneagram 7 ? Do you feel identified? We will be happy to leave a comment with your opinion or experience.

The best diet to be in shape this summer

During the time of the coming year, in body boost garcinia which you would like to show a healthy and toned body, it is important not to neglect the exercise routine and the food that we must maintain , that is why we select a good diet that suits the elements that characterize this season. That is why today I bring you these great ideas for a light diet to nourish you during the summer that contains everything you need.

Tips to take this diet in the best way

It is important that we keep in mind to consume all foods rich in water or directly moisturizing to help our body to combat the heat of summer effectively.

The blissful heat is usually accompanied by a relentless sun, for this reason the foods that protect our skin from the rays of the king star are primordial to include in the diet. Vitamin C, E, A, Omega 3 and carotenes are the best allies for this.

Example of a light diet menu to follow during the summer

Here is an overview of the recommended breakfasts and snacks to rotate during the different days of the week:

Two slices of whole wheat bread with nonfat cheese, turkey ham, lettuce and tomatoes accompanied with orange juice.

Liquid yoghurt accompanied with strawberry chips and oat flakes or chia seeds.

Coffee with skimmed milk with various pieces of fruit of the season.

Whole-grain crackers with a can of natural tuna with the juice of your favorite flavor.
With regard to these meals we can vary them for every day of the diet, it does not have to be the same time all the time, but it should be kept in the same line and you can scale them between breakfast and the snack.

Now I present a possible menu on this diet for the meals and dinners of the days from Monday to Saturday:


Smoked salmon with vegetables accompanied by flavored quinoa.

Fresh salad with pieces of marinated feta.

Grilled chicken breast with boiled vegetables and cus cus.

Egg white tortilla with vegetables.


Rice with seafood and / or chicken.

Grilled hake steak accompanied with broccoli and lightly grated cauliflower.

Chicken leg (skinless) marinated in lemon with brown rice and fresh salad.

Peppers stuffed with garnish with assorted vegetables.

A melon with several slices of serrano ham (no fat)

Hamburger with whole wheat bread and grilled beef with mustard, lettuce, onion and tomato.

Pasta Penne with tomato sauce.

Salad made with cherry tomatoes, ricotta and anchovy.
The menu offered is sensitive to changes in its composition or preparations by similar elements that adapt to whatever your energy expenditure during the day, your personal tastes, medical conditions or economic situation.

The best diet to reduce abdominal fat

Diet, diet and more …… diet …… not enough !. If you are thin and you can not reduce abdominal fat you need to change your rapid relief cbd oil mentality because there are several factors to accumulate abdominal fat that are not only linked with poor diet, lack of exercise or insane habits and today we will talk about them.

You have an ideal weight for your size, but you still have one or several Michelines ?. You do not need to lose a lot of weight if you want to reduce abdominal fat.

If you are at an appropriate weight, then you may need a healthy diet to lose 5 kilos in a healthy way.

abdominal fat becomes a real problem because dieting does not guarantee that this annoying fat will disappear from our abdomen, nor will we do crunches every day!

So what is the formula for reducing abdominal fat? here I tell you: He

sleeps 8 hours a day

If you do not believe that sleeping a few hours naturally stimulates the accumulation of fat in the abdomen, it increases appetite, since sleeping a few hours produces important changes in certain peptides involved in controlling the intake.

Specifically these changes occur in leptin, which is a hormone that “takes away hunger”, if we sleep little this hormone is produced in very low amounts, instead increases the production of ghrelin, this hormone produces the opposite effect, it stimulates the appetite

Control stress to reduce abdominal fat

Our daily lives, economic problems, work, children, your partner etc … there are a thousand reasons that make you feel stressed.

You should know that stress not only causes health problems, it also causes much of everything you eat to accumulate as adipocytes (fat) in the abdomen.

Stress causes an enormous amount of cortisol to be released and it stimulates the production of insulin, sends a signal to our brain to eat (especially sweets, fats and unhealthy foods) and this excess of calories goes directly to the abdomen.

So control stress, find a motivating activity that changes your mood and anxiety, you can read a book, go for a walk, listen to music, talk with someone, or exercise.


Stress is a double-edged sword because at the same time it induces you to eat very badly, give you binges of ice cream, hamburgers chips or chocolate, so watch with the stress do not fall into its trap!

Eat more healthy foods.

Incorporate healthy eating habits into your life, corrects excess simple sugars and increases fruit consumption (3 per day), vegetables (2 per day) and fiber (as it absorbs some of the fat ingested in foods). in this way you will prevent that a part of the fat accumulates that finally like preference decides to settle in the abdomen.

Make 5 meals a day

When you give little to your body, you stress and in this way stimulate the production of cortisol. You will also lose muscle mass and you will have a sagging appearance. do less than 5 meals a day also causes a voracious appetite when you sit down to eat, which will eat more than you should and that excess food but spend it with a little physical activity is going to fatty deposit.

More fiber and seeds to your life

These foods contain plant protein, healthy fats, antioxidants and fiber, which are essential for reducing abdominal fat. These nutritional properties help to naturally eliminate abdominal fat, they provide satiety and sense of well-being, important to combat the production of cortisol. Incorporate them according to your taste, varies among the three so you do not have a monotonous diet. You can eat them in salads, shakes or at breakfast.

Eggplant water to reduce abdominal fat

I am a big fan of aubergines, for me it is one of those foods that I miss eating at least once a week, and of course it is ideal for reducing abdominal fat is that this delicious vegetable combines very well with different preparations culinary, besides the Eggplant Water to lose abdominal fat is a good option to get it.

Eggplants are satiating, provide us with fiber, water, potassium, and little sodium, so they exert a great purifying diuretic power that you can take advantage of in these five ways:

Anti-Aging Power

An in vivo study carried out by researchers from the Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV) and the Institute of Health Research La Fe (IIS La Fe), verified the powerful antioxidant power of aubergines, which means that it slows the aging of the cells and protect us from free radicals.

Polyphenols to fight multiple diseases

Polyphenols exert a protective power in our body and are very important as they are able to reduce LDL cholesterol levels, regulate glucose levels, and are able to detect tumor cells.

How to effectively remove corns, harshness and foot fungus

With the passage of time the skin, like kotolena cream many other parts of the body, begins to deteriorate, lose elasticity and give rise to hardness and calluses in zones of much wear, like the heels or the part before the fingers, due to the continuous friction with the footwear since it is the zone of the body that sustains our weight.

Another of the most common problems that usually affect our feet are the fungi, since they are very easily spread in swimming pools and public baths, mainly. Although there is a great variety of products and treatments to eliminate these problems, today we will know a very simple one that will help us to eliminate corns, hardness and fungi in an effective, economic and natural way . Do you want to know more? Keep reading:

Remedy to remove fungus and calluses from the feet

Thanks to this simple remedy your feet will look much more healthy, soft and taken care in a very short time. Follow these steps to achieve this:

Ingredients needed

To make this effective remedy, the only thing we are going to need is lemon, aspirin and a pumice stone , ingredients that you already have at home and if not, it will not cost you anything.

How to make the remedy

Shred in a container about 4 or 5 aspirins and then add the juice of a squeezed lemon. Remove to create a homogenous and more or less compact paste.

How to use the remedy

Apply the paste of aspirin and lemon on the area a of the feet to treat (feet should be clean and dry).Leave on for 30 minutes and then remove with warm water . Then rub the area with a pumice stone to remove dead skin.

Repeat the process every 3 days until the problem completely disappears.

As you can see, it does not take much to improve the health and appearance of our feet. Try this remedy and be amazed with its excellent results. Share it with your family and friends!

Donate life

A woman I will always have to thank body slim down garcinia her for until the last day of my parents made them smile and take care of them.

She is a woman of about 40 with a son of 20 years, healthy, strong, happy and happy. But one day the boy began to feel tired, went to the doctor and the diagnosis no one expected, a young and healthy boy could not have leukemia.

That is two years ago and this mother courage has always been with her only son, the son who has taken her forward and which is his life.

Image result for Donate life

They did the first bone marrow transplant, let’s call him John, and everything went very well. Juan recovered and smiled again and his mother next to him.

But they still had to spend a while, Juan has a relapse and needs a new bone marrow transplant and there are as always his family, his soulmates to donate some of his bone. That is very recent, on 03/03/2016 John receives his second bone marrow transplant. And that is possible because there are many people who are becoming bone marrow donors, but many more donors are needed. Juan has been lucky that a family member is compatible with him, but sometimes it happens that no family member is compatible with the patient and you have to find some compatible.

Juan is very well and the familiar donor is perfectly well.

I lost my sister for a leukemia and that is why this disease is very close to me, my sister did not have time to do anything, no transplant or anything because she died in four days since she was diagnosed.

We should not be afraid to donate marrow is simple and not painful.

We always think that these things are not going to happen to us but the truth is that we are all exposed. You see my sister as healthy as a rose and left with 56 years. Juan a healthy boy of 20 years and diagnosed with leukemia, Juan I’m sure he will recover very soon and will continue with us many years.

I have already donated everything I can in life and once dead I will donate my organs in case anyone needs them and I will donate my body to the science to investigate.

No one can make a better gift than to become a donor.

Watery vaginal discharge before and after the period

Water secretion before the period is a androdrox common occurrence in both sexually active and inactive women, and usually occurs as a result of an increase in estrogen levels in your menstrual cycle. If you’ve never had a white , watery discharge , chances are you’ll be worried if you’re not sure what it might mean.
The good news is that this is not a cause for concern, especially if you do not have additional symptoms such as itching, swelling or redness of the vagina and / or vulva , painful intercourse or burning during urination. The following article explains why you may occasionally experience watery secretions before or after the period, and how the problem can be solved.

belly with pain
Hormonal changes before the period
The menstrual cycle is a complex system that usually involves a lot of hormonal changes. From the day your period stops until the day you start your next period, you experience different types of flow. Their color, consistency and quantity change continuously.

Normally, an aqueous secretion before the period occurs around ovulation. In this case the more specific characteristics include a light whitish color, a very musky mild odor, and an aqueous consistency that makes the vulva feel moist constantly. Because the amount of flow can increase up to 30 times during ovulation , you may sometimes feel as if you have accidentally urinated. You may also notice that your underwear has moist or yellow spots.
As the date of the period approaches, the flow gradually becomes whiter and thicker. Once the period ends, your consistency begins to thin in the course of the next two or three weeks, until you start ovulating again.
Brown or pink watery flow after the period: Should you be worried?
During the last two days of your period, you may notice that instead of bright red, your menstrual period is brown or pink . This is usually a sign that your period will stop soon, as the vagina is expelling the blood remains along with the normal vaginal discharge, thus creating the color brown or pink.
Such a pink or brown watery discharge after the period may continue for a day or two until your vagina is completely clean again. At this point, the discharge will turn whitish and lumpy, blocking the spermatozoa’s access to the uterus.
Watery and foul-smelling vaginal discharge after the period: is it a sign of infection?
As a general rule, normal vaginal discharge should never be smelly , regardless of color or consistency. If there is too much flow, you may notice a slight musky odor, but if the odor is strong like fish, you may have an infection.
Most often, the malodorous discharge has a white, green, yellow or gray color, a pasty texture that feels very creamy when rubbed between the fingers, and may be accompanied by a series of symptoms such as itching, swelling, burning or pelvic pain. Regardless of whether you experience these symptoms or not, it is always a good idea to go to the doctor to make sure everything is okay.

How to control watery vaginal discharge before and after the period?
When the amount of vaginal discharge increases to the point of having to constantly change your underwear or daily protectors, following these tips can be very helpful. With some recommendations regarding hygiene and lifestyle, you should be able to manage this seemingly uncontrollable flow and keep you fresh.
1. Wash your intimate area using only water. Do not try to completely eradicate the discharge by using perfumed soaps and deodorants, as this can worsen the problem and lead to infections .
2. Wear loose-fitting cotton underwear. Tight clothing does not allow your skin to breathe, making it more susceptible to infections.
3. Avoid the use of tampons and daily protectors to absorb the discharge. These alter the pH of your vagina and eliminate the good bacteria from the bacterial flora, creating a breeding ground for the development of germs and infections. Choose sanitary towels instead, and change them as often as possible.
4. Wipe from front to back to prevent any fecal matter coming near or entering your vagina.
5. Eat a balanced diet. Too much sugary foods can cause overgrowth of Candida organisms, resulting in a Candida infection .

How does a person react to infidelity?

When a deeply engaged spouse discovers  alpha hard reload his partner’s betrayal, how to react to infidelity, is the emotional equivalent of being hit by a truck. You are wounded, bruised, angry, and injured. And you tend to react accordingly, with episodes of fear, rage, tears, revenge, begging, decay, and all kinds of highly emotional responses. In addition, you can move from one reaction to another without any warning or provocation. Frankly, your response may seem like a little crazy to you and your unfaithful partner.

Woman thinking about her partner's infidelity

To understand your reactions, you must first understand the true nature of infidelity. In short, the pain caused by infidelity has little to do with any real sexual act. Instead, the pain focuses on lying, manipulating and keeping secrets. In other words, the deep pain you feel as a betrayed partner does not result from a particular sexual act, but from psychological distancing and loss of trust in the relationship. | See: How to recover your marriage |

Think of it this way: Your best friend, emotional confidant, lover, financial partner, Co-father and countryman had sex with another person and then lied and kept that secret, which completely disrupts the whole relationship.

How does a man or woman react to an infidelity?

In a general sense, how you react after learning about your partner’s infidelity depends on the following five factors:

1. How infidelity happened.

Surprisingly, this is the least important of the factors. In fact, it probably does not matter if your partner was cheating on you by webcam, at a strip club, or had oral sex in an alley. What matters is that your relationship votes were violated, and this violation was covered up with lies. Therefore, no matter what sexual acts occurred, it is likely that, as a victim of infidelity, you may think or say, “How can I trust you again?” | See: What to do before an infidelity? |

2. The duration of infidelity.

Usually, a one-time sexual encounter is not as devastating as those repeated infidelities or a long-term affair. This is because repeated deception and long-term issues detract from everything that happened in your relationship, while infidelity was taking place. You can think or say, “All those times you told me you loved me, you must have lied.” Or, “That time we went to the wine cellar and drank too much and made love in the car, was it really me or did you think about him or her?”

3. The identity of the (or the) lover of (or the) infidel.

Being unfaithful to acquaintances tends to be more painful than being unfaithful to strangers. If your partner was unfaithful to someone you know it is likely to hurt more than if he or she had messed with random people on social networks to call. If he or the lover is someone you do not only know, but are trusted (like a friend or a brother), infidelity doubles and each layer of connection increases your pain. | View: 9 Tips for Forgetting an Infidelity |

4. How infidelity was discovered.

Most people think that if you are in an alleged monogamous relationship you will automatically know if your partner is unfaithful to you. They mistakenly think that it is almost impossible to overlook the signs of sexual infidelity. However, this is not necessarily the case. In fact, it is quite possible, regardless of the number of obvious clues, that you were completely oblivious to what was happening. And finding out about the infidelity may have been a complete surprise and a slap in the face. And the way it was discovered can reinforce the blow. For example, there is a big difference between finding out about infidelity when your spouse full of remorse voluntarily confesses it, to find out in one of the following ways:

– Piling your partner with your hands in the dough.

– Receive an anonymous call, text, or email … most likely from a lover who tries to tear your relationship and steal your spouse.

– Knowing of infidelity by friends or neighbors who have clearly been aware for some time.

– Receive a call from the police because your partner has been arrested at a brothel.

– Be diagnosed by a doctor who has STD (sexually transmitted diseases) knowing that you have only had intimacy with your spouse.

5. Your relationship security story.

The extent and duration of your reactions to infidelity can be driven by both the trauma of childhood and past relationships, as well as by what is happening in the present. Essentially, if you were mistreated, abandoned, or traumatized in the past (by your parents, siblings, teachers or ex-lovers), your sense of security of the relationship may be compromised. This leads to that on the surface, it seems like an exaggerated reaction after another. (You may find yourself reacting to past traumas, as well as your current situation.)

Why is it necessary to see a gynecologist?

The gynecologist is the doctor who specializes zmass testo boost in women’s reproductive health. Going to these types of appointments on a regular basis, especially when you see some kind of abnormal symptom, is a key step to prevent possible complications and to make sure you have healthy reproductive organs.

Help you better understand how your body works and how you can care for it

Diagnose any gynecological condition from an early stage, and consequently receive a treatment.

Provide information on what the normal vaginal discharge is and what the main warning signs might be.

Help you exercise better family planning with your partner, as well as avoid unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases.


In addition the gynecologist can answer any questions you have about possible changes that your body is experiencing.

When should I go to the gynecologist?

It is generally recommended that the woman begin to visit the gynecologist annually from the age of 21, or once she has started having sex. The main objective of these visits is usually the annual gynecological examination that includes the Pap test.

But to be more specific, here are some situations in which you should seek gynecological care:

You have had sexual intercourse (vaginal, oral or anal) It

has been three months or more since your last period and you have not seen again

You have abnormal symptoms , such as yellow, gray or green vaginal discharge,vaginal odor , burning, itching and irritation , pelvic pain, pain during sexual intercourse.

You have problems with the period, for example a lot of pain, heavy bleeding, bleeding that lasts longer than usual, very irregular periods.

You have not had the first period at age 15, or within three years after breast growth.

You’ve had the period for two years and it’s not even regular, or it comes more than once a month.

You have had sex and your period does not arrive on the expected date.
What will happen in the gynecological consultation?

It is understandable that you feel nervous if this is your first visit to the gynecologist. Keep in mind that most of the time you will be talking to your doctor. You will probably be asked about general health, about the characteristics of your cycle, what was the date of the last period, if you have interrupted a pregnancy and if you have presented unusual symptoms in the genital area. Depending on the reason for your visit, certain tests may be done, such as a visual inspection of the genitals, a pelvic examination, a vaginal examination, vaginal or cervical specimen collection, breast examination, among others.